Wealthy Goddess 019 ~ The 7 Secrets to Changing Your Life


Tonight I’m going to be sharing with you the Key simple steps for creating an extraordinary life that delights and excites you while you delight the world with your gifts and get paid really really well to do what you love.

Before we get started, I just want to introduce myself to you. My name is Isis and I am the Goddess of DeLight, the author of the book DELIGHT, An enlightened path to transforming your life, spontaneously. I am also the founder of DeLight University and the only person in the world teaching people how to activate the Secret Universal Law of Delight in order to make our dreams and desires come true.

I am so passionate about teaching people this unique approach to bringing your dreams to life and I’m deeply blessed to have been given this unique gift to share with you all.

Our heart’s dreams and desires are the blueprints our soul laid out for us before we were borne. They are held protected in our hearts, waiting for us to crack open that code and get busy with the most important work of our lives. And just what is that work?

Well, we all agreed to come in to this world to experiment with life and delight ourselves, one another and the whole universe with our unique acts of creation.

Without our heart’s desires and dreams… all we have is a cold harshness of what we believe to be reality. Now, while a concept of reality is important to have, it’s not the end-all be all to life. While we need to know where we are right here and now, we also need to have a dream that challenges us, expands us and grows us into new versions of ourselves. This empowers us to create a strategy for where we want to go in our lives.

In most life coaching, people focus on the concrete hard facts… but they often forget one key component to why we dream at all… which is what can sort of trip us up along the path.

The reason why we have dreams, the reason why we need dreams, is to create shift in our lives. Not just in our own lives, but in the lives of everyone we encounter. The reason why we dream? Is it what fuels us, what drives us? Well, yes and no. I mean without one very specific and important component to it all, all dreams are are just fantasies. We need belief, and we need something else. something vitally important. Our dreams need to delight us to no end to manifest. And not just us… but they need to delight others as well for us to be the best version of ourselves that we can be and create lives that are truly abundant.

I’ve invested most my life in various experiments in how we can bring our dreams to life, no matter the size, shape or complexity of them. As a result, I’ve worked on some pretty major dreams with teams all over the place. I’ve worked on big dreams, like the time I worked on the Stratosphere, New York NY and the Bellagio in Vegas, Xbox and Zune at Microsoft… and I’ve worked on smaller dreams, like empowering artists to be able to really make a living off their work.

We all have dreams. Some are small, some are enormous and seem impossible. Some are simple, others are far more complex and requires more investment of more than just one person’s heart and soul to bring them to life.

But every dream must share this one unique quality in order to manifest successfully in our lives. They must delight us to no end!

Let me explain to you why delight is so important to the quality of your dream. Delight is a creative force. Not just any creative force, It is the single most powerful creative force in the universe. It’s what drives us to create, to make, to do all that we do. We are all driven by the desire to experience delight. In fact, there’s a secret universal law that I call our divine promise. It’s the only Universal law that triggers all other laws to activate on our behalf.

So going after your dreams has to be a powerful source of delight for you. If they aren’t then you aren’t going to have the wherewithal to see them through. That being said, I want to ask you two questions… And these questions are something I want you to think about as we go through this program, together.

One: What has being “realistic” about your life cost you so far? and two…

What if you stretched just a little bit to reach for what really truly delights your heart and soul most in life?

I guarantee you if you think about these two questions, you’ll discover a very strong yearning, a powerful longing for something deeper, more profound in your life than you’ve manifested up until this point.

Your heart’s desires and dreams are the things that truly delight you beyond. These are things that you often hold so near and dear to you, its likely you’ve rarely shared them with anyone else around you. They are the the things you turn to thinking about when you are frustrated with where you are at in your life.

If we are overly “realistic” we tend to compromise and settle, settling and compromising down…downwards into a tight little box… and in that tight little box, we’ve whittled those dreams and desires down until they are barely recognizable little trinkets of what we truly really want for ourselves. We fit them inside this little tiny narrow box of what we “think” we deserve or what we believe we are worth… and we completely lose touch with what we are really here to be and do.

We live our lives like this, trapped in this tiny little shadow box, stuck in a rut, not really sure of who we are or even what we are truly capable of. We live a lot of our lives in that shadow box, afraid of stepping outside of the box for the fear of risk it might present to us. This being “realistic” ends up cutting our life short, because we live in a state of stress, anxiety because we haven’t become all we are meant to be.

We lose sight of our real dreams and we grow bitter, sometimes becoming victims and we begin blaming others for our own willingness to whittle ourselves and our dreams down.

We lose sight of what delight, joy passion even feel like any more. We become tuned out and numbed out.

People with passion, purpose and dreams live on average ten years longer than people who don’t have any passion for life.

We might risk what we’ve acquired or accomplished so far… we might fail. we might screw it all up. Sometimes we don’t even know ourselves anymore… we’ve become such strangers to our own hearts and souls.

Asking the difficult questions of myself for my own life, regarding how I want my life to be, whether I was willing to give up having passion and purpose in my life, and then stumbling upon the power that delight has given me, truly transformed my own life. discovering for myself what I was capable of creating and manifesting for myself just by being willing to be vulnerable and share my delight and dreams with others has been truly an empowering life journey.

I’m just beginning on this new leg of mine, I’m just beginning to reach out and teach others about the power of delight and how this secret law of delight can be used to rapidly manifest our dreams on our behalf. So far, it’s been an exciting ride for me.

The process of discovering what really delights you most in life, of learning how to tap into the talents and gifts you have to create and make delight for others so you are rewarded abundantly is a process of rediscovering yourself, of stepping out of the box and reclaiming your heart’s dreams and desires for yourself.

This becomes a quest it’s both an inner quest and an outer quest. It’s both being willing to dive deeper into yourself than you’ve ever ton and the willingness to become an intrepid explorer to discover all the outer possibilities that are available to you. It’s a process I’m undergoing right now.

The Inner quest is discovering your Passionate Purpose, What DeLights you to create or make, and motivates you most in life, what’s your calling, your mission?

The Outer quest is how do you translate this and live in a position of authenticity and integrity so you are bringing your acts of creation – your message, your products, your services, your work, out into the world so that you can delight, inspire and impact the people you most want to touch in that way, while you are abundantly paid well for doing what you delight in, love and do most naturally. (listen for the rest)


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