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Can You IMAGINE Yourself As A Magnet for Unlimited Money, Wealth & Prosperity?

Don’t Settle For Less Than Your Highest Levels

Optimize Your Dreams, Your Goals and Your Mission in Life

What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. (This is a great truth spoken by Napoleon Hill)

If you’re experiencing a challenge visualizing yourself as a magnetized force for money, don’t worry: it simply means you and I have a little bit of work to do to wash away the blocks that are stifling your money flow (which really have no business being in your way)!

Many years ago, a very dear friend and money mindset mentor said to me: “A million dollars is not a tall order, Isis. Only your thinking makes it so.”

She was certainly correct — and her wisdom that she gave me over the years finally flipped a switch inside of me that inspired the creation of my dream life and the development of this very work you’re learning about right now.

And, by the way — if you’re saying to yourself, “I don’t need any more money” or “wealth isn’t important to me” – let me be the first to tell you money energy IS vitally important if you want to live a sustainable lifestyle that enables you to serve at the highest level in today’s economy.

Money & wealth certainly does not make you a better person by any means — BUT the loving energy of money gives you the ability to live life a LOT more relaxed and comfortable. Better – it gives you the power to help others in the best ways possible!

This is one freaking amazing system!

This program has to be approached with care… as it could have you explode in spontaneous major orgasm (yes, girlfriend!) that results in endless money & wealth pouring into your life!

Alright, I’ll admit – that’s a pretty sensational claim, but (surprisingly) my clients have found it is true.

I train women around the world to embody a powerful, sensual “no-limits no holds barred” approach to mastering your unique feminine emotional energy so you can instantly & seductively draw to you all that you dream of and desire for your life. By accepting and embracing your unique feminine core vibration, you instantly magnetize yourself to receive far more than even your wildest dreams.

There IS one catch: You must take inspired action on my precise step-by-step instructions you’ll receive as part of the system I’m about to put in your “divine hands”. Your actions will ultimately predict your future!

WARNING: If you’re not ready to take action, save yourself some time by closing this page and go back to your existing financial situation.

If you ARE ready to take a quantum leap in your financial (and overall life) prosperity, let’s get started right now!

Allow Me To Introduce…

Your 3 Simple Steps To Becoming A Wildly Wealthy Goddess

Step 1

Create a brand new Prosperity-Aligned Heart & Mindset
(it’s easier than you think – keep reading…)

Step 2

Discover Your Unique Practical & Specific Steps to Attract the Money, Wealth (and Love) You Desire
(Remember money energy is divine love energy)

Step 3

Learn What’s Working TODAY To Generate Revenue Rapidly
(What worked 5 years ago isn’t what works today)

PROOF: From $250,000 In Debt, Sick & Exhausted

To Doubling My Income 4 Times in 2 Years Learn from my very own personal success story

As part of this online course, you’ll hear how I:

  • Went from being an “uneducated nobody” to becoming a highly sought after consultant & executive (only to lose it all due to a serious health crash from burnout)
  • Unlocked the Wealthy Goddess Code – Discovered the Master’s Key to Rapid Manifestation & transformed a quarter-million dollars in debt and struggling single mother into a thriving, highly profitable business model I work on about 10 hours a week – using the principles I teach you in this program!
  • Manifested the man of my dreams out of thin air and still enjoy an amazing relationship!
  • Converted my self-defeating anxiety, debilitating health issues and depressive negativity to joy, abundance and positivity.

“The Wealthy Goddess Mentorship Program” has become an international phenomenon!

Hundreds of divine women just like you have already used this system to open themselves up to the success that has always been waiting for them.

This mentorship program will TRANSFORM the way you think about receiving money & wealth (and the things you actually do day-to-day) – virtually overnight! You will become what I describe “A Magnetized Wildly Wealthy Goddess”: A woman who will naturally magnetize endless opportunity and wealth to herself – smashing the barriers you have previously placed between yourself and your true financial value & independence!

Your relationships with money, your family, your friends, your business associates and your intimate partner will be radically transformed.

WARNING: If you’re not ready to take action, save yourself some time by closing this page and go back to your existing financial situation.

