Her mission is to help one million women achieve $1 Million or greater net worth within her lifetime through igniting their passion, life-long motivation, delight, aligned action, and love. 

It is your time to rise & shine, isn’t it?

I am deeply passionate about helping women learn how to transform thier lives from within, invest in themselves, each other and embrace new opportunities.

I am the founder of MILLIONAIRESS™ International, to educate and empower women to build real wealth inside 5 years or less. My life’s mission is to lead 1 million women to achieving $1 million in net-worth (or greater) by following their mission in life so they can attain the financial safety, security, power & freedom they deserve. 

Beyond that, I am committed to helping eradicate child sex trafficking within my lifetime. 

I train on success principles, mindset, healing deep-seated issues between women and money, and give you back your power to rise and shine in the world. 

If you are ready, now is the time. 

Our Mission Statement is to help one million women achieve $1 Million or greater net worth through igniting their passion to pursue their life-long mission with delight, aligned action, and love in harmony with the highest and best outcome for all involved.

We do this by delivering the highest quality training that expands a woman’s awareness, builds unshakable confidence in her self-worth and value, teaches her practical financial, professional and personal success principles that fosters her capacity to solve challenges, reducing in her life codependency, enslavement, hatred, fear and intolerance, transforms her relationships, and empowers her to lead her family, communities, & organizations worldwide with grace while she achieves her highest aspirations, goals and dreams for a better world.

— Isis Jade