Wealthy Goddess Podcast 004 ~ Embracing Your Goddess Power


In today’s episode, I want to discuss how to embrace your Inner Goddess Power and unlock the Goddess Wealth Code.

I believe that in order for a woman to truly look into a mirror see herself as a beautiful, divine and glorious goddess, she must be willing to release all the chains, all the binds, all the  from the paradigm of seeing herself through masculine eyes. She must look at herself through her own feminine eyes.

With this said, my advice is to start looking at goddess imagery and symbology and reading goddess mythology. I really think this has a powerful effect on women. There is a deep resonance and a remembering that happens. You can look up images on the Internet, use Goddess Oracle cards, or go to a museum that has sculptures of goddesses from around the world. Start to connect with the goddess imagery and ask yourself what you feel drawn to. Is it her inner strength? Her confident sensuality? Her laser focus? Her peaceful disposition? Start to identify what goddesses you feel most drawn to, and then claim those qualities as your own qualities (because there are). Looking at goddess imagery will help you remember that you are already a goddess.

My other advice is to start hanging around women who already see you as a divine light, a highly capable goddess in her own right. This will stimulate your courage, self-confidence and capacity to take on your dreams.  This will also wake that inner goddess power within you and empower you see yourself in the same goddess light when you look at yourself every morning.

I feel goddess energy really has to do with a paradigm shift where our feminine characteristics are honored, respected and valued. For so long, women have been measuring themselves through the eyes of a patriarchal, masculine oriented paradigm.

Coming from a perspective where men and the masculine are the dominating power, and women and the feminine are the under-class, its no wonder that so many women feel terrible about who they are innately. As women we feel we will never measure up to the impossible standards set by a patriarchal system, because we are not men and we are not meant to thrive in such a system. In other words, in a patriarchal system, feminine characteristics are given secondary value, by both men AND women. So, the system is set up for us to look down on ourselves and other women, to be toxic to ourselves and other women and incredibly hard on ourselves. We find ourselves feeling needy and desperate, because in a partriarical system we are taught that feminine values and strengths are really weaknesses and impoverished.

We have to turn our thoughts and feelings inside out and examine how we are raised to believe and what we believe about ourselves and about one another. In a world where over 70% of the world’s impoverished are women and children, and over 80% of the world’s 27 million slaves are women and children, with over 50% of them being sold into sexual servitude and trafficked, we have to take a stand and make change happen in this world. – and that begins when we make changes  within ourselves.

The way we can change our dynamic is by honoring, respecting, and valuing our innate feminine nature. That begins by healing our toxic thoughts. By choosing thoughts and feelings that honor ourselves and other women. By choosing to release our programs and beliefs that do not serve us as women.

When we reclaim ourselves as goddesses, we will find a natural softening to the hard edges of our masculine nature that is trained into us. We will be able to reside more within the softer sides of ourselves, while still being fully connected to our deep strength and wisdom. We are on our way to balancing our feminine and masculine energies within ourselves and within the world.


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