What is a Goddess?

So many women have a difficult time describing themselves as goddesses. It’s no surprise, what with all the confusion and misunderstanding about what it means to be a goddess, especially when it’s used in our modern media to describe a  woman. Most people automatically think of goddesses as those super-models in various big-name advertisements designed by media agencies to sell more clothing, cosmetics and what-nots — as that being the epitome of desirability. You know, those tall, buxom blondes in high heels, sporting the latest in high fashion lingerie, draping themselves over cars or sofas.

Some people assume that most self-proclaimed goddesses participate regularly in satanic or pagan rituals. Other people believe that to call oneself a goddess is pompous, egotistical and self-inflating.  The word “goddess” might create of an image in your mind of self-aggrandizement.  Or perhaps you might have memories of women who put themselves high up on pedestals, with a lot of airs and going on about themselves as if they were better than or above other women.

Of course, it doesn’t help that there are many women out there in the world today so full of self-promotional hype and hot air with very little substance… all because they seek to placate their lack of self-image while they struggle to find acceptance in their fickle fans and followers.

Unfortunately, none of these images or ideas are goddesses, I am sorry to say.

So, Just What IS A Goddess?

Let’s start off with a poem I wrote, just for you… 🙂


What is A Goddess?

A goddess feels vibrantly alive,
At one with herself and the world around her.
A goddess celebrates her unique, radiant nature
And draws out the unique light of others around her.

A goddess celebrates the divine within all of life.
She isn’t afraid to be eccentric, outrageous and sassy often at the same time.
A goddess is a touch of naughty intermingled with a touch of class
She channels her gifts as power to draw to her all she desires.

A goddess enjoys delighting in life’s pleasures
And she loves and accepts herself just as she is.
A goddess understands that the gift of delighting in life
Is a gift she can extend to everyone around her with laughter and joy.

A goddess isn’t afraid to be fully present in her extraordinary
relationships with her loved ones in her life.
A goddess knows that love and abundance are never-ending cycles
No matter where they are given, they will always return to her, one-thousand fold.

A goddess revels in her sensuality and her mystery
And she has a fiery hot, erotically full-filling sex life.
A goddess is passionate, ardent and enjoys life in each moment
Without an attachment to any particular outcome.

A goddess honors her body as her sacred temple,
No matter her size, age or circumstance,
A goddess understands her body is a gift of experience;
Her physicality is hers alone to honor and care for, lovingly.

A goddess knows she has access to certain gifts and talents
She can use to draw to her unlimited abundance and ease in life.
A goddess designs her purpose in life to draw upon those talents,
And her work is created to complement and fulfill her desires.

A goddess knows the power of choice is her greatest asset.
For within a Choice, her destiny awaits her to be unleashed.
A goddess, therefore, always knows she has a choice,
In how she feels, how she reacts, and how she lives her life.

~The Goddess Isis


While a goddess possesses many wonderful and enchanting characteristics, as a modern-day Goddess Guide,  I’m going to give you a tour of the characteristics that I use to cultivate my own personal definition of a Goddess. These are the qualities I work to bring out in my goddesses-in-training in my Goddess Circle.

Throughout my life, I’ve worked to cultivate and bring her out in all areas of my life, and I’d love to take a moment to introduce you to…

The Ultimate Modern Day Goddess.

A Goddess is a woman who has fully embraced and fallen in love with her divine, infinite nature.  She is definitely a living, breathing, modern, mortal woman (like me), however, she is often found balancing her life between her ethereal and her practical, physical self. In fact, she tends to have one foot in each realm. It’s certainly not always an easy path to walk, and hence we refer to the Goddess path as the sacred feminine middle path.

A Modern Day Goddess is:

A Powerful, Dynamic Creatrix of Her Reality. A modern goddess creates and designs her own reality. She crafts her life path, and knows how to manifest magic and miracles at will. She lives according to her own vision, wisdom and guidance all derived from within. She creates based upon her own unique flavor of what brings her joy, pleasure, happiness and delight. She knows she is the creatrix of her reality, therefore, she understands she is responsible for manifesting desirable outcomes for the greatest and highest good of all.  She knows her direction, she knows her destination, she is clear in her course. She creates a fulfilling vision and a roadmap to take her there. Yet she is flexible to adjust and course correct as the need arises. Along the way, she develops the courage to manifest her ultimate life path into physicality.

