Wealthy Goddess Podcast 012 ~ The Five Pillars of Spiritual Empowerment Part 1


Namaste and Welcome back my friends.  Today we are exploring the Path of the Delightfullness of Being and the Five Pillars of Real Spiritual Empowerment & Enlightenment.

This lesson we talk about an internal, natural state of being that is ineffable, masterful, effortless and utterly transformational.

This is something innate within yourself. It is something you do not have to struggle to get, have, be or do. It is inborn of you, naturally. It emanates out from you, effortlessly.

A tree doesn’t struggle to grow to its full potential, does it? It’ does so in spite of whatever external circumstances may present to it. A river doesn’t struggle to return to that which it is drawn to, for it is drawn to itself. You do not need to struggle to reach your full potential, nor do you need to struggle to return to that which you already are. Everything else is a distraction, an illusion.

I’d like to pose a question to you now.

Wouldn’t be so amazing if you were to have within you, something that flows as effortlessly as a river? Something that grows as effortlessly in its own time and of its own way, as a tree? Wouldn’t it be remarkable to have something  is always flowing, not only flowing, but taking you with it, without effort? Something that you can flow effortlessly along and onwards and upwards into a higher experience? a higher existence? a place without struggle? without compromise? without strife? Into a higher functioning relationship with yourself, the Infinite and all of life around you so we are no longer doing to others or to ourselves such horrifying acts of strife, violence, repression, aggression or enslavement out of fear?

I’d like to ask you another question. What would it feel like to live life without?

Would we live in fear of what we do not have? Why do we cling to so many things and seek out solutions outside ourselves that are ultimately nothing but life-negating for us? These things could be objects, relationships, careers, beliefs we hold, addictions, cravings, conflicts. All of it. These solutions could be medicine, drugs, alcohol, thrill-seeking, repression, ignoring, or going on lifelong healing pursuits to clear our fields and our spirits, believing as we do that there is something inherently wrong within us we must fix.

We have decoyed and disguised these things to ourselves, so we can talk ourselves into situations with them. We seek to control outcomes and expect outcomes, because our tiny mind has taught us this is the way to ensure our physical survival. We seek to fight and to dominate, because our tiny mind has taught us this is the way to ensure we will be accepted, lauded, celebrated and heard, all so that we can be kept safe.

On the outside these things we talk ourselves into seeking out and clinging to often seem so wonderful, don’t they? But as we begin to dig within each object, each circumstance, each situation outside ourselves, we see only the disease and dysfunction and chaos that emerges. We become disappointed and disillusioned with the solution or thing we sought out so we must either abandon it, change it, fix it in some way so it better suits our perception of what it ought to be.  But why do we encounter disillusionment to begin with? Why do we encounter dysfunction and chaos in the first place?

Why? because this is the internal condition that we are experiencing within ourselves.

As a result, we cannot simply flow. We fight the inborn natural ability to flow, because it all just seems too simple, too easy. And after all, life is supposed to be hard, isn’t it? Life is supposed to be a tragedy, right? We are all of us supposed to struggle on and overcome during our journeys, right?

Take a deep breath now. We’ve covered a lot in a short period of time. it takes time to let all this settle us into a new place of awareness. So, now, I’d like to tell you a story. Keep in mind, this is just a story, like so many other stories we weave in and out of our lives and tell. And stories are created and told for purpose, for reason. So, I’ll allow you to journey to the heart of this story and explore it for yourself.

Let’s now talk about the journey we embark upon  of self-awakening and the gift of new self-awareness we give ourselves and one other. Let’s talk about the journey and what this gift brings us.

There is a world where exists futility and darkness. All people ever do is simply for the purpose to serve only themselves without concern to the whole of the infinite. They did not believe all life is sacred, they believe life and the earth is theirs to dominate and control. They see nothing wrong with doing so.

There was no hope, there was no love, there was only a kind of quiet desperate greed that went with each interaction. Who are you and what can you do for me to get me what I need. They would size each other up and down and in moments decide whether or not a person was of use or of value to them.

When you live in a world like that and there’s a spell that’s come over you to engage at that level, the spell itself tells you that you are in the right and others are in the wrong. It tells you that you are doing the right things.

Have you ever found yourself under a spell? Did you ever allow yourself to believe that thing you are about to buy that you really cannot afford to buy was going to fix something about yourself or your life or make you feel a certain way? If so, you’ve been under a spell. And if that doesn’t do it, don’t you find yourself running off trying to fix yourself or your life another way? that didn’t do it, but darn it the next thing will fix me, or make me feel better or I’ll get more pleasure or more excitement or more accolades if I only get X? Only to get there and find out, oh, that wasn’t it either? It’s one big game, isn’t it?

We all of us find ourselves under spells from time to time, maybe more often than we are led to believe. The movie the Matrix poses this question to us. That maybe the world we live in is only a construct designed to keep us enslaved and compliant? To whom though? To what?