If you ARE ready to take a quantum leap in your financial (and overall life) prosperity, let’s get started right now!

The Wealthy Goddess Mentorship Program

My proprietary, step-by-step system will help you…

Achieve financial freedom

Gain mastery over debt (and get rid of it all!)

Magnetize anything what you desire in your life (beyond just money)

Tap into the attitude required for getting and staying prosperous

Shed negative emotions and resentment that block you from receiving wealth

Rid yourself of anger, fear, frustration, self-doubt, and anxiousness

Eliminate self-sabotaging behavior that repels opportunity & wealth

Focus on what delights you the most to receive all your heart’s deepest desires

Create a simple daily routine that will keep you on the wealth track

Learn how to experience more ease, grace, joy and satisfaction daily

You have never seen anything like this.

This program WORKS. And it works FAST!

Forget everything you thought about making money: forget about the hustling, the rushing, the working hard, the sacrificing and the struggle.

Much of what I teach women this program is the exact opposite of what you’ve learned about marketing, sales, making money and becoming wealthy. While many women are being misguided to “lean in” and “take massive action”, I’m going to be showing you why that is the complete opposite of what you need to do. Your powerful inner feminine energy is the KEY to unlocking your path to ease and grace.

  • “I’ve got to have money to make money.”
    (the vast majority of millionaires
    are self-made and came from little or nothing).
  • “My (kids) (bills) (mortgage) (car payments) (debt)
    have me trapped.”
  • “I need better connections or a better network to generate money.”
  • “It takes a lot of intelligence and higher education to get rich.”
  • “I’m stuck in my job and I don’t have the skills I need to succeed.”
    NO WAY!

Manifest in 48 hours

Because of one of the methods I learned in Isis Jade’s program, I magnetized $15,000 into my life in just 48 hours! I was pleasantly surprised to see how only one technique she taught me worked practically overnight. Her strategies are practical! ~ Sue Ellen Blumthenal

Real Strategies that Work Fast

I’ve invested in ‘money-mindset trainings’ and copycat ‘success’ programs without a lot of luck. This is something truly new and real that popped into my social media feed one day out of the blue. Isis Jade’s strategies are amazingly effective. A breath of fresh air like no other.” ~ Jerri Lighthorse – Shamanic Healer

Your subconscious mind uses all these excuses and more…

To Keep Locked Away From Becoming A Wildly Wealthy Goddess

Some women are actually comforted by excuses like these, not realizing the inner self-talk that is sabotaging their efforts. They end up giving up on their dreams and tell themselves things like “it’s too hard”, “it costs too much”, “I don’t have what it takes”. I KNOW! I’ve done this for years! And every time I’ve broken through a self-sabotaging pattern like this – I’ve created more money with ease and grace!

Maybe you aren’t satisfied with your life or your career, maybe you are struggling to find clients for your business. Maybe you struggle with the hustle. Maybe you are intimidated by what you think it would take to achieve the sort of success you’d like to have.

It’s easier to just say “I am what I am,”  turn on the TV and sit down to binge watch on Netflix or stifle the pain of your dreams not coming through through fantasizing on social media, playing games or reading books that hold no real value . . . Believe me I’ve done ALL THAT, TOO. I’ve struggled far harder than you can believe. I was once homeless, a single mother with nothing and not a dime to my name. If I can turn it around, so can you.

With me around, you cannot hold on to the excuses you are using to hold you back. I will tell you like it is, hold you to a higher vision for your life and wealth, give you the fierce love you’ve been needing and give you the accountability you’ve been looking for.

As I love to say, you already have everything you need within you now. In fact, the Universe is primed to deliver its blessings to those who are open to delighting in them. All you need to do is “flip the switch” (I’ll teach you all about that little switch inside you).


A giant experiment with 1,000 participants to discover if these principles REALLY worked.

A while back, I documented the simple principles I myself used to get from being needy and stressed out over money to achieving my financial dreams. They seemed too easy to be true. Was it LUCK? I had to know! After all, like all of us, I had friends and family who needed to climb out of financial holes of their own, too.