An Intrepid, Courageous Explorer of Her Universe. A modern goddess explores all that is possible in her world. She doesn’t take no for an answer. Instead of throwing up her hands in the air, she asks of herself, “why not?” and seeks out solutions and opportunities where others see only risks and failure. She constantly tests the limits of her beliefs and her paradigms that may be holding her back. She doesn’t let other people’s definitions and labels skew her or pull her away from manifesting her desired outcome. As the creatrix of her universe, she can continually morph adjust and remanifest herself and parts of her universal plane to suit her experiments and explorations to support her continued growth and enlightenment.

Centered & Autonomous. A modern goddess requires no one’s approval, for she is confident enough in to listen to her own wise council. She doesn’t seek approval or acceptance from others, for she finds it all from within. A goddess answers to no one and does not allow anyone to control her any more than she attempts to control another.  She doesn’t feel the need to make excuses and rarely offers up explanations for her actions. She is not defensive for she does not feel threatened by other people. She is at peace and centered within her realm and her world view.

Certain About Who She Is At Her Core.  A goddess is certain of who she is and what she is. She knows she is infinite. She knows she is connected to all life. She doesn’t waste her time attempting to impress others for they are simply a unique emanation of her. She accepts others’ expressions and experiences as equally valid as her own and does not attempt to force a view point or coerce a person into believing hers.

Authentic & Charismatic. A goddess does not feel the need to wear a mask (except when invited to a masquerade!). She has learned to express her emotions clearly and let go of that which does not serve her highest and best good. She is also extremely charismatic, because she is authentic and heartfelt. You cannot help but be drawn into her presence and into her loving, accepting embrace. The energy she brings with her is attractive, contagious and inspiring. She’s the woman in the room even the most powerful gravitate towards because she carries herself a certain way or projects a “certain something” that no one can quite put their finger on. No matter how quiet and serene or energized and lively she may be, this woman has an unusual magnetic quality to her. She cultivates followers wherever she goes.

Ever Evolving & Expanding. A modern goddess, like the universe she co-created, is continually evolving and expanding. She continually invests her energy and focus on becoming the greatest and most pure expression of her divine nature she can be. A goddess also knows truth is merely a perception and a point in time. Which is something that constantly ebbs and evolves as she ebbs and evolves. Therefore, she does not seek to impose her experiences upon others as truth. However, she will share her wisdom and understanding if she is asked to do so.

Mysterious and Ethereal. A modern goddess is in touch with the sacred feminine mysteries of the universe. As such she knows she herself is as deep and infinite as the universe and has much to share with those who choose to walk along a path with her. She knows every natural cycle that occurs is a spiral that deepens the very mystery of existence. At her very core she is ethereal and graceful, she is as delicate and exquisite as a mist.

Practical and Pragmatic. A goddess knows when to be practical and pragmatic. She is no helpless princess waiting for her knight in shining armor to rescue her. She is indeed the warrioress, the priestess, the healer and the nurturer. She is a leader, a guide, a mentor and a magician. She can practically morph into whatever needs be achieved to suit the day, be it figuring out how to fix a tire or manifesting someone to fix it for her. Instead of allowing a mishap to lead her astray, the goddess takes a moment to recenter herself, reclaim herself and bring herself back to her position of power and fortitude, for it is from that position can she execute practical decisions that will bring about the best outcome for all involved.

Flexible With a Mind Like Water – A Goddess learned to release her perceived belief that she must control the ebb flow of life. She has discovered the futility of trying to fight upstream along a torrential river. She has learned to master  riding the waves that come and go and move within her own optimal flow. She is flexible and can flow in new directions should the need arise. She has no need to manipulate or coerce a situation.

Passionate & Enthusiastic.  A modern goddess is certainly passionate for life! She has an infectious enthusiasm that makes even seemingly impossible feats very much possible. She cultivates a powerful, positive energy and joy that is contagious and energizes those around her to take action. Her presence immediately elevates and stabilizes the energy in any room or any situation. She inspires confidence and certainty and with that spawns creative solutions and positive outcomes.