But something wonderful started to happen to a person embarking upon a journey to waking up while in that world. you begin to feel a terrible conflict within yourself that something is terribly amiss. In spite of the fact that everyone else was under the spell believing they were in the right place doing the right thing, you may come to a realization that there is something askew.  You may struggle internally within yourself and you can’t for the life of yourself figure out what was going on.

The problem is that you are living in a world that appears to be dominated by evil automated authority figures telling you to do things that are not only ultimately for the good for yourself but good for everyone else that you do this work.  You have been told to struggle, to fight, to take, to acquire, to play games, and to make others work hard as you do. You are told that only through overcoming and struggling was the only way to work your way up the chain for success and in order for you to prevail, others must suffer.

But inside of you, something is happening. You will not be able to reconcile within himself how it could be possible that if what I am doing is right or correct, by my country’s standards, my society’s standards, or my company’s standards or beliefs that at the end of the day, I feel so wrong and so badly inside? You are in conflict.

If you ask the people around you, they all might tell you that you are nuts and go get psychiatric help.  that this is  something you need to get over if you want to succeed in life.

The thing was, this feeling was so tiny, this voice within so barely noticeable because the spell that had been cast was so prevalent in everything around you and it runs right into the very center of your mind.  However, no matter how powerful the spell is, however, you will continue to find this discord, this discontent in everything around you. It grows day by day stronger and stronger until you begin to look around yourself until everything you are told to do when you are told to do it  feels so counter-intuitive to what ‘feels’ right within your spirit. and you do want to do what was right by others, but you know in your heart of hearts, inside the very core of your spirit why you feel badly. So very badly.  So many people enter this state and all in order to subdue this discontent and this dark, heavy repressive feeling inside, they turn to addictions of various kinds. They fixate on something to “make” them “feel” differently.

Do you know, in your heart of hearts, its never right or acceptable to your spirit to hurt or harm another living being? In your spirit, you know its not life-affirming. You know it. You feel it. In your very core center of your nature you know this life-negating energy of harming or hurting another will ultimately only create more darkness. It is only when we shine our lights and speak from our hearts the darkness, the heaviness is abated. And yet, you continue to take part in actions or socially accepted practices in harming or hurting another. You know it within yourself your own moral compass knows that darkness cruelty and harm will only project more darkness, cruelty and harm into your environment. You know that to say things to others that hurt them or to burden them only ultimately hurts you and burdens you. You know the things you do are ultimately destroying the world you live in.

Yet, isn’t it true that we still do these things?

When we overhear someone say something about us that was wrong, we feel a fight welling up within ourselves. We feel we have to defend ourselves, because as we all know, we are right and they are in the wrong. They are incorrect and we must correct them. In the middle of that part of you that wants to lash out, or defend yourself or straighten someone else out, or fix the world or heal or help someone, there’s a little tiny conflict that’s been pushed away pushed aside, ignored or repelled.

That conflict is this. How can what I’m doing be acceptable if how I’m feeling is so very heavy inside. We categorize this stuff as good or bad, evil or negative or wrong. But we know the difference between what enlivens us to feel light inside and what wears us down, exhausts us, depletes us and leaves us feeling heavy and dissatisfied.

How is this possible? We’ve had this experience pushed down within us so many times. We are asked to ignore it, we are told “others do it” and that makes it ok? That makes it acceptable? We see other people taking advantage of others, or using others, or treating others with disrespect or hurting others, and we think it’s ok?

We experience this until we come to a point where the only way to “fix” what’s wrong and what we perceive as wrong is for us to become a righteous person and embark upon the good fight for justice’s sake. We give ourselves the purpose of fixing and saving the world and fixing or saving that person. Because golly its our job to fix and save others, isn’t it? Even though, I’ve got to fight and control that person in order to fix that person and save that person from himself. Because by golly gee, I know what’s right and wrong, and he must surely be an idiot to not see it the same way as I do.

I must regain what I think I’ve lost…by setting this person straight and right. i must stand up for honor’s sake and defend my honor by God. Because I am a tool of justice. Unfortunately, I have lost the moment I begin journeying down that path and begin fighting with everyone and everything in sight because it is so very wrong what they are doing to each other.

You are torn. You don’t know. You are feeling an interior rending apart of yourself at your very seams. you say to yourself “I can see that I’m saying things or doing things I don’t want to say or do, but I’m afraid of not saying or doing them for fear of losing something but on the other side, I’ve lost myself somewhere along the way.”

This struggle reaches such a point inside every person that embarks upon a journey and makes a declaration to put self-awakening first that they begin tearing apart at the very fabric of what once felt so real to them. They struggle with this internal rift until it feels like they are losing their sanity and everyone else around them begins to question this person’s sanity and their peace of mind.

It is right in the middle of our rending apart at the seams, with it reaches such  a point that you may end up destroying everything in your life as a result of your disillusionment and discontent, that we knock about our reality, manifesting a misstep, which allows us to slip on the floor and hit our proverbial head… and we finally wake up.  Suddenly, we remember…. everything.

