Wealthy Goddess Podcast 018 ~ The 3 Dragons of Self-Doubt


In today’s episode, Isis Jade explains the hidden self-doubts that cause women to self-sabotage. She calls them the dragons we must tame in order to reclaim our inner personal power.

The Dragons of Self-doubt are the destroyers of possibilities and the worst enemies to your creative genius. And yes, these dragons are very greedy.

When they are let loose, they devour your confidence, strip you of your logic and reason, and steal the golden treasure of happiness, hope and love from your heart. In return, they leave you with ashes of lost hope and the destruction of fear and insecurity. You have likely tried every which way to slay these dragons of self-doubt by forcing yourself to try harder, to “think positive,” or to fight with yourself. of which doesn’t work as well as you think it should.

The more you fight your self-doubt, the more it fights back. However, with self-knowledge and understanding, you can learn how to tame the dragon of self-doubt for your benefit. These Dragons, once tamed and transformed, however, become the igniter of your dreams and desires. They turn into powerful channels of unlimited possibilities and the best friends, guardians and protectors of your soul work and your dreams that you can hope to have.

Taming your Dragons turns them into the Dragons of Self-Belief, Power, Courage and Success can unlock all your goals and gives you a way to ride them and soar past all the obstacles in your path.


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