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The power to change your world lies within you, waiting to be unleashed.


My name is Isis Jade. I train financial confidence, leadership and success principles so you can reclaim the life you deserve to live.

Every woman deserves unleash her Inner Millionairess (unlocking her Goddess Code) so she can thrive and up-level every area of life.

I understand, probably better than most, feeling like a victim to life’s circumstances and how victim mentality can detrimentally affect relationships and results.

Let’s face it, there’s a lot of “stuff” entangled between feeling safe to be seen, heard, valued, feel worthy of success, have money confidence and love ourselves unconditionally.

Escaping after abduction and nearly 6 months of torture and near death, I had a long hard road back to myself. There was no “proven” way to recover from my brain damage, so I had to find my own way to reclaim my life. I forced myself to learn to form coherent sentences, add, subtract, tie my own shoes and regain control of my body to walk, run, and drive a car.

Once I learned and applied specific success strategies, neural reprogramming and committed to taking 100% responsibility for myself, that’s when the miracles began.

Then I discovered “The Law of Delight”. That was an amazing experience. Afterwards, I learned how to Unlock My Inner Goddess, and claimed my Mission I’mPossible.

My mission is to help One Million Women Achieve $1 Million or Greater in Net Worth within my lifetime and help end human sex trafficking.

My own journey was not easy, but so worth it. I’ve spoken to audiences around the world and I LOVE leading women to realizing their missions, while helping them manifest all their dreams and desires.

Women have generated miraculous results in as little as 2 weeks upon implementing my strategies.

Imagine what could happen if you truly believed you could achieve anything?

(hint: NOTHING is impossible.)

I’d love to help you thrive.

My mission is to help one million women achieve $1 Million or greater within my lifetime through igniting their passion, life-long motivation, delight, aligned action, and love. 

It is your time to rise & shine, isn’t it?

If you are ready, now is the time. 

Our Mission Statement is to help one million women achieve $1 Million or greater net worth through igniting their passion to pursue their life-long mission with delight, aligned action, and love in harmony with the highest and best outcome for all involved.

We do this by delivering the highest quality training that expands a woman’s awareness, builds unshakable confidence in her self-worth and value, teaches her practical financial, professional and personal success principles that fosters her capacity to solve challenges, and empowers her to lead her family, communities, & organizations worldwide with grace while she achieves her highest aspirations, goals and dreams for a better world.

— Isis Jade