Wealthy Goddess 014 ~ 5 Pillars of Spiritual Power, Part 3 – Creating New Empowerment

Today, I’m going to tell you a story about Nancy.

Nancy was recently divorced. She sold here house, moved to a new town and got a jump start at a new company with a promotion in her field. She was really excited about the position, but still stinging emotionally after the divorce. She had been angry and frustrated throughout much of her marriage because her husband was cold and distant and largely didn’t concern himself much with her needs in the relationship.

Still emotionally ripped up, Nancy wanted desperately to find someone who would accept her and give her what she thought she needed. At work she had made a few friends with her co-workers who invited her out one night to meet other people and get to know the new town she was living in. The group decided to take Nancy to all the swinging happening spots in town, so it was decided… the girls were going to go night clubbing. They took her under their wings and decided to just go nuts.

Well, Nancy hadn’t been to a night club in ten years, not since she got married. She was really nervous. She wasn’t much of a drinker either. She didn’t really know any of the music or dances and wasn’t sure if she’d “fit in”. All week long she was secretly stressed out about whether or not she’d let her new friends down.

The night of the big girl’s night comes and she is frantic. She changes clothes about ten times, changes her make four times, and cannot decide what to do with her hair. She felt completely out of touch. She decides to go simple with everything. Simple black outfit, simple straight hair, and simple makeup.

At the first nightclub she doe the best she can to go unnoticed. She gets put into the center of a big booth with all her new friends crowding around her. It’s chaos. She smiles nervously but can’t seem to really get into the groove. She’s outside herself. She glances around at the growing group of women and smiles as introductions are made and shakes hands, swapping compliments and sharing stories. There was one woman in particular that caught Nancy’s eye. She seemed mysterious, sort of aloof but smiling and nodding and laughing, having a great time.

Desperately seeking some attention, but equally afraid to draw too much attention to herself. The mysterious woman told Nancy her name was Jane and then asks her to dance. Nancy at first shakes her head, but everyone chimes in to get Nancy to go out with them. Eventually she gets her nerve up to head onto the dance floor. After a first few tentative steps, Jane grabs Nancy and shows her how to move her body. Laughing together they start having a ton of fun. Nancy and Jane are dancing in the middle of this large group of women and having a ball… Then, nancy begins to notice something strange.

The single men had started to come towards their group and started cutting in, taking each one of her new friends away to dance. Eventually she’s dancing alone with Jane. She takes a sidelong glance and notices a somewhat interested guy who’s watching her. He took her glance as a come-on and stumbles over himself, a little drunk lets say. He leers at her, and before she knows what’s happening he grabs her around the waist and starts just grinding on her. She doesn’t know what to do. Nancy’s at a complete loss for words. Shock wears off and She finally disentangles her from the drunk guy and storms off the dance floor.

A few of her friends come together after the song ends and swaps gossip about the different idiot guys that pulled them away to dance.

Complaining about how the men acted how they didn’t know anything how they didn’t seem to be able to communicate without stumbling over themselves. Nancy started voicing her own frustration as well, which the women saw as a go ahead to turn it up a notch. Suddenly they all chimed in making remarks about what a meat market it was and gossiping about the men. Then it turned to the other women at the night club and started getting cattier and cattier. Nancy quiets down as she realizes what’s transpiring. She backs away a bit. The gossip and the backbiting gets angrier and worsens. Then it turns to office gossip.

Discomfited by the strange turn of conversation that has now turned into a rant and bitch session, Nancy, walks away for a bit to cool off. She stands alone and looks back at the group.  she notices there is only  one woman now that looks like she’s having a great time, even though she is sitting amongst these other ladies who are all caught up in the gossip. It was Jane. Nancy notices that Jane has a far-off look about her with a nice smile on her face, she sits back, laughs out loud and doesn’t seem the least bit affected by the gossip mongering of the others. Nancy notices guys are constantly coming up to hit on Jane but she simply brushes them off with a smile and a few words.

Nothing like what happened to any of the other women happened to Jane. It was like she was untouched by any of the emotional charges or any of the happenings transpiring.

She’s not saying anything negative about anyone at all, Nancy notices. and as the night goes on, she watches with more and more interest at all the endless attention Jane gets but seems to care not one whit whether she’s accepted or not. “How can I get that?” Nancy asked herself.

