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Isis Jade is one of the most innovative, passionate, thought provoking, delightful (and unique) women in the wealth & success coaching industry today. 

An intuitive solutions strategist, success wizard, sought after speaker, entrepreneurial thought leader, and best-selling author, Isis Jade is on a relentless mission to change the relationship women have with money, love, success, self-worth & net-worth.

Professionally, she’s helped build companies from $0 to $100M, managed a $300M privately held company, helped startups acquire funding, managed the construction of several major Las Vegas strip hotels. She’s gone on to launch over 38 lines of business and helped fortune 100 companies strategize their next moves.

Highly sensitive to light and energy, Isis Jade has an uncanny sense as it pertains to business, life, and relationships. An expert master energy healer in multiple modalities, she is also a shamanic practitioner, Master Herbalist & vision quest guide. She has been called a Polymath and Renaissance Woman by leaders in technology as well as in the healing community.

Her story from trauma to triumph is utterly incredible. Held prisoner, tortured and nearly killed by a human trafficker, she escaped to reclaim her life. She made it her mission to do more than recover. She has made it her mission to thrive while spreading her message of hope, success and love, unconditionally.

Her Mission I’mPossible is two-fold.

Help One Million Conscious Women Achieve Millionairess™ Status… 

…AND create innovative solutions to help end sex trafficking.


“Isis Jade is a fascinating polymath. Her delightful, insightful, unique strategies combined with her mastery of manifestation and insight into trauma turns struggling women into radiant millionaires on a mission – and the best thing is any woman can use her strategies to go from fear and scarcity to a life full of prosperity, joy and deep meaning.”


Millionairess: WOMAN RISE

Build Your Mission I’mPossible, Master the Universal Laws of Success and Create REAL Wealth (inside & out) with assistance and support from Isis Jade

Isis Jade committed to teaching women around the world rapid quantum growth strategies she has learned.  Deciding she would start a training and coaching company to provide a catalyst that would allow women to eclipse her own success while giving her an avenue to cultivate real solutions and fund her life-long mission.