Wealthy Goddess Podcast 003 ~ Stop Wasting Your Energy Fighting


Have you ever had one of those days, when you’ve found yourself fighting with something,  let’s say a computer, or a software program, or your cell phone, when you’ve just gotten so darned frustrated, where you just lose it, and… well. you start yelling at the darned thing? Maybe you’ve even done this… you’ve gotten to the point where you’ve called an electrical device oh, i don’t know… that darned stupid thing that can’t seem to function properly?

I know I have. In fact, I get frustrated about a great many things around me. I’m just like you. I found frustration in a myriad of “stupid” things that “stupid” people designed or developed.

Whenever you’ve encountered one of those times when you’ve fought tooth and nail with a seemingly inanimate object, I just want to ask you… what is it you are really fighting with?

Contemplate on this for just a moment.

You’re not really fighting with the object that’s in front of you, although you might say you are.

What we are fighting with is something we don’t understand about the situation we are in. We blame a thing that is completely blameless, call it names, condemn it to a fiery pit, or even break it in our sheer aggravation with the thing. When we run into something outside of us where we’ve reached a point where we can’t go past our own understanding, we ill turn on the person, the object, the situation and blame it for whatever it is we believe we are going through.

The key here is to understand that we contain a belief which nourishes the seed for this frustration. A belief that something within us is lacking.

You’re already frustrated, which in turn raises our level of impatience, which in turn heightens our aggravation until we reach a boiling point… and here we are in a war — in a fight… with our cell phone. our Blueray player. Our computer.

Here’s the thing… human beings are always in a fight with something. We are always creating drama over something. And therein lies the key to our own great suffering. Our triggers that lead us to fight.

We don’t understand a thing, so we get frustrated. Frustration, leads to impatience, which leads to aggravation, until we begin to assault a thing, a situation, a person. Either verbally or physically… or both.

Frustration, however contains something else within it.

Something at the heart of frustration that is really feeding our willingness to allow our buttons to be pushed and trigger us to fight.

What do we fight for? We fight to cling to an idea or a picture we have in our minds of what we have been hoping for. We fight to repress others, to liberate others, to rescue others. We fight because someone said something that we don’t like and we are always very watchful for things that might indicate we are about to be hurt, We fight to make people see where they were wrong and we are right. we’ll fight to resolve something that happened in our past, or we’ll fight for revenge to to avenge a perceived wrong in our life. Haven’t you argued with people who aren’t even here anymore or in your life any longer?

There is inside of us a very unseen dynamic that we each have. Every time we confront this aspect of ourselves in that toaster, or in that conflicted individual or situation in front of us, we feel so defensive we cannot help but trigger our addictive pattern to fight. Unfortunately, the minute we begin to fight, we lose the battle.

Whenever we run into something and we fight. it’s because of one of two reasons. We have run into something that we have yet come to understand or accept about ourselves… or we are addicted to the charge of fighting for fightings sake.

Often its both.

The sneaking thing is the thing we do not want to admit to ourselves is this… we get high off of fighting.  humanity is so addicted to the hormones that are released during the fight or flight response cycles that it will do anything collectively to continue to stimulate the hormonal release. So much so, that we actually go out of our way to trigger a fight. to create drama. Drama and fighting are addictions.

There is a third dynamic that lies within our fighting. Isn’t it a fact that whatever it is we are fighting with we inherently believe we are compelled to control or dominate. Be it an object, an outcome, a situation, or another living being. However, as soon as we begin to fight… we find it already controls us.

Anything that we feel compelled to control compelled to fight with, already controls us… because of our addiction.

Essentially it means we are trying to control a thought or emotion or a person within our sphere of influence.

Anything we try to tie down anything we try to manhandle to coerce to control to force to our will, already has its noose around us.

As soon as you begin to understand this idea, this concept, then we begin to realize that our entire approach to life may be slightly askew. It is in fact, misconstrued. we are living on autopilot. controlled by our addictions, running from one drama to the next. without conceptualization of what it is we are really fighting much less why.

We are automated and mechanical in our reactions to various stimuli. We think we have a choice… we do not. For we have not awakened enough to give ourselves a free choice. Because the minute we encounter something that isn’t to “our liking” or our desires, our immediate response is to control it, dominate it or repell it from us through pushing it away to free ourselves as we claim from the “discord” or the “disturbance”.

The disturbance isn’t in the person, the animal or the piece of equipment you are so frustrated or angry over.

The disturbance, the discord, lies within you. You have not yet come to a place of understanding and acceptance about yourself. And therefore, the game of fighting and dramatics will continue to consume your life…in endless cycles.

What happens to a person when he or she recognizes what a waste of time the blame game really is? What a sheer waste of time and energy that has been spent in all that fighting, all that complaining, all that anger… all that drama?

You will come to a point along your journey where you will come to understand how absolutely futile and fruitless it is to go through life seeking out reasons for why you hurt, why you suffer. The truth is, you don’t need to.