How could one person be so different from all the others?

Finally, Nancy walks over to Jane who moves over and makes room for her. Nancy gets up the courage and finally says, ” I’v noticed this evening that unlike everyone else at this night club, you not only seem to be having a good time but you seem completely unconcerned by all the negative talk, all the  back biting and even from all the male pushy attention. Unlike all of us, you weren’t pushed on or dragged away to be grinder on, I haven’t heard you complain about anything in fact, I was just wondering why you are able to sit here and do what you do?

Jane smiled and said, well, its not really all that complicated. I choose what I let in. I choose what I let go. I don’t get all riled up, because, well what’s the point?

Nancy says, please, tell me your secret, tell what it is, because I am angry, frustrated about my ex-husband, I feel exposed, afraid, and desperate to get the kind of attention you naturally draw to yourself.

the woman responded, and said, well first of all, I only talk about what I want to talk about, the rest I just let slide.  I only dance, with the partners that I feel I want to dance with. If someone comes up and I don’t want to dance with them, I simply say no thank you.
The reporter sat there and said, but what if the man insists on dancing with you? what if he pushes you, what if he won’t take no for an answer, what do you do?

The lady looks at her, and smiled and replied,  I just say, I don’t think you heard me so let me make this clear,  I’m sitting this one out.

The reporter responded by saying, But you seem so delighted, so elated to be here. Don’t you feel obligated to participate in your girlfriends’ conversation and gossip even if you don’t like it? and don’t you feel you have to say yes to some of these guys even if you don’t want to, so you’ll be accepted?

The lady laughed. “Well I don’t feel the need to be accepted. I am who I am. Nothing more, nothing less. I cannot control how other people feel about me so why worry? And to have fun, I don’t have to dance to every song, ask for permission to sit out and people watch or feel I have to say yes to every Tom, Dick or Harry that comes along just to enjoy MY life. Why do you feel you have to?”

I am who I am. Nothing more. Nothing Less. I cannot control how other people feel. I don’t have to say yes to every opportunity that comes along just to enjoy MY life…

Maybe we can understand the idea of bringing into our lives a new sense of empowerment over our lives and over the choices we make relative to the idea of “I don’t answer to you.” If we can recognize certain spiritual and energetic principles certain things that are taking place around us that we are often not even aware or conscious of, even if we do happen to be energetic sensitives, empaths or psychics. There are  many things going on in the energetic fields all around us beyond our levels of consciousness, hings that we have not yet been made aware of or been awakened to.

Everything in life is sacred. I love nature. I love walking round in nature smelling the scents, touching my bare feet to the mossy earth, feeling the air touch my cheeks. I love walking in the ancient forests, and feeling protected and nurtured by the great grandfather and grandmother trees and the druids and fairies in those realms. FOr you see,  In the midst of the common material world here, even with our limited physical awareness, if we but pause for just a moment, and feel with our higher senses, those senses beyond our physical,  we are then given the gifts to discover the secrets of the ethereal and the celestial hidden in the midst of our most mundane, simple experiences.

When you are able to peer into life and see its magic, its miracle, its sacredness and its secrets unfold for you in the simplest thing, you are delighted to be made aware of all the multi-faceted powerful, universal spiritual principles that exist far beyond a simple physical form… and you realize all these principles can be applied anywhere, at any time, with the greatest of ease… without effort. in fact, when we work hard and we try too hard, we create more work, more struggle more strife for ourselves, than is necessary.

In this instance, we come to a realization that everything in life operates in benevolent partnership with everything else. When you come forward and present and whole and authentic in your life, everything around you begins to reflect that aspect of yourself. however, when you come through as a false figure, a facade, a mask, or fumbling around outside yourself, you receive only that. We get only what we are willing to first give.

Everything operates in partnership with everything else.

I love trees. Trees to me represent so many magnificent spiritual essentials in life. When you look at a tree, you may not think that this tree operates in partnership with its environment, but it does. In fact, imagine this tree engaged in a very slow dance of ever-evolving delight.