This is the point of awakening. Many people experience such an awakening only when they have gotten to the point that they have become so frustrated and so exasperated with how they’ve tried to do everything that was “expected” of them only to have no real reward – just more carrots for them to chase, that they create within their lives a crisis to catalyze their own awakening.

There is no time like now to awaken. There is no point in time where rightness comes as long as we are so willing to engage in fighting. There is no point in time where light is borne out of creating darkness.  It is not for us to engage in anything but that which enlivens our very souls to sing. Anything else is a detriment to our spirit, to our evolution and ascension as humanity.

Wouldn’t you like to wake up and remember who you truly are, where you truly come from, where you truly live?

Having remembered who you are, you realize, man, we are in a strange place, this isn’t our reality! How can this be our reality if all we are doing is destroying it? who wrecks our own home?

More than that, however, you come to another realization,  where you realize there sin’t a wrong or a right, just asleep and awake.  As you awaken, you will see everyone else around you still asleep, automatic in their comings and goings, automatic in their acquiescence to things that are in direct conflict with their inborn nature. You may go out and about attempting to wake them up, as I do, for you realize that until all are awakening and ascending, we can only ascend as high as our lowest common denominator.

However, in time, we realize there only those few who are ready to enliven themselves and experience the lightness of being as they travel to the next level.  Those are the ones we take with us along our journey.

There’s a lot of talk by people who proclaim themselves to be enlightened, yet they continue to perpetuate the same ills upon this earth today. To live an enlightened life is to be aware. To be conscious, to make more conscious choices. to consciously choose to elevate your life by 1% over the life lived yesterday. That’s all that is being asked. For inside a year, that one percent becomes compounded day by day to be 365% more aware, more conscious and more elevated than before.

Enlightenment happens in an instant, as too so does DeLight.  These are the gifts we give ourselves, to be enlightened then to delight in that enlightenment. However, it is up to us to choose a daily experience that empowers us to remain in that state, or to sink back down into the illusion enshrouded by darkness and decay.

If you are consciously aware you are engaging in an activity that is not optimal for yourself or another human being, and in that moment you are aware of it, and you can choose to stop it and accept that this experience was an experiment and let it go without guilt or judgement, congratulations, you are a being becoming enlightened. From then on what you choose next – is up to you. You are no longer a slave to your emotional roller coaster, nor are you a slave perpetuating a myth about an illusion of a form of world we live in.

Where a darkness once exists, a lightness now persists. A lightness of being. That is enlightenment. And where lightness persists, so too can the Delightful emanations of your natural being burst forth from within.

To enlighten means only to illuminate. to give the gift of understanding or insight about a subject or situation.

To delight means to give yourself over to the very heights of true bliss, gratification, joy, pleasure, and satisfaction of enlightening experiences. the Prefix of De- attached to LIGHT gives you the invocation of the very essence of the complete total intensity of LIGHT.

First one becomes enlightened then one DeLights. And this is a continual cycle of our progression as spiritual beings.

When a being invites enough light into their being, into their life, they are awakened by that light to be filled with understanding which takes the place of fear. Then this being gives themselves the gift birth the experience of a different kind of relationship. Relationship wherein they can delight in the Sacredness of all life. Well, what does that mean?

Well, we must first look at why we are compelled to act and speak as we do. It’s usually because we perceive we need to have a need filled by an external circumstance in order that we in some way can feel whole or complete. That need could include the need to be accepted, believed in, heard, seen, loved, appreciated, honored, respected, feared, obeyed, trusted. There’s a number of needs we believe we fill outside of ourselves. The truth is, however, we can fill many of these needs, if not all of them, from within. We grab with fear and greed at the strands of what we believe will fill our vacancy inside ourselves, what will fill that hungry emptiness within, we grab at straws trying to stuff them into that gnawing cavity and trying desperately to numb that aching feeling of wrongness. We try to stuff the straws in our ears that we might not hear the tiny voice whispering within ourselves, while we try desperately to fill and quell those needs we believe we must fill through whatever external means we have our disposal.

However, when I understand that I no longer have to do what I’ve been doing to gain something I believe I need to receive outside of myself to feel whole and complete, I begin to come to an understanding that all that I need to receive in order to feel whole, joyful and delighted all comes from within me. I now cultivate a new relationship within myself to fill myself up from within, rather than seeking others to do the filling for me. I now have a new relationship with the parts of me that tell me unless I do those things to get those needs met, something bad is going to happen to me or to my family… why? for I have learned to quell those fears and reassure those parts of me that all is as it should be for I am complete from within and like the river I flow effortlessly back to that which I already am.

Suddenly the relationship within changes and transforms. Why? because new light emerges to shine abundantly on a darkness filled with fear and lack. Now the person can participate easily within the realm they were always intended to be a part of, for they no longer view themselves as separated or isolated but instead are delighting in the experience of moment by moment acts of pure spontaneous creation itself.

They’ve left behind the tiny shadows of desperate fears and clingy needs and have stepped into the fullness and roundness of their natural state of being delighting in themselves and everyone around them. No longer does darkness and spells enshroud them. They are their own greatest act of creation, and all is at is should be.


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