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Tapping Into Your Goddess Power is a powerful, effortless, dynamic and effective, energetic new way to transform your life from the inside out and manifest anything you desire. It doesn’t matter if  your desire is for financial abundance, relief from anxiety, the ideal romantic relationship, the ideal job or career, more creativity and artistic flow, authentic self-expression, being able to accomplish more with less effort than you ever believed possible, more time in your life for the ones you love . . . or really, just about anything else you could possibly think of, harnessing YOUR Goddess Power can effortlessly manifest these things for you.

I use the words Goddess & Power together as a powerful combination charged with an energy to excite, empower, motivate and energize women who have long felt their lives were operating outside of their control. Especially for women who feel like every day, their life has become one great battle against themselves and the world around them.

Goddess Power is a vital, energetic, unstoppable, creative force that can be seen in all aspects of our lives. We call her Mother Nature, just as we call Earth, Gaia. Goddess Power can be seen everywhere, in everything. Nothing made by man can stop her. Nothing man institutes in this world can eradicate her raw and awesome force.

Most women today haven’t learned how to get in touch with their Authentic Goddess Nature, nor have they stepped into their true Goddess Power. They shy away from such a powerful, dynamic force. Perhaps, it is because most women don’t think they deserve to have this energy act on their behalf, or that they are capable of controlling or directing such a powerful force in their lives.

I am so happy to tell you, that yes, you do have unlimited access to Raw Energetic Power of YOUR Inner Goddess Nature and you can use that nature to enact magic and miracles in your life and the lives of others!

You see, the Goddess Power that lies sleeping within you is a force to be reckoned with. She radiates the higher, most amazing aspects of who and what you are. She is sensual, succulent, outrageous, unconditional, artistic, eccentric, fun loving, dynamic, joyful, powerful, creative, intelligent and awe-inspiring. When she steps out into your life and radiates her authentic energy through you, she attracts love, marvels, miracles and magical synchronicity with effortless grace. When she speaks from her authentic core of who and what she is, all are attracted to her. They surround her, celebrate her being and are inspired and overjoyed to receive her gifts! They flood her with abundance, with gratitude and with joy!

That Goddess- believe it or not – is truly the AUTHENTIC YOU!

If you are a woman, then the Unlimited Power of Goddess Energy has been given to you as a GIFT. You have unlimited access to the latent talents, the energy, the power, the magic, and the vitality of Your Authentic Goddess nature. She is just lying asleep within you, waiting for you to access her and allow her to flow unceasingly out into your life!

What happens when you reject your Authentic Goddess Nature and Power that’s been given to you?

  1. When you reject your Goddess Power, or rail against the vital energy of your Authentic Goddess Nature, you are attempting to be something or someone other than who you truly are. Generally, that’s because you are trying to fit a inside a tiny mold set up for you by parents, by society, by well-meaning friends or even a life partner.
  2. You will feel like you are fighting against yourself, every step of the way.
  3. You might at times feel like your life is about rowing a boat upstream in white rapids, without a paddle, just using your hands. You encounter huge obstacles, rocks, and waves after waves of unending frustration and aggravation in your life.
  4. As long as you believe you have to fight yourself every step through your life, you will continue to refuse to lovingly accept your true, authentic Goddess Nature.
  5. Life will continue to be rough and you will become more and more resigned to your fate, living without happiness, fulfillment or a sense of your true self.

Until you accept your Authentic Goddess Nature, things won’t go your way. Perhaps you fight, believing that fighting is the only way to achieve anything in your life.

So, what can Awakening & Stepping into Your Goddess Power do for you?

  1. Stepping into Your Goddess Power means you’ve come to a place where you have fallen in love with your true nature.
  2. You allow your life to flow and unfold in a direction that you’ve intended and decided upon. It is ultimately the direction that is for your highest good and happiness – and the highest good and happiness for all those around you.
  3. By accepting your Goddess Power, and allowing her to radiate out into your life, and stepping into her Optimal Flow of Energy, you can allow your inner Goddess to guide you back into the natural, positive, empowered, dynamic magic of your authentic life.
  4. Once you’ve stepped into the Flow of your Goddess Power, you can manifest whatever you want to have—such as all the happiness and success you desire. It works!
  5. Your Goddess Power gives you access to unlimited wisdom, courage, confidence, love, abundance, creativity, intelligence and joy!
  6. Learning how to accept and step into your power, will give you back your authentic voice, your authentic self, and allows you to fulfill your dreams and goals, effortlessly, as if by magic!

The great news is, you already know how to step into your Goddess Power since your authentic spirit already exists there right now!