It’s roots sink deep slowly not just to draw up nutrients from the soil but to anchor the soil and reduce erosion around it. The tree twists and turns and its leaves and branches dance around and around in tune to the breeze and winds and rains. It bears fruit, not just to seed its future generations but to nourish the land around it. It drops its leaves to provide a warm shelter and cover for it’s roots, but also to protect the seeds around it from the harshness of winter. It’s branches and trunks provide homes for a myriad of life from insects to birds to squirrels and even reptiles. On one hand the tree is sustained by all that is provided to it from the earth and the air. On the other hand, the tree provides nourishment and shelter, sustaining many other forms of life. It is governed and guided by certain principles and it draws upon its morphic field programming for how a tree ought to be, without question. It may not question why it’s a tree when it feels it could be better served to be a fish, we cannot know for sure, since no one I know speaks tree. All things dance in a partnership in concert with the universe, the principles in which all things are guided throughout the dance of life

A  tree’s dance in partnership with life might out for as long as 500 years or more. However, a tree only desires to be one thing, a tree. It is a tree independent of its surroundings. Yet it is dependent upon its surroundings for the type of life it may evolve to experience. In other words, instead of being co-depdendent, a tree lives in an interdependent relationship with all that exists around it. It would still be a tree regardless of its surroundings, but it both gives and receives in an ongoing exchange of life energy that all around it can partake in.

A tree dances with life with the greatest possible sense of divine light. Take a look at a healthy tree’s Gas chromatography scans. THey are simply amazing Most trees are positively luminescent. A person with energetic sight can see that trees glow a soft, effusive radiant glow.

A tree dances in partnership with life, ever-growing, ever-bearing fruit, ever-bearing its leaves, ever-deepening its roots. And when it is done dancing delightedly with life, It’s life force diminishes and returns back to the field of potentiality as the tree returns to the earth to nourish it with it’s body so that other life might spring forth equally delighted to dance the eternal dance with mother nature and father time.

Most dances most people embark upon are not interdendepent, but codependent and addictive. Most people do not operate from their center, but from a chaotic mental state of addictive seeking behavior that is largely unconscious and highly reactionary. When the person goes into an interaction seeking and expecting something from another and they don’t get it, they act like the women at the dance acted. Angry, petulant, and negative, complaining. Its the thoughtless, reactionary component we all have a tendency to fall into.

However, when we come into any interaction with life from a healthy, empowered, centered state of understanding how we interrelate and how we partner with the rest of life, we come into a sense we can choose what our surroundings will be like. If we sense we cannot engage in a healthy, happy, interdependent mutually respectful and honorable sacred interaction, we can choose to say no. We do not have to give away our power and energy, in fact, we can step beyond the idea of power being something we give or take away, and come into a center where we realize power and energy are infinite and limitless to us therefore we do not have to give it away for it’s freely available to anyone. We can choose to expand our energy fields and be inclusive or contract and be selective. Either way should not impact the amount of delight we encounter just be being who we are here to be.

When the tree is bent with the wind, the tree has no conflict with the wind, it accepts that the wind is there and it bends with the wind, accepting the dance of life the wind provides. IF it were to not bend with the wind, it would break. However, the tree creates no conflict where none need exists. It accepts and moves with the force it is being governed by. It does so because it’s life partnership exists in a dance with wind, with rain, with soil and with all elements that make up life.

Humans are also in a partnership. We are nurtured and sustained partially by our physicality and the physical world beneath our feet, and for that alone we should treat that which exists all around us as sacred and honor it. On the other hand, we are also in partnership with Source, with the field of potentiality with the ethereal realms and with the Universe at large All of this sits above us. As above, so below and it operates through us.

There are no exceptions to this. We exist in the in-between, governed and guided by both, dancing a dance with one foot in the physical and one foot in the ethereal realm of pure potential.

We have a choice as humans what to do with what comes through us what is stirred up within us by that which exists outside of us, beyond us as well as within us. We do not have to fall hapless victims programmed by these forces to react chaotically, dramatically and haphazardly throughout our lives. We can choose to operate on a higher plane, and plane of divine light.

Someone says something to you you don’t like. There’s the wind. There’s the rain. there’s the storm brewing.  It’s outside of you. It’s beyond you. Until it stirs up something within you. Then you’ve taken it inside you, you’ve allowed it in. Now it stirs around, Rain hits dirt, turns it to mud. That’s what these forces do they create catalysts for change. getting stirred up isn’t always a bad thing, There is no escaping being stirred by outside or external forces. Try as you might.

