Wealthy Goddess Podcast 005 ~The Path to Happiness, Prosperity & Success


Listen to The Wealthy Goddess™ with Isis Jade –

Optimism as a Path to Happiness & Manifesting More Miracles, Magic & Abundance

This week, Isis Jade talks about optimism as an antithesis to anger, frustration and depression. Isis Jade also talks about how Optimism can become the Path to Happiness.

Optimism or Pessimism. — It’s an age-old battle. Pessimists believe optimists are foolish and unrealistic, and optimists believe pessimists make themselves miserable, unnecessarily depressed and filled with angst.

There’s quite a bit of research that has pulled the rug off this debate whether the most strategic way to live is with an optimistic viewpoint or a pessimistic (IE: realistic) viewpoint.

When something bad happens, optimists tend to believe it’s a temporary setback, or a challenge to be met. They seem to believe that the effects will be temporary and limited on their lives. They also don’t tend to blame themselves or others for the outcome. They simply seem to shrug their shoulders and look for ways to be grateful and joyful as a path to manifesting a strategy that can change the situation.

Pessimists seem to do the opposite. They tend to consider setbacks as long-term if not permanent & far-reaching.  They tend to either blame themselves or others (which perpetuates a victim-mindset). With blame comes a sense of guilt, shame or humiliation that often leads to even deeper depression.

Of course, there are varying degrees of optimists or pessimists – including realists and optimists who think in practical terms.

What are the advantages of living with an optimistic mindset?

Extensive research has shown that optimists attract a great deal more to their life.

In this episode we discuss  what you can specifically gain in your life, simply by adopting a different mindset.

It also appears that pessimists and optimists explain setbacks and challenges very differently to themselves. The Goddess Guide talks about how you can learn to think about your situation a little differently to avoid falling into a dark cycle of negative beliefs about yourself or the situation.

The Goddess Guide also explains how these different mindsets affect women in their lives, and she shares strategies to empower yourself to adopt a healthier, more optimistic mindset, while maintaining a sense of practicality about your life.

This is the First Step to coming into your Goddess Power!

What do you think? Are you a pessimist or an optimist? Are you a pessimist that is a reformed optimist or an optimist who is a reformed pessimist? How has your mindset affected different outcomes and situations in your life?

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  1. Juju

    I found your site via the link in your comment on Leonie Dawson’s copycat post. What a great writer you and and what an amazing story you have to tell. Thank you for sharing. Your ideas are incredibly inspiring

    • Isis Jade

      I thank you so much for your beautiful comment and your feedback. Namaste. May you be most divinely blessed. I am so happy you are a part of our ever-expanding community. Much love and light to you. ~ ISIS


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