In this week’s episode of The Goddess Show, I talk about my most recent book that was just released (you can get access to a free copy of this incredible e-book for a limited time until it goes up for sale on!) and how it spells out for women the strategies to create a new habit or practice or to replace a negative or dysfunctional habit (like negative thoughts or unhealthy eating) with positive Goddess Practices that enliven and enrich your life? Interested in learning more? All you have to do is scroll down and enter your name and email address and this 132 page ebook filled with practical strategies will be immediately delivered to you.

I was recently emailed by a listener who said, “I love your radio show, Isis. I listen every week, and I cannot wait for your next episode to come out. But I have a question… I don’t ever FEEL like a Goddess. I just feel like a harried, crazy working mom of three kids. I have no time. I feel invisible half the time and no one seems to see me. I’m constantly being run over. Can you give us some ideas about HOW to become (or at least feel more like) a Goddess?

I certainly, can dear listener!

Here’s something for you to ponder.

Picasso once said: “There are two kinds of women, Goddesses and Doormats.” Darling, you are most definitely NOT a doormat! If that’s how you feel most days, you have to figure out why you are attracting those kinds of interactions in your life.

My question to you, gorgeous soul is this: Which one are you in most of your day-to-day interactions? A Goddess? Or a Doormat?

Would you like to learn how to stop being a doormat and become a Succulent, Juicy, Magical Goddess? In the first of a 3 part series, I discuss the first step to learning HOW to become a Goddess and what positive changes this secret can give you throughout your life. Be prepared to be blown away. I don’t reveal this secret until well into this episode, believe me it’s an anti-aging goddess super-power secret that you won’t believe!


~ Isis Jade

The Goddess Guide

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