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end struggle, suffering and stress, and feel happy, now! Discover a deeper connection to yourself, total alignment, inner guidance, calm your emotions, & clear your mind.

Let's get right down to it.

First, I’d like to ask you a few questions, then I’ll tell you all about me, my history and why I might have the answers you have been seeking:

  • Do you feel called to spiritual and personal growth?
  • Do your emotions cause you suffering or stress?
  • Do bad things happen that you don’t understand?
  • Is your mind too busy, foggy, or unfocused?
  • Does your mind plague you with self critical, negative thoughts, resentment or fear?
  • Do you struggle with frustration, impatience, anger, pain, anxiety, sadness, confusion, or doubt?
  • Need immediate assistance to free yourself of your past? (Unresolved traumas severely limit our abundance in all areas of life.)
  • What areas of your life need an upgrade or fresh start: love, finances, family, health, spiritual, emotional, mental, spiritual, or…?
  • What do you want next for your growth and satisfaction?
  • Have you felt out of alignment and need a bit of a course redirection?
  • Do you feel lost, stuck, uncertain about what to do about a situation?
  • Has trauma still not healed for you, no matter what you’ve tried?
  • What would you experience with more joy, passion, energy, focus, clarity, intuition, purpose, and productivity?
  • Have you always felt a bit out of place – like a black sheep, or like you don’t fit into traditional – well – anything really?
  • What difference do you want to make in the world?
  • What message do you feel called to share?


If you’ve been seeking and struggling for decades — this will definitely feel “too good to be true!”, “oh my gosh, I my soul KNEW this all along!”, or “I no longer have to chase, seek, or change anything to attract!”

Maybe you’ve had moments of total alignment, joy, and effortless manifestation, but the practical life results seem difficult to maintain. Or maybe your business life is really good, but your personal life is a total mess and you know you were meant for so much more fulfillment and are tired of chasing things to fill a void.

Maybe you believed you had to struggle and go through hardships for lifetimes for some “karmic” debt or “soul contract” you have to “repay”. But that is illusion of duality. The truth is – you don’t. 

It’s not supposed to be like that. I’ll show you exactly how the Divine will conspire with you to bring everything to you. It will do 90% of the work for you. Your 10% is to learn to do ONE thing – and ONE thing ONLY.

I will show you precisely how to do it, step-by-effortless-step.


I spent years seeking a way out of SERIOUS complex trauma. When I mean serious, I mean something that less than 0.01% of people who go through what I went through, survive – much less, thrive. You see, in my early twenties, I was abducted by a trafficker who spent the next 6 months torturing me and nearly killing me – and yes, that was more than once.

When I wasn’t being tortured, I was held in a small alcove built behind a closet that wasn’t even large enough to stand up in. I won’t go into the heinous details here, but suffice it to say, I was emaciated and near death when I finally escaped and began the journey to reclaim my life. 

I will tell you this: there was no therapist, no psychiatrist, no spiritual guide, no medical expert – NO ONE believed I would ever recover from what I endured. I was told that at best I’ll barely be able to cope.

When I got out – my brain and body were so damaged, it was very difficult to put a whole sentence together without losing words.

I couldn’t even remember how to tie my shoes. And forget how to count money or make a decision at a grocery store. I couldn’t even remember why I was there or how to count coins.

I’ve done it all: an endless spin of self-help and seeking. The books, seminars, processing, retreats, intensives, and therapy. Everyone said the same. I’ll never fully “recover”. 

I am living, walking talking proof that YOU CAN EXPECT MIRACLES. 

Everything changed for me when I spent 40 days in complete solitude and seclusion, speaking to no one, communing only with the DIVINE (Spirit, Universe, Goddess, Higher Self, God – whatever label you prefer).

This was surprisingly easy for me because of my previous trauma. I came face-to-face with every aspect that I needed to confront to begin the process of integration and release. 

But it was one day when I was struck by a divine download that there was only one thing we all needed to instantly shift and experience miracles. 

At that moment all seeking outside of me ended, and my rapid transformation began.


First, various areas of my own life became lighter, more joyful.

But then, toxic relationships and situations crumbled around me. Yes, this DEFINITELY triggered me and I temporarily fell back into old patterns. 

But then, suddenly – I remembered exactly how to shift again – and immediately all those issues and problems melted away without force.  As soon as I restored my focus back on the wisdom I received in my 40 days of seclusion – I was back to living in my unique frequency of joy. 

Every part of my life just keeps getting better and better. I am compelled to share what I learned, directly with you.


Hi, I’m Isis Jade – otherwise known as The Goddess of Delight and The Alchemyst.  I would love to show you how to allow DELIGHT to do ALL the *work* for you. 

Yes, there is a little bit of reframing you’ll need to practice, but the *work* is actually pretty easy, and more like playing. 

I’ll show you precisely how to do it, and enjoy life on your terms while you do!