So I began to share my principles with other people. They, too, soon created similar results. I shared them on my social media and soon clients came to me to learn even more.

The fire had started, and it continues to burn, hotter and hotter, as more and more people transform their lives . . . even in supposedly “opportunity-challenged” places like Romania, Turkey, Pakistan, and Russia! I’ve become known as The Wealthy Goddess & The Goddess of Delight throughout the world. 🙂

Is this another silly “Get Rich Quick Scheme?”

Or is this another “Law of Attraction” copy-cat program? I’m so sick of those. They just DON’T WORK.


People tell me all the time: “Isis Jade, you positively RADIATE abundance and generosity. You are SO different. When I met you, I got goosebumps, because I knew my life was going to change because of you. I knew instantly that you are the real deal, You are genuine and so powerful — there is just something truly special about you that comes through in your smile, your voice, and your eyes.”

Well, let me tell you — that’s because I myself have come through some very traumatic times in my past and have made it my mission to share with other women how to transform their own personal trauma into their triumph, stand in their feminine power, turn their mess into their message and claim their own personal mission in life. It’s my deepest heartfelt desire that you achieve all your dreams and goals.

You don’t have to go too far to find a woman who swears by my simple, powerful principles (quite often, they have an enigmatic smile as if they are in on a big secret, they are leaning back, have a very unique, powerful aura that just draws you to them. They appear like no other woman: comfortable in their feminine power and presence, elegant, magnetic, memorable, truly delightful to be around and they can often be found traveling, eating at fine restaurants, supporting a charity, embarking on a grand adventure, driving a new car or living in a beautiful home)!

WARNING: If you’re not ready to take action, save yourself some time by closing this page and go back to your existing financial situation.

If you ARE ready to take a quantum leap in your financial (and overall life) prosperity, let’s get started right now!

One thing I love about Isis Jade is that her way to wealth are so incredibly motivating – it’s all about tuning into what delights you most in life, developing an attitude of no-limits thinking, deep gratitude, being open, and deeply invested emotionally in your dreams and desires – it’s just not true that getting rich is about being selfish or mean. I not only am a lot more successful – I feel I am a nicer, better person

Yvette Chandler

Personal Training Coach

The Subtle Difference is but a very thin wall…

Between Yourself and A Wildly Wealthy Goddess

You probably think your financial situation has everything to do with your circumstances… Your level of education… The expenses of raising kids… Debt… The limits of your job qualifications…

But you’re about to learn the astonishing truth: Circumstances have NOTHING to do with it.

As you’ll soon learn, you are already a Wealthy Goddess “Magnetized for Divine Wealth & Prosperity” But you have to tear down the wall you’ve created that’s blocking you from who you truly are. It’s a very THIN veil that can be opened quite quickly as you practice the techniques I teach in The Wealth Goddess Mentorship Program!


This Sounds TOO EASY to be true…

It does NOT take special intelligence. It does NOT take special connections, or endless aggravating hustling for “opportunities”. It doesn’t matter whether you were born rich or poor.

Hint: The difference between you and a wildly wealthy goddess is your emotionally charged mental processes. Don’t believe it? I have PROVED it. There are thousands of people just like this.

The simple reason you are stuck…

And How to Get UNSTUCK – Right Now, and forever.

FACT: A runner on the starting line who does not believe she can win the race will not win. She hasn’t visualized herself winning. She allowed her perception of competition to block her from her most desired outcome.  It’s about faith in yourself. Faith in your destiny. Faith in your power to transform your life.

If you look at your life now and see wealth as an impossibility, if you see your job and bills and debt as “just the way it is,” then you don’t stand a chance either!

But here’s the other side of the coin – the “shiny” side. In mere days, you can inverse this negative emotionally charged mentality and become wildly magnetic to success, love, prosperity, and wealth. And you will be shocked at how quickly your life and fortunes will change.

You WILL be one of the winners. It’s inevitable. Because the fact is that regardless of the “economy” there is so much money and opportunity out there – and so few with the ability to magnetize themselves will draw it straight to them.

No wonder some people seem to have “all the luck” (psst… it has nothing to do with luck)!

If you have the key, will you open the door?