By the time you are done with this audio lesson, you’ll have come to realize a completely different way to live, to be, to experience. Another way is possible for us as humanity. In fact, It’s not only possible, it’s our most natural state of pure being. It’s effortless. This is a way of life where we don’t have to fight any longer, because we do not choose to fight.  We can enjoy life at the deepest level without needing to “fix” or “help” or “heal” ourselves or anyone else, because we realize that we are all as we are, boundless, beautiful, and naturally blissful. When you experience this in the presence of someone who lives life like this, it changes every paradigm you’ve ever held.

Instead of fighting and conflict raging away within, instead of allowing that discord to be the driving force of your life, imagine for a moment what life might be like without drama. without fighting, without the charge. What might it be like, for a moment, if you were instead simply just be.

Fighting does nothing but expend a lot of energy needlessly. It is an experiment, nothing more. But that experiment tells us something about ourselves. I don’t necessarily believe fighting is good or evil. It is just a thing, like anything is. We only label it because of the life-negating effects it has upon ourselves and others. I call a thing life affirming vs. life negating. For that is really what we are talking about.

It may make it a challenge to learn anything from something you choose to resist. And that is what fighting is all about. it’s about resisting a thing. Some people say it’s impossible to learn anything from resistance. I say it’s not impossible to learn from something you resist, you are just choosing to make something extremely difficult in your life, simply because you may be addicted to the turmoil that ensues. Whatever we resist or deny will persist in our life until we acknowledge its aspect within ourselves and come to a place of acceptance and understanding.

There is no such thing as truth. If you are a truth seeker, I am sorry to disappoint you. There are many others out there promising to teach you some secret truth to life. There is none but what you manifest for yourself. After all. You are the great creator of your life. You are the writer of your great novel.

I don’t believe that we are here to learn lessons. The lessons will never be over for we are infinite. Certainly there are those who believe they are here to learn lessons, and for them the lessons will be harsh and sharp. I don’t believe either that we are here to process or heal ourselves or one another or this earth. She’s perfectly capable of healing herself and ridding herself of whatever plagues her. This may fly in the face of what you’ve believed for years about your life purpose.

I don’t believe we are here to help or rescue others. Every person, every living being are here to encounter five elements to life. To experiment. To experience. to expand. to explore and to create. As we experiment we experience. We can learn from those experiments to gain in mastery and elevate ourselves and one another. You’ll notice I didn’t say lessons. We engage in experimentations.

Experiments are neutral. Lessons are not. However, if you are resisting or fighting the experiment, you’ve lost neutrality. You’ve decided you must exercise control over the experiment, and thus your experience in life. I’m sorry, but how many scientists would really make serious breakthroughs if they are controlling the experiment or being controlled by others? Not too many. We are not here to control or be controlled. As long as you try to control, you wind up being controlled. Whatever it is you focus the most upon, that is what will be drawn to you.

We are here to experiment in physicality. We are here to be creators in physical form. We manifest as Creators upon this plane. that is why we are in the bodies we have chosen. It’s just that most of us forgot. We have experiments to perform to expand our wisdom and understanding. We are here to play. to have fun, to experiment. to enjoy all that is available to us to enjoy. We are also here as stewards to watch over the charge given to us. That charge being our planet. We are not here to dominate the stars or rule the planet. Nor are we here to heal her. No, we are hear to be our own watchers, our own guides, and playfully explore all that is possible to experience here.

No thing is good or evil. Holy or damned. All is sacred in the eyes of the Infinite.

Be in a natural state of being? of wildness? of wonderment? of awe? in other words your natural, joy filled, bliss-filled self?


The first step to letting go and freeing yourself is when you come to the realization at how priceless self-compassion, self-awareness and self-understanding truly is. When you understand the self, you can come to understand that which is self-less. Without Self there is no Self-Less. And in that self-less state of being, you become that which you are. Self-Less-Ness… this is when most individuals first experience an awakening. a State of Light. A state of De-Light. they touch the state of bliss. perhaps for the very first time in their lives. I don’t preach or teach self-knowledge. Knowledge itself is not the end-all be all. Knowledge is something perceived by the tiny brain that is so currently caught up in the illusion and addiction to the drama to your life that it simply cannot perceive knowledge. There is no such thing as self-knowledge. There is however such a thing as self-understanding.

Understanding and compassion, these are things that come from the heart. That which we understand we can have compassion for. We can even get to a point along our journey to have compassion and true acceptance even for something we cannot understand or know. We accept it as it is for another as they are a part of our shared existence and are bringing to us an aspect of experience we ourselves cannot embark upon alone.

True self-awareness comes from the very point when a person makes a choice to free themselves to explore the five-fold path of their existence and giving themselves the opportunity to meet their Infinite nature in a single moment, thus being forever transformed.

we do not use the words refuse or deny. as soon as you do either, you create conflict. You simply make a choice, a declaration that you will create within yourself limitless possibilities for your five-fold path to emerge.

So, far you’ve realized I’m not going to teach you self-knowledge. I am not going to teach you truth. So what am I going to teach you? The path of Sacred Living relies on this – the path of being. all is one. one is all. All life is sacred. All life deserves the opportunity to freely encounter his or her life experience to their fullest potential.

