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30 Minute Quantum Leap

Need a quantum leap this week?

Have a call with a client you are nervous about?

Need a clear, fast action plan to cash?

Ready to take your business, wealth and impact to the next level?

Not sure if your pricing is right?

Need help with a transition?

Need an uplevel?

This is just you, me and 30 minutes of dedicated 1:1 time.

I don’t offer free calls, but I do offer a 30 minute consultation where you can get laser-guided advice from a woman with over 25 years of 8 & 9 figure business experience with a wealth of wisdom you can benefit from.

Yes, it can change your life. Laser focused, fast action, and deeply impactful.

Walk away with the kind of juicy revelation and a clear “this is what to do next” you need, right now.

One thing I know is how to get to the heart of the issue and give you exactly what YOU need.

  • Wealth Action Plan Building
  • Clear Your Way to Your Personal Fast-Path to Cash
  • High Value Client Strategies
  • Pricing Revamp
  • Mindset Reset
  • Receive the Deep Guidance You Need to Level UP
  • Explore How it Feels to Work with Me 1:1
Investment $497



client” 45 minutes spent with you, resulted in a $45K paid-in-full sale + an additional $150K in business from my 8 Figure client! I stood in my value and the results I delivered and positioned myself as a trusted advisor. The ROI from working with you is immeasurable! THANK YOU.”
Jodi Busch – Communications Consultant



9 Week


Get organized, create more income, enjoy debt-free freedom, build an unstoppable courageous mindset, invest intelligently, and make your dreams and goals a reality all at the same time without sacrificing the things you love or living on a money diet(ie: the dreaded budget). You’ll learn how to DESIGN a lifestyle and fund and fuel that lifestyle for life.

 My 9 session online course + community teaches you simple, repeatable steps for lasting financial success, confidence, and freedom.

We meet for 9 “live” online sessions over 9 weeks. Each session covers a different step in our proven financial success formula, which we call our WOMAN RISE: 9 Gateways to Divine Right Prosperity. We run circles 4 times per year – every Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn.

  • Session 1: Wealthy Woman Wound Release
  • Session 2: Observe Habits & Organize Goals
  • Session 3Massive Mission & Mindset Quantum Leap
  • Session 4: Account Alignment, Activation & Automation
  • Session 5: Nurturing & Naturalizing Wealth Building
  • Session 6: Receiving Repeatable, Radiant ROIT
  • Session 7: Improve Income & Investments
  • Session 8: Savvy Success Strategies
  • Session 9: Earn with Ease & Enrich Lives

In between your sessions, you’ll have thought-provoking homework and a Facebook group you can use to build close relationships with other aspiring Millionairesses and hold each other accountable.

Investment $2500





In addition to the WOMAN RISE 9 Week Wealth Circle, you have the opportunity to add 30 days of VIP coaching with me, Isis Jade.

This is where we get to break you free of all lack and limitation and light your fire to create massive momentum in your life!

  • One 2 hour private coaching call (value: priceless)
  •  Two 60 min private coaching calls (value: priceless)
  •  20 Days Access To Isis Jade Via Whatsapp, Email Or Facebook (value: priceless).

My Exclusive VIP Millionairess Wealthy Round Table Mastermind Retreats require a minimum investment of $25K per retreat. Retreats are held 4 times per year.


My consultations with business owners on strategy, planning and rapid decision acceleration with their teams is a minimum $25K per diem – my retainer is generally no less than $50K (2 day) minimum plus travel and accommodations.

Business planning & fundraising strategies, process reinvention or streamlining, Success Strategies workshops are priced according to need.

This is for the woman who needs a deep guidance, healing and personalized strategy along with ultra powerful upleveling because she has a bigger mission to serve.

Investment $7,500






You will follow my unique process in a 12 week virtual hybrid group.

You will have access to group + private calls.

What we cover:

Step #1: Designing 6-figure-months using the Law of Reversed Effort

Discover and utilize your unique genius, so you can cut your time in half, give yourself the raise you deserve,  & dump everything you DON’T want to do in the divine “round file”.

Step #2: Encode your soul’s mission into your own unique system that is ultra-simple for you to implement and run, and creates CONSISTENT jaw-dropping client results & Fast Cash.

(especially if you don’t want to ever launch another program or product, want to take 6 months off and tour the world, have vacations 4x a year, etc…).

Step #3: Make consistent 6-figure months as you “tune-into” the impossible to find divine right perfect clients.

(even if you are highly introverted like me… this process has generated me consistent results every time I’ve implemented it.)

Step #4: Set Your Future Millionairess FREE to ROCK YOUR WORLD: Imagine 6/7/8 Figure Divine Right Clients begging to attend your $25K retreat, or pay for your $120K solution in full.

(especially if you want to be able to step into any room, any place, any time, anywhere, open your mouth and receive the kind of “OH MY GOSH I NEED YOU, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?” kind of results. )

Step #5: Turn Those 6 Figure Months into TRUE Millionairess NET WORTH in 2-3 Years

(This sets you on the path to owning your value, for life. We discuss  licensing your IP, certification programs, setting up your exit strategy that allows you to sell your business for 7-8 figures in 3-5 years if you so desire.)

Investment $10,000