What Inspires You to Be You?


Ok, secret time. I have an odd discomfort around strangers. Particularly large groups of strangers. Not scared so much as I have never had anything “bad” happen in a group of people before, but nevertheless, I have a general anxiety when I’m around strangers.

I thought about my little “ritual” I do before I go into a room full of people I don’t know. I thought I would share it with you today. For when we are inspired to be who we are, authentically, we tend to experience a great deal more delight in
our lives.

It takes time for me to warm up, feel comfortable in a room and trust that no matter how eccentric, odd or strange I might be, there’s always someone in the room who is at least as odd and eccentric as I am. I don’t appear to be on the surface, but I happen to be a bit bent towards the kooky end of the spectrum. I like that. People who are kooky tend to be more interesting conversationalists, they tend to have led fascinating lives, and they tend to be unafraid to make a splash.

It always seems, no matter where I go, I happen to have that ability to make a unique splash. I don’t “quite” fit any one particular mode or mold.

Due to my rather odd nature, coupled with an uncanny ability to read any person’s energy field and a general social anxiety about being in a group full of people in general, whenever I enter a new group of people, I have to prepare myself for the deep dive.

We all have that one affirmation, that one quote that we say to ourselves that makes walking into the job interview, a new group of people, a restaurant for the first date, or into the party possible.

It could be “Slow down, you aren’t in a race.” because you talk really fast.

It could be “I can talk to anyone. I am not the only freak in the zoo.”

It could be—and in my case, it is, because I love Shakespeare—”To thine own self be true.”

With that in mind, I usually make a list of 3-5 quotes or affirmations that truly inspire me and spend the 15.2 seconds it takes to sit in the elevator or bathroom stall and use the breathing technique I talked about before. I breathe in for three, hold for three, out for three, hold for three. I do this five times and repeat my affirmations and quotes with as much joie de vivre as I can!

Then, it’s time to go out there and forget about making “good” impressions. Just be myself, my own unique, bizarre brand of ISIS. 🙂

Life brings the most joy when you’re living it out loud authentically and uniquely as your Infinite DeLightFULL Being and not yelling at yourself about how to impress anyone else.

I am curious, what inspires you to be you? Let me know in the comments below. Do you perform a little ritual before you go out to speak, to teach or to meet new people, especially potentially very special people?



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