So first step to letting go is coming to a point of awakening and experiencing the first awareness of your limitless Self-Less-Ness. Once you experience this, you begin to gain a new relationship with all of Life – as a Sacred, Infinite Being. You begin to treat yourself and others differential. With greater respect, with reverence, with sacredness. This in turn begins to transform your relationships with all others.

The second step – out of Self-Awakening and Self-Awareness is borne a new relationship with the Sacredness of All Life. This comes from within – do you understand? Not from any externally created situation, but this freedom and new relationship comes from within.

You are no longer trying to prove to yourself or others that who you’ve believed yourself to be (which is a definition created by your tiny mind), actually knows something. Because no one truly knows anything. And honestly, anyone who proclaims to know anything, could still be sitting on the ground right now having a fit with an inanimate object… like a lawnmower or a cell phone. So, at this stage, we dispense with the idea that anyone really knows anything more or less. There are merely only different stages and levels of awareness and understanding. Knowledge is something the mind seeks. The soul, the spirit, it seeks out not knowledge, for it already knows everything it needs. It seeks out not truth, for the spirit within us all, already knows the truth.

First comes self-awakening, then comes self-awareness, of the Self-less-Ness of all, out of these two things, is borne a new relationship with the Sacred in all of us. Out of this new relationship with the sacredness in all life, comes a new level of understanding about yourself as a divine and Sacred Being. This gives you a new sense of effortlessness to your life that you never experienced before.

New awakening, new awareness, new relationship, new understanding. new effortlessness.

I call these the five pillars of true Spiritual Power. that which allows a person to awaken, to let go, and to be and do what is always within her heart or spirit to be and do what is for the highest expression of her light.

You’ll find by changing out the poster every day or so, your subconscious focuses on different aspects of the word map. You’ll also find yourself using more of these positive words in your daily language.

Try it out for yourself. It’s an amazing experience.

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Authority is an old language an old term that speaks to control. We cannot control anything except our own reactions to the ebb and flow that is the life-force of this infinite Multiverse.

We are going to talk about new awakeningss, new awareness, new relationships, new understanding and new effortlessness of being. All of these things contribute to you experiencing New DeLight in your life, and new bliss.

Let’s leave behind the old spiritual dogma, let’s leave behind the identities we’ve long held with truth, authority, divinity, and holiness. Let’s leave behind us the old skins that no longer serve us. Let’s lay our burdens down at the feet of the Infinite, for it is within us to do so and allow a new life from within to be borne anew that we might strike up with joy and spotenaiety at the awe and wonderment of life itself.

what a wonderful thing it is to allow yourself to remember who and what you truly are. Remember you are not here on this earth to serve any person or any thing, but you. This doesn’t mean of you to go ahead and be selfish, quite the opposite in fact. for in service to yourself you are automatically in service to all others around you. Treating yourself as a divine being of light, you are automatically humbled by the light to be of service to all around you, for your highest and greatest good, and for the highest and greatest good of all that exists around you.

The tree, by growing to it’s fullest potential, doesn’t it serve all around it? doesn’t it produce fruit and seeds aplenty? doesn’t it provide shelter for birds and squirrels and all others who require of it? Doesn’t it nourish the earth and replenish it? Doesn’t it drop its leaves to fuel the earth which in turn fuels it? It doesn’t stoop to enslave itself to any thing or any one. It is sovereign in its sacred work, as a tree.

You are not here to be anything other than who and what you already were borne to be.

It does not serve you to stoop to serve a system or a person that demands you compromise your integrity, your moral compass, or your sense of self. If anything you are doing is life-negating for yourself or others, you must stop now and reexamine why you are continuing to contribute to life-negating experiences upon this earth. Why?

We’ve forgotten that. Because it’s been indoctrinated into us that we must do whatever it takes to obtain whatever it is we believe we need to obtain some semblance of control over the world for our physical survival. Which – inadvertently will ultimately contribute to humanity’s eminent self-execution if we continue on this dysfunctional path of fighting and fear for protecting some illusion we have about our society’s physical survival for much longer.

If you’ve set out to control and dominate the illusionary world you are in – you’ve automatically become controlled and dominated by that illusion. That which you set out to own, dominate and control ends up owning, dominating and controlling you. You lose the ability to manifest your own life as a sovereign sacred divine being.  We seek to dominate that which we are in fear of.

We believe that by dominating it we are showing our courage, our strength. However, we only end up demonstrating our depth of fear and our insecurities. The external conditions around you will always dictate to you who you are and how good you are or how successful you are or how great you are or what you are supposed to do. Whatever external conditions you set upon yourself to fight the good fight, well these eventually become your own judges, your jury and your executioners. You will always fight to prove yourself, you will always fight to overcome, you will always fight to work hard. You will always see in others injustices that prevail, because at some level they prevail within you.

Instead of allowing this new relationship and this new effortlessness to blossom out, you will negate it all in an effort to prove your righteousness and their wrongdoing… even though, ultimately there is no right or wrong.

Until  you’ve aligned yourself and harmonized the discord that creates chaos within yourself, you will continue to manifest and attract discord and chaos to you.


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