Wealthy Goddess Episode 016 ~ We Are Here to be Delighted with Life!


You are not here to fix, heal, repair or graduate from Spiritual School

You aren’t here to fix a broken system or a broken world. Unless, of course it utterly Delights you to do so! And if it does DeLight you… by all means! Go for it!

It’s not up to you to judge another for their delights or feel guilty about what delights you the most! If you are utterly, sheerly delighted by something… that’s your signal that this is YOUR bliss!

You came here to live a Delight-FULL, Divine, Ever-Expansive, Magical Life, full of miracles! You did not come here to “go to spiritual kindergarten”, “burn off karmic debt”, or “struggle, suffer, fix, or heal” until you die.

If you can unlearn all that you’ve been learning so far… if you can unravel all the chains that bind you up and take a deep breath …  relax  and let your real DELIGHT to Shine, you will be amazed by what you can co-create with the universe.

Listen now as Isis explains how to embrace delightful, divine living as your way of life.

About Isis Jade

Isis Jade is an author, intuitive, healer, and women’s empowerment coach. Her personal story is an evolution that took her life from abduction, torture, and near death through a transformational healing journey leading her into an extraordinary life employing the same strategies she teaches today.

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  1. david garratty

    thank you isis,i am totally enjoying your beautiful lessons and feeling the love namaste


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