Tantra of DeLight

My multi-part interview series is being released weekly on Youtube. In this week’s interview, I discussed Tantra and how it’s ancient philosophy is more relevant today than ever before. Chromosome 16 Productions is the studio that is putting these videos together. 🙂

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The Tantra of DeLight is a simple practice of living in such a way that delights the heart and spirit while awakening ourselves to experience the gifts of the abundant universe through our shared, sacred experiences.

I’ll let you watch my interview here.



About Isis Jade

Isis Jade is a renowned spiritual teacher, clairvoyant intuitive, author, inspirational speaker, and healer. She is well known for her charming, genuine, dynamic style and loving, captivating personality. She has gained increasing recognition world wide with her remarkable, inspiring story and a unique set of powerful clairvoyant & intuitive abilities.