Magnetize Your Way to Wealth, Now.

A VERY SERIOUS WORD OF CAUTION: What’s in this program WILL work to open the door to wealth for you – as it has for so many others. The only question is, will you use it?

That’s a serious question, because I insist there’s no point in joining the program if you will not use it.

I want your entire life to be transformed.

So the question is: ARE you ready?

Far more than money…

The Key That Will Unlock For You ALL Your Heart’s Dreams & Desires.

Yes, this Wealthy Goddess Mentoring Program is about magnetizing your core feminine energy for wealth.

But it’s much more than that.

It’s also a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take ALL those things you really want to work on, and work on them with an expert. I will show you how to apply the same principles to bring success to ALL areas of your life. Your relationships, your career, your business, your mission, your message, your talents, your health and your presence. Everything will become magnetized as you unlock your own Inner Goddess Code.


The Wealthy Goddess Mentorship Program Includes…

The Complete Wealthy Goddess Mentorship Program content delivered in an 8-Week Course – Valued at $12,499

Support Documents for every Audio Training Session -Valued at $800

2 x Weekly Group Coaching & Q&A Calls -Valued at $9,600

6 Private Coaching Calls -Valued at $12,000

5 AMAZING Bonuses, including:

BONUS MEDITATION AUDIO – Relax Into Your Feminine Power – The Goddess Way to Wealth – when you stress over money you are actually repelling it AWAY from you – I’ll show you a proven and immediate way you can put yourself in a relaxed, deeply sensual feminine power state and magnetize yourself with greater intensity than you ever imagined (valued at $49)

BONUS MEDITATION AUDIO – Awakening The Goddess Within – Connect with your infinite, divine inner self in this remarkable guided program that gives you back a deep, loving connection to your deepest core part of your feminine power. (valued at $49)

BONUS AUDIO – Transform Trauma into Triumph & Fear Into Faith – how to build unwavering faith even when there is no evidence of money in site and the bills are piling up (valued at $125)

BONUS AUDIO – Pre-Sleep Magnetizing Momentum – studies show that the 5 minutes before you drift off into sleep are going to determine what shows up in your life 85% of the time – I’ll help you drift off into sleep cranking up the power of your magnetic feminine power to manifest anything you desire. (valued at $125)

BONUS 4 Weekly Modules – Transform Your Money & Wealth Mythology – My highly successful program that eliminates the Scarcity clause right out of your life, your history and rewrites your soul agreement to be fully embodied with your Divine Right to be Wealthy, Happy, Healthy & Valued, For LIFE. (valued at $1,997)


The Money Accelerator –
Rapid money manifesting

Divine Wealth Incantations –
Quickly and powerfully transform your money mindset

Money Organizing 
How to “group” and organize your money for its most optimal use

Throw out the old belief system 
Quickly and powerfully “throw out” your disempowering beliefs around money

Polish up a brand-new belief system 
Install and perfect your new, empowering beliefs around money

Eradicate the Poisonous Self-Sabotage 
Get rid of the nasty poisons present in your brain that are holding you back from greater success

Stop the struggle & the sacrifice –
The struggle is real… for now. Are you fed up with the struggle? Drop the guilt, embrace the elegance and put this old story in your past and never look back.

Your Divine Money Relationship – 
Do you realize that you have a relationship with money energy, just like with your family members? Whether it is toxic or healthy, it has an almost unbelievable influence on your results! I’ll show you how to create a healthy and divine new loving relationship with money that’s vibrant, passionate, delightful and rich beyond your wildest dreams (plus you will learn how to use this in your most intimate relationships).

New Money Habits –
We get into some difficult habits of magnetizing (or blocking), spending and investing. In my past I’ve been reliant on men for money, and I’ve also been able to turn this around so fast I’ve doubled my own personal income 4 times in 2 years! I am going to show you how to get into the positive, flowing, expansive money habits that make all of this wealth magnetizing stuff easy-peasy … because

That’s the way, uh-huh, uh-huh, we like it … uh-huh, uh-huh ” 🙂 (yes, I’m old school like that.)

To join this program, please contact me below to schedule your call.

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