Accepting Your Goddess Nature & Stepping into Your Goddess Power simply means revealing to yourself the false identity that keeps you separated from the rest of your WHOLE, AUTHENTIC self. It’s about lifting the fog of your conscious mind and releasing all that no longer serves you while you embody your true, authentic, Goddess Nature to unleash the most profound transformative energy you will ever have access to into your life.

The First Step of Your Journey

Using guided visualizations, coupled with specific frequency resonance patterns and variances, The Goddess Guide takes you on a vision quest. You can come into a higher space where you can truly meet Your Inner Goddess for the very first time. Once you’ve embraced her and stepped into her, you can see, hear, smell, and feel the imagery and sensations through your authentic Goddess Nature.

Many women after experiencing this visualization report feeling as if they have finally become whole again and fully capable of pursuing their dreams after feeling fractured and lost after a traumatic event or tragedy.
Others report an immediate sense of energy, vitality and motivation they’ve never felt before.

This experience of awakening, meeting and stepping into your Authentic Goddess Nature is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

Taking time out of your day every day, to meet with Your Goddess, can do great things for you. You’ll finally learn how to lovingly accept all of who you are. You’ll learn to discover and master the unique Gifts, talents, and powers you have, that allow you to manifest great things for your life and the lives of others.

You’ll get to know and fall in love with your whole self. A journey where many women find powerful healing and transformation occurring. There is no journalling and no writing necessary, unless you desire to keep track of your progress. This is all passive work that is effortless and easy through the acts of creative visualization and guided meditations.

The Second Step of Your Journey

Now that you’ve met Your Authentic Goddess Nature and accepted her into your life, there is a secondary set of practices in which you enter a “sacred place” outside of time or space. I call it the Oasis Within. It is a different place for every woman. Usually our most scared place where we can gather and connect with vital life force energy.

This is where you can meet with Your Goddess on a regular basis to receive guidance, wisdom & answers. It’s like a mini vision quest you can take at any time. This is where your mind and spirit join forces with Your Goddess Power to fuel and manifest your desires. These energies all work together to become co-creative forces that can bring about magic, miracles & strategic synchronicity into your life.

Once you learn to access your Oasis Within to Connect with Your Authentic Goddess Power, you realize this technique puts you smack in the center of the Quantum Field, the plane where all potential and unlimited possibilities exist. This is the plane where the manifesting energy of the Universe—the Zero-Point Flow can begin to manifest on your behalf.

When you come out of this place, you will feel more complete, whole, renewed and refreshed. You’ll feel more relaxed about a situation, less stressed and more optimistic that the outcome will serve the highest and greatest good of all.

You will know that you have successfully tapped into Your Goddess Power and accessed this plane when you begin to see your desires manifesting in your life.

How Does Goddess Power Enact In Our Lives?

Every woman’s Goddess Power travels with you in one direction—a natural, positive direction that is fulfilling, joyful and magical. When you fight against your nature or try to make things happen in a way that may not be optimal for you, or optimal for others, you’re fighting against your Goddess Nature. The truth be told, your Goddess Nature is more powerful than anything your mind could conceive of, certainly more powerful than anything your ego could fight against.

No matter how hard you fight against her, your Authentic Goddess Nature will ultimately win, for she operates only in your highest and best interests, your greatest good.

When you fight against yourself, it can feel like you are swimming upstream in a white water river. You may feel like you are sinking, maybe you feel lost, trapped, or out of touch. Getting in touch with Your Authentic Goddess Nature will empower you to get back on the optimal course for your life, where everything happens easily and effortlessly in your life, for your highest good and the highest good of everyone around you.

Stepping into Your Goddess Power works so effortlessly, so powerfully, so quickly for so many women because it’s based on passive dreaming and connecting through visualization. This is something every woman already knows how to do naturally.

Once you’ve practiced it a few times, stepping into Your Goddess Power will feel automatic and natural. You’ll embrace your power each morning before you get out of bed, and learn to consult this unlimited source of wisdom as your counsel. It will seem as natural as dressing and brushing your teeth. In fact, if you leave the house without your Goddess Power, you’ll often feel naked.

There’s almost no learning curve, so you can just step right in and start working through Your Goddess Power to manifest optimal outcomes in your life, almost as if by magic.

When you invest your strong, positive emotional charges to your co-creations with Your Goddess Power, you have completed all that’s needed to supercharge your life with Optimal Energy to attract ideal situations, people and things to you. Your emotions are an electrical charge your brain creates that you can attach to a stated desire that you then allow your Goddess Power to work upon while you go on about your day. The more powerful the emotion you transmit while in the quantum field working with your Goddess Power, the farther, faster, and more profoundly your desires will manifest.

This is because emotion charges passive creative energy. Emotion vitalizes it, empowers it, which generates strong ability to attract and draw to you. Your strongest intention—your strongest desires—is what drives and directs Your Goddess Power throughout your life!