Goddesses who run a Sacred Business live by example. 😉 We walk our talk. We live in our moments of strength and come together to support one another during our moments of weaknesses. We are open, transparent and live in harmony with all life.

There are many different types of businesses and there are many types of goddesses. Some are run with sacredness and joy. They are built with balanced principles in mind. You can feel it when you step into their storefront, come into their website, experience their services or test some of their products.

Most the goddesses I know weave their magic and creativity within their business with the sacred intent of love, compassion and understanding.  These goddesses aim to build sacred businesses overflowing with abundance, integrity, courage, strength and self-mastery. They don’t preach or try to convert people to their way of thinking. They simply seek to offer others services and products that honor the earth, their customers and themselves. Following such a path, a goddess develops the respect of her patrons and followers for a sacred path by living up to her own words through her actions, with inner strength, joy and dignity.

When you practice the tips and strategies I suggest here to increase the magic, miracles and abundance in your life & business, you will begin to activate your innate energetic power to manifest and attract all you desire and need to you, often without a great deal of effort. It’s all about taking strategic, anachronistic action.

The series of strategies I’ll be providing to you are a gift. A gift founded upon over twenty years of consulting brought into mastery through my spiritual practice. These tools will support you as you revive your Goddess-given talents and gifts and integrate them into your life and your business. Keep a journal about what you practice and what happens when you do it. Record your feelings, your thoughts and any ideas that come to your mind. This is ideally, what part of your blog should be used for.

Without further ado, here are the key ethics of operating a Sacred Business.

The Ethics of a Sacred Business

Remember Who You Are – And What You Are Aligned With.

I want to remind you to always feel strong and capable to be who you are – a Divine Being (aka a Goddess) in empowerment and operating in abundance. Regardless if you are in business or thinking about it. Regardless if you are an artist, a musician, a healer, an executive, an entrepreneur or an author.  You do not need to twist and turn in order to fit into another person’s belief and definition of who and what you are. Remember your values, your morals. Remember who you are. Remember what you are aligned with, and attract that energy into your life.

There are many Benevolent Goddess Guides available who can assist you in expressing the authentic essence of your unique and divine nature. Be attractive to them as clients by following their strategies. Learn from those more experienced than you and honor their work with your generous gifts of testimonials, referrals and investments. They will reward you with the same. Remember, like begets like.

Engender to Attract Benevolent Vendors & Providers as Partners

During the lean times when business becomes a challenge, we often feel inclined to fall into quick fixes or listen to such people with practices that do not always fall in line with who we are in our heart of hearts. I too, have often fallen prey to such tactics in businesses over the years.  All I can tell you is to beware the wolf in sheep’s clothing, the thief dressed as a trusted friend and advisor.

Unfortunately, there are those in this world with only a single concern: to squeeze every last drop of lifeblood from their community, their business, their employees and their customers. They are energetic vampires who take rather than provide. They look at every interaction as something to lose or win.  These individuals look at everything they do in their business as an immediate transaction to benefit themselves, rather than an investment in an ongoing relationship of giving and receiving with the community and the earth around them.

So, how does a Goddess know who to do business with?

You can always trust your inner intuition. Don’t listen to the top layer of noise (or “marketease”) that appears at first to be attractive.  Be sure to feel out the energy for yourself behind the words being used to seduce and tease a sale.  Be wary of who you choose to align yourself with. Choose who to do business with by using your principles and let your conscience be your guide.

Walk Your Talk

Sacred Businesses care for the earth and its inhabitants. It doesn’t matter where your business is or what it’s focused on. Many of my clients run electronic businesses over the web. However, I also have many clients who have brick and mortar businesses as well. Just because you have an e-business, doesn’t mean you neglect your locale.

A Goddess running a Sacred Business are aware of their surroundings at all times and the impact their actions have on the world around them. It doesn’t matter where you live. A sacred business can be undertaken in the biggest city or the most remote country hideaway. Connect to the place you live and learn its secrets. Honor those secrets and those living there. Cherish the life energy there. Nurture it with the energy of your business and your investment of time and compassion. Care for the life force that exists there.

Exercise: Invest at least an hour each week to nourishing, honoring and transforming your community, wherever you live. Be the change you wish to see in the community around you. If you have employees, offer to support their volunteer work. If you don’t, start with where you are at and offer to volunteer with an organization that inspires you or enlivens you. It doesn’t work if all you do is complain about what’s not happening. Invest the time to do something. Anything that could have a positive impact. Take some inspired action – one hour per week. This goodwill will extend back into your business and your life. You’ll meet incredible people who can offer amazing new possibilities to you.

