Wealthy Goddess Podcast 010 ~ How Tantra Teaches Us to Live A Wealthy Divine Life

In this episode, I give you an introduction to Tantra and how it can help us learn to live more divine lives with ease and grace.

A Tantric is a practitioner of tantra. Tantrics generally do not perceive reality the way most people do. They are advanced mystics, typically people of Light whom I call intrepid explorers of the impossible and improbable.

Tantrics see the individual and the experience of the entire universe as nothing more than ripples of vibrational energy that affect one another while they dance upon the infinite ocean of consciousness. Many times we use the term “God” or “goddess” to describe an aspect of that which Tantrics perceive as consciousness. Just as there are layers and levels to any plane, there are layers and levels to consciousness that Tantrics view as realms.

At the highest levels of the different realms of consciousness – the highest vibrational elements Tantrics have penetrated and perceive  the Vibrational Harmonic Realms of Divine Light and Divine Love.   Tantrics do not associate an attribute or a name or personality to these realms. They simply know this is the place where the Infinite Light force comes through to us.

That Light and Vibration that we know of as love comes down through the different realms or planes of consciousness and at each level Light and love becomes a little more diffuse, a little more diminished until it manifests through us in our earthly plane giving us our life force, animating us if you will. It is this rippling effect, this diffusion that comes down into what we perceive in our limited view as our reality. In order to experience an unfoldment of ourselves, we must in turn elevate our own awareness through the various realms or planes of consciousness, stripping layer after layer of diffusion away until we become pure, radiant light and love.

The energy or vibrational resonance of gods or goddesses, in the Tantric tradition exist on a plane or realms lower than the realms of light. This realm is called the Devic or Deva realm.

To become Godlike means to ascend your awareness and consciousness to that level. To the Tantric, however, they know that god-like ability is limited, even at that level of omniscient awareness.

The Tantric wants to transcend even the god realms and merge into an expanded experience of themselves. This is what is known as sovereign ascension. It is a vibrational experience, a spiritual experience, that translates into a transcendental life experience

So, coming from this understanding just what Tantra believes and what it teaches its mystics, there are tools and practices we as mystics work with that are designed specifically to bring people back into full alignment with their full sovereign nature – to become in essence DeLightFULL Beings and bring earth up to a higher resonance.

I suppose if one were to understand what I teach, It is simple. I teach Divine Living through the Tantra of DeLight. The sacred practices that  honor and hold sacred every being no matter where you are no matter who you are. My passionate, delightful work, is to bring you out to experience the effortlessness and bliss of delight. to experience the spontaneous lightness of your inner radiance, while honoring wherever you are along your life path.

My secret that I am sharing with you is this – the undiffused radiance of light and love, simply is your most natural, essential effortless state of being. And we experience this effortlessness of being so randomly… throughout our lives.  we catch a glimpse of one another’s radiant light and capacity for unconditional love and we are awed by it. Surprised by it. Moved by it.

This most natural essence is delight itself. Delight is why we are here, why we create, why we act, why we seek, why we interact. Delight is the cause of everything and it is its essence that we desire most, because it is our one true nature.

Thus this why I teach which is a modified, modernized practice to my Divine Miraculous Life coaching clients, that I call the Tantra of DeLight.


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