Wealthy Goddess 020 ~ How to Connect to Infinite Intelligence for Any Situation


Intuition is natural. Intuition is also something you can learn to access on demand, to whatever degree you are willing to invest yourself in the process. Your level of accuracy and comfort when it comes to your intuition will always depend on you.

I’ve used my intuitive connection to Infinite Intelligence for years to master projects, gain insight into complex problems for my clients, and to be able to fluidly transfer my knowledge and skillsets between industries with ease and grace.

The fascination that higher-level executives, celebrities, artists and entrepreneurs have had with my intuitive expertise have made me sought after by some amazing folks over the years.

Intuition at its face doesn’t seem like a particularly important skill. In fact, it isn’t even recognized by any major University or college. And yet, intuition is probably the single most important delineator that can ensure a person’s lasting success in any endeavor.

You already use your intuition, every single day. Most people have no conscious recognition of how intensely and constantly Infinite Intelligence interacts with us.

We receive intuitive information all the time. Have you ever had a great idea spontaneously come to you when you were relaxed and not thinking about anything in particular? This often happens to people when they are in the shower, or driving home from work. Or have you ever had an impulse to call someone – only to find out that they were meaning to call you just a few hours earlier?

My father was a NASA engineer who managed and ran the Space Shuttle program for over 30 years. He was a completely self-taught scientist who had countless patents, inventions and top-secret projects attributed to his intuitive expertise and raw acumen.

When he passed away, NASA had sent several of their top folks to speak at his service. Nearly all of them spoke of his polymathic abilities and strange way of seemingly being able to pluck answers to their most challenging problems right out of thin air.

A gift and trait he passed onto me.

My father taught me that only 4% of the Universe is made up of material physical substance. The remaining 96% is pure potential. Whatever we decide to make of it. He believed that the Quantum Multiverse was our next frontier.

Here’s why you are most definitely intuitive.

Intuition is communication from a higher source of Intelligence. Whether or not you believe in a God, or a Higher Self, or your Soul self, there is available to you an infinite, ancient source of intelligence that transcends time and space.

It’s always fascinating to me how most people have intuitive experiences that they don’t necessarily talk about, even with those closest to them. They’ll tell me, because as a professional intuitive, I won’t think that any of their experiences are “crazy” or that they are “losing their mind.”

So if you’ve had intuitive insights come to you, please know that you are not alone. You are not “nuts.”

Often, accessing Infinite Intelligence gives us information that our mind couldn’t possibly have come up with. Intuition is a normal, natural part of life, and is designed to be an absolutely amazing resource that makes our lives easier.

In today’s episode, I speak about my unique ability and give you a powerful exercise to teach you how to be Intuitively Guided by Infinite Intelligence practically in every area of business, relationships and life.


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