Pick up rubbish, recycle, use environmentally-friendly products to clean your home and your place of business, grow your own food or herbs (and share with your neighbors), eat locally and organically where possible, honor people who provide great services, find alternatives to pesticides for your location and educate yourself about the deeper history of your area. What has happened where you live? How can you be part of its healing and transformation? How can you introduce higher function and spiritual evolution? Can you start a circle of higher intention to spiral out and touch lives?

Take Responsibility

When considering how you are expressing your Goddess Nature through your sacred business, always come from the position of what would be best for all concerned, for the highest good of all. Ultimately, what’s best for you will be what’s best for others, but you have to think of the term “best” in terms of a universal and unifying frame of thought. Always work towards a responsible, joyful outcome for all involved. If your customers are thrilled with price, but your vendors feel that they are being stolen from, you aren’t coming from a balanced position of what’s best. Down the line, your vendors may end up reneging on the deal, leaving you (and your customers) high and dry. Always, always, always build a balance sheet based on what’s ultimately best for everyone. If it cannot come to a pleasing outcome for all concerned, it’s not meant to be, and it may be best to walk away and engage unilaterally on another idea altogether.

Sacred Businesses also engage in socially and environmentally responsible work to integrate our Goddess nature with that of the earth and the universe. Yes, a business is a sacred affair and it is indeed a spiritual one. We may endeavor to use our businesses to fund and fuel our family and our necessities while we experiment with our ethereal selves, but it is also fueling and funding our social and our spiritual work as well.

A Sacred Business  respects the privacy and wishes of their clients, vendors and partners at all times. A Goddess will never interfere with another person’s free will or their privacy. When collecting information on your various customers, clients and vendors, ensure their privacy is fully protected to the best of your ability.

Exercise: Consider times in your life when you may have crossed a personal boundary in a private relationship. Perhaps you inserted your opinon where it wasn’t wanted or warranted. Perhaps you pressured your child or a co-worker to go along with a plan of action. Ponder how you can respect others yet still express your own authenticity in powerful, sacred ways. Communication after all is ultimately your responsibility. Could you have done something differently? How did the other person feel? What would you wish others to do for you? How would you wish your choices or actions wouldn’t be infringed upon?

Respect All Life

The path of respecting all life begins with how we respect and honor ourselves. When a multi-national company enters a new community, they don’t always consider the long-term impact of their actions upon that community. Many still come from a largely patriarchal, winning is everything, colonization mentality.  When we embrace our Goddess nature, however, we  embrace a collaborative approach to developing our sacred businesses, especially when partnering with others. We do not see competition, we see opportunities for collaboration. We honor men and women, at birth, as children, as young adults, as mothers and fathers and as wise ones and crones. We honor all life, creatures great and small and we consider their right to a peaceful life when we build out our business practices.  We understand and honor every path of life, knowing that each step of our journey is a unique lesson to be shared.

Exercise: Connect with an age, race, political or cultural group you rarely have contact with. Ask them about their lives, their culture, their stories and listen to what they have to say. They have much to teach you.  Consider their experience and see the world through their eyes. What can you learn from them? Some of my dearest friends and advisors have come from very different backgrounds and belief systems from me. We embrace one another’s differences as positions we can honor and respect.

Respect nature

Sacred Businesses follow a healthy path to honor Gaia and the natural world. As part of our sacred business practices, we do not claim superiority over any other thing. Not mineral, not soil, not tree, not animal. The Goddess views nature as a part of herself. A part of the divine source of all life energy and wisdom that fuels and nurtures all life, including our own. Nature is a gift, giving birth to all: the crystals, the herbs, the great forests and ferns, the cactus and the lizards. The two-leggeds, fourleggeds, flying ones, and the ones who live within the earth and under the waters of her oceans and waterways. We are Gaia’s chosen stewards and we have been given have a responsibility to protect, preserve, respect, conserve and revere her in all her forms. We are brothers and sisters, not superiors or overlords.  All life is sacred. If we must take a life to nourish or care for ourselves, we honor that life, celebrate it, nurture it and cleanse it. The life force we respect, in all forms.

Exercise: Strategize on how you can integrate your Sacred Business in a more practical nature.  Focus on how you can make your business more humane, more honorable and more in harmony with these tenants. Make a donation to a foundation whose work you respect and admire, like Greenpeace, reduce your consumption of industrial power, focus your attention and walk gently on this earth.  Leave a place better than you found it, no matter where it is located, be it a busy subway station, or the middle of the desert. Compassionately consider what you consume, throw away, eat, drink, or wear. Contribute the greatest part of your spirit. What would be for the Greater Good of all involved in the cycle of your sacred business? You may plan strategically, but always act with the heart of spirit to guide you.