Wealthy Goddess Podcast 001 – Claiming Your Goddess Power


In this episode of The Wealthy Goddess Show, Isis Jade talks about what Goddess Power is and how women can access this power to make dramatic, life-changing shifts in their lives.

Tapping Into Your Goddess Power is a powerful, effortless, dynamic and effective, energetic new way to transform your life from the inside out and manifest anything you desire. It doesn’t matter if  your desire is for financial abundance, relief from anxiety, the ideal romantic relationship, the ideal job or career, more creativity and artistic flow, authentic self-expression, being able to accomplish more with less effort than you ever believed possible, more time in your life for the ones you love . . . or really, just about anything else you could possibly think of, harnessing YOUR Goddess Power can effortlessly manifest these things for you.

There is so much available to you by stepping into your Infinite Goddess Power. It’s unlimited and will fill your cup to overflowing so it spills out into every direction of your life. This podcast introduces the Power of your Inner Goddess and what it can do for you, as well as what you might be going through in your life if you’ve rejected or disconnected from your authentic Goddess Nature and the Power she provides.

If you are ready to step into your goddess power, transform your trauma into your triumph, your mess into your mission and your message,  and begin manifesting more than your wildest dreams, schedule your strategy call today.


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