Honoring of Herself, Others and The Earth. A goddess honors all life as her life. All are sacred to her. All are vital to the whole. She understands that whatever is for her highest and best good, will ultimately be for the highest and best good of all around her. She is compassionate and forgiving of herself as well as those around her. She does not waste endless time in anger, regret, or resentment. She knows that it is vital she comes back to what’s most important and regain clarity in her relationships with others. She lends her support to the work of others as an extension of herself. She does not feel competitive or threatened by others. She knows that when we each shine brighter, light is extended outwards to even the darkest part of the universe for the benefit of all.

Not A Martyr. A goddess is no martyr. While a goddess is generous almost to a fault (she will give to a child in need, her rain coat to a homeless woman or take time out of her day to assist another in need),  she very clear about her limits. She will not sacrifice herself upon another’s temple for some future promise of glory or gold. She will not release to another more than what what she feels she can either emotionally, financially, physically. She understands the word “no” is a complete sentence and uses it when necessary. She will always come back to her center and remember she also needs to honor herself as well. She also does not expect others to martyr themselves for her benefit, either.

Mindful of Boundaries – A Goddess knows who she is and what she will and will not accept into her life. She is clear with her boundaries.  She clearly communicates her boundaries to others. She respects others’ boundaries and asks for clarification when she feels there isn’t clarity.

Respectful & Kind Towards Her Body – A Goddess views her body as a sacred part of the earth and a gift for her physical experience. Her body is her living temple where her Infinite Divine Nature Resides. She treats her body with the utmost respect and kindness possible. She does not abuse it or harm it. She nourishes her body with clean foods, fresh water, and nourishes her soul with her daily rituals and practices. She knows her mind, body and spirit operate as a holy trinity in a single holistic fluid expression. When one is imbalanced, it impacts the balance of the other two. She spends time outside every day, and gives herself time to pamper and care for her inner nature as well as her outer physical form.

A Healer, A Confidant, A Guide, A Nurturer, & A Protectress. A modern goddess commits herself to the art and science of healing herself. She understands one cannot heal others for they can only heal themselves. However, she knows in the process and act of healing herself, she heals her community and the earth. She works towards peaceful understanding and mediation — whether it is on a large scale or within her family and circle of friends.  A goddess understands acting locally impacts universally. She cares about all aspects that touch all lives, for she understands she is one with all life.

Sensual & Sexual.  A goddess fully experiences herself, others (and the earth) as sacred parts of a whole. She is deeply connected with her sexuality and she enjoys pleasure in all its forms without self- judgment, guilt or shame. She is connected with the natural cycles the ebbs and flows around her, as a part of her. This brings her a certain sensuality that she expresses  in her daily life. She knows that sensual sexuality is a part of being feminine and she allows her sensuous nature to be expressed in her movements, her conversations and her energetic vitality. She is unafraid of expressing herself sensually or sexually.

Trusts Her Inner Wisdom. A goddess has learned to trust her intuition and inner knowing. She has learned to tap into this unlimited source of potential and priceless wisdom at will. She allows her higher senses to guide her and she inquires within for her own inner wisdom. This is perhaps the most challenging skill to meet, but it also brings the greatest sense of freedom and reward in certainty, inner peace, a certain knowing and inner trusting that all will work out for the best of all involved.

Naturally Joy-full, Positive, and Radiant. A Goddess prefers to live in her natural state, one of joy, openness, radiance and gratitude. She accepts and embraces her shadows and her light. She honestly works to improve her shortcomings without condemning herself for things she knows are weaknesses. She understands that everyone, including herself experiences pain as a part of life – for it is the antithesis to joy. Without pain, she knows we cannot know the heights of joy and bliss. She heals her own pain from within with courage, fortitude, grace and dignity. She gives herself the gift of time to work practice and evolve as she learns to master her realm from all her experiences. She does not flavor or define an experience as good or bad, she knows there is a higher purpose and our definitions and intentions may skew the outcome for something less than what could be achieved.  A Goddess always looks for a positive lesson that will guide her to her path of enlightenment.

Unconditional – A Goddess is completely unconditional in her love, acceptance and releasement. She does not attach herself or her identity to things, people or circumstances. She knows that to love unconditionally, means to be able to release and let go without conditions. She has no chains that bind her and she has no master that owns her. She has come to learn how to release anything that no longer serves the highest and best good of those involved.


How far are you toward awakening your inner Goddess? If you haven’t gotten far,  you may want to head on over and check out my Awaken the Goddess Within Program.

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Namaste ~

The Goddess Isis