The founder of Sufism and renowned Poet, Jalaluddin Rumi describes our sacred space as a magnificent cathedral where we are “sweet beyond telling”. Saint Teresa of Avila views the sacred space as a Castle. The Rosicruicians have described it as the sacred temple beyond where we may come together to enact spiritual healings on behalf of one another. Other mystics have described it as a Sacred Citadel, an Eternal Garden, even an Oasis where the rivers run clear and pure.

The Sacred Space is where the Infinite within us resides, waiting for us to journey to it’s center for learning, for wisdom, for divine guidance, for the Divine experience of Oneness.

Our bodies are our sacred temple and within this sacred temple dwells our Infinite Radiant, DeLightFULL Being in a garden of eternal delights. An ever-changing, ever evolving, ever-expanding essence that permeates every material and nonmaterial aspect in existence.

To find unconditional love, ineffable delight and true enlightenment, you must enter into the hidden sanctuary, the mystery that is ever unfolding within us all.

Citadels, Castles, Cathedrals, Oases. Temples. Eternal Gardens. How we choose to describe our sacred space within, the one thing remains in common for us all, we tend to live in just one or two narrow enclaves of our inner landscape when there is an entire, infinite Multi-Universe awaiting us to explore.

How do you describe your Sacred Space? Is it as Rumi describes, or as Saint Teresa? Is your Sacred Space an Oasis or a Garden Within where you connect and commune with your Higher Essence?