The energy in my courses, books, audios and videos are designed to attune you directly to your own unique DELIGHT frequency. 

It’s  like having the Universe on speed dial 24/7  whenever you log on.

The most delight-full news? In this leading-edge new process, you finally start to evolve at light speed (what my students call De-LIGHT speed) – with effortless ease and grace.

Finally, you say goodbye to the old-paradigm of reliving trauma, suffering, struggle, hard work, and endless processing! No more karma, no more “forcing” things to go your way, no more “forcing” your vibration to align.


      • If you’ve tried every modality out there and still aren’t “where” you want to be – it’s not your fault.
      • If you’ve read the books, worked with the teachers, coaches, therapists and still struggle with trauma  – it’s not your fault.
      • If you make *some* progress but it’s just SOOO hard to change and feels like pushing a 2 ton boulder uphill – it’s not your fault. 

So many paths are actually designed by narcissistic energy vampires designed to keep you trapped and stuck in a paradigm of limited systems that not only do not work, they are designed to to FEED OFF YOUR vibrational frequency to keep them going, while it causes your downward spiral. That is the cold, harsh truth.

Many healing modalities, spiritual gurus, coaches, therapists, ALL follow that same parasitic, enslavement paradigm. They tell you that you need to align with them, or you need to “fix” your frequency to something outside yourself – this is so they can tune into you and suck you dry. And THAT is the thing no so-called *guru* will tell you.

I DO NOT want you to ever exist in a state of self-doubt, lack, fear or distrust in your inner unique alignment.

This is why it is ABSOLUTELY critical to align INTO YOUR unique, core frequency and STOP trying to “align” yourself to any external frequency, whether it be money, your dream partner, a house, or whatever it is you are trying to change, shift or bring to you.

My GOAL for you is become fully self-expressed, fully embodied, fully connected, fully free, fully aligned, and FULLY in tune with what delights YOU most – from within. 


This is why you are stuck, why you struggle, why things don’t seem to be working. Instead of trying to align yourself with a vibration of something outside yourself – you must focus deeply on your inner self-concept – what brings YOU the most joy, delight, and fulfillment – then BE that. 

Are YOU Ready for More Out of Life?

Hello, I’m Isis Jade. I know you’re here because you want a lot more out of your life.You strongly desire to become the very best version of yourself – and you want it soon, not in the next 10 years or even in the next lifetime. You want to know – right NOW – if I can help take you to your next level.
Well, if you are truly open to receive a totally different way of living, being and relating: I may be able to help you shift – and yes, SHIFT RIGHT NOW.

Become Unstoppable

Learn to activate your unstoppable power and confidence. Develop a strong self-concept that changes your life.

Effortless Meditation

Discover how to effortlessly get into FLOW energy and manifest rapidly.

Why work with Isis Jade

More freedom, fulfillment, and inner guidance is available to you. Experience a life of delight, ease and flow as this becomes your “new normal.”


I understand if you’ve tried everything but were disappointed – I’ve been there, done it all. Experience the Seven Stages of the Law of Delight, and let everything else go. 

Stage One: Dreams & Desires

Get clear on exactly what it is your heart and soul truly desire for your highest timeline and prepare for a quantum leap!

Stage Two: Receiving the Epiphany

The epiphany is the spark of motivation, inspiration and sudden clarity on what you need to manifest, create or let go of to enter into your highest timeline, now.

Stage Three: LOVE LIFE

Falling head over heels in love with yourself, your divine nature and the gift that is life will release all previous suffering and pain. Triggers and trauma no longer have power over you. 

About me

Hi, I'm Isis Jade, the Goddess of Delight and the Alchemist of Energy Transmutation.

Why stay on the hamster wheel of seeking and healing, coping and struggle, when the answers are right here inside you? I’m going to teach you about The Law of Delight and why it is the ONLY Universal Law that guides you to your highest timelines and greatest manifestations clearly, step by step. So if you are done with frustrating, endless nonsense, ready to get on with living your best life, now and not getting there, I can help you.

This is so, so easy. No more trying to “align” yourself with anything. No more struggling with “letting go”, no more “getting ready”. The Law of Delight is the most powerful, effortless law in the Universe and only you can let this wisdom in.

What my students say

Isis Jade's work has truly changed my life. I've never felt so self-confident or joyful. My life is completely unrecognizable from how it was a year ago. The Law of Delight is REAL and works SO FAST.
Amira Talley
Law of Delight Course
I lost everything in my life before I began this work, but I gained freedom, love, a new career and house. I live in abundance and for the first time, I am in a place where my life happens for me.
Andy Lane
Becoming Unstoppable
I'm speechless right now. Anxiety and stress with feelings of unworthiness are nearly extinct! Thank you for changing my life, and for keeping me growing, expanding, and getting happier all the time.
Dianna Smiley
Effortless Emotional Mastery