When an event takes place, when someone says or does something or the wind rattles you or the rain splatters down on you, how do you CHOOSE to react? Or when your mind produces a random thought or memory that becomes an event unto itself to try and trigger you, when that thought comes, when that even takes place, and that stirring up and rattling of your eves takes place inside of you, at that point we have the possibility to choose to disengage and not be a partner to the event transpiring. We can choose to allow it to stir, observe the stirring, watch as it takes place, go to the center, the heart of the experience and ask ourselves why do I feel this? why do I feel drawn in. Going to the center of the experience as an observer as a spectator and watch your reactions bubble up Why do you feel called to react? Can you choose not to react?

Of course you can. In that moment right before you act there is a moment of silence between thought and action. You can sink into that moment and sink into the center of the stirring and in that center find yourself. and be not disturbed by the random comings and goings of others. You can choose to seek within to find what it is that you’ve always up until now sought in others, outside yourself.

Choose to sit it out, walk away, sit down, and take a deep breath, look up at the sky and laugh, to choose to be undisturbed by things outside of you that you have no control over, for control is an illusion, to be unaffected by things you cannot overpower, because power over others itself is an illusion. To sit out the dance taking place within that can cause chaos and drama in your life and return to the heart of who and what you are.

You can sit out and wait, just as a tree does. For this too, shall pass. Benevolently kindly compassionately wait until a partnership comes along that you’ve co-created that feels ideal and beneficial. You can still enjoy the ride, but you don’t have to be caught up in the drama of it all.

You cannot stop what’s stirring, you cannot control what’s stirring, but you can stop serving it. You can stop being a slave to your emotions, your reactions, your beliefs. You can stop by simply pausing and letting it go by while you observe. No matter how angry, frustrated or depressed you feel. Going into the center of your core and elevate yourself from within and come back to a state of delight.

That’s what it means to begin to have cultivated a new relationship with yourself and with all others, begins by understanding your place and your position within yourself first. Close your eyes now and receive this divine light awakening. You are here. you are ready to encounter a new relationship with yourself.

Every moment of our lives, we are in a constant relationship with life itself. A dance with life. It is your choice what form of dance transpires. a dramatic dance of tragedy, anger, addiction and regrets,  or a dance of delight, joy, bliss, abundance and true personal spiritual interconnectedness with all. The minute we begin to try to fight with anything, try to fight it, try to control it, we have lost ourselves. we have lost our center. we have diminished our divine light shrouded ourselves in darkness and created chaos and drama. That chaos and drama ripples out, affecting everyone and everything in its path. It doesn’t just touch you and whatever it is you happen to be fighting with at the time, but impacts everything around you. no longer are you treading lightly upon the universe but you are stomping and crashing into it at full force.  in order for the Universe to balance the ripple effects of millions of people fighting and pulling at the energy trying to take from one another what they believe they are due, it must counter all this chaos with a wave of its own to rebalance the energetic reciprocity that should exist between the material world and the energetic.

This woman at the dance appeared so kind, so benevolent, so nice and having such a great time, but she didn’t have a problem saying no to people she’d rather not engage with, rather not partner with, trusting herself and her higher guidance as to whom she would choose to encounter at any level.

She was conscious, aware and felt empowered enough to say no when she didn’t feel like doing what she didn’t want to.

So let’s reflect on this for a moment. Once we step into our own center of being and give ourselves the gift of an awakening, we develop a new awareness about ourselves and what we can manifest, then we develop new understanding as to how we create and we direct our lives, how we give our power away and even get to the center of the illusion of power itself. this unfolds for us a new level of personal empowerment,  where we are able to engage in a new relationship with ourselves and with others. We suddenly are able to  come into a new effortlessness of being who we are, and it feels light, bold and beautiful. Suddenly we are not subjected to the rules of engagement and play that others play by. We live above those things in a higher plane.

we can choose and direct our own course rather than have it be chosen for us. We can choose who we engage with, when and why. We can choose to have a good time in life, a delightful time without being subject to others’ expectations. We can choose to say no or yes as it suits us, rather than feel beholden or seeking fulfillment or seeking out our answers, acceptance or love outside ourselves.


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