In this episode, I take you on a journey into the wonderful, EMPOWERING, Empathic world of compassionate, nonviolent communication. I talk about a retreat I just attended and the intensive introduction I just experienced facilitated by the gorgeous goddesses of NVC, Santa Cruz, California.

I also segway between compassionate communication and the challenge we as women face around the Help Paradigm. I’ll be digging more into how the word HELP disempowers people due to its energetic strain and drain on the relationshio. I talk about how helping others or seeking help for ourselves paves the way for an imbalanced and unhealthy relationship to unfold and how we can better communicate our purpose, intent and needs so as to avoid creating unnecessary attachments and drains on our relationships.

I also take this time to introduce you to my newest book: Powerful Goddess Practices to Manifest the Life of Your Dreams.

This book is my first e-book and is available free only for a limited time. Get your copy today before it goes on sale!

During this 52 minute intensive podcast episode, I take time out to discuss the difference between being open to allowing our needs to be met from within and being needy & clingy – seeking our needs outside ourselves. I touch on the the difference between codependency and interdependency as it reflects in our internal versus external approach to getting our needs mets. Finally, I explain how a Goddess walking in her personal power and spiritual energy doesn’t use debilitating, negating words like Help (which ends up translating into attracting a Harmful Experience that Limits our Potential, Power and Possibilities), because she is capable of getting her needs met all from within.

This is an exciting and life-changing episode. Don’t miss it!

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