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The Secret Currency of the Universe


I am pulling the veil back to give you the proven truth on what it REALLY takes to make the shift from lack to luxury consciousness…

Shift from feeling like a beggar who cannot choose her path… to a Goddess in charge of her reality.

Move from feeling penniless to bursting with prosperity.

If you do not understand the secret currency of the Universe, you will always struggle with your sense of inner value, self-worth and your relationship to money and other people. In this audio Isis Jade discuss what really affects our financial success in life as women and how to rethink everything going on in your life, today.



If you are serious about breaking through the six, seven, or eight figure ceiling currently in your business, wouldn’t it be great to learn from a woman who has been involved in consulting with over 9 industries, landed $15M in investment capital, created massive transformation in over 1,000 clients’ lives and desires to pour into you the secret knowledge and wisdom she has learned from healing and transforming herself into a Goddess force of nature in the real world?

In this audio class, Isis Jade reveals:

  • How the barter/exchange belief system in your relationships is keeping you enslaved in bondage and broke.
  • How perceived value and worth are exchanged for money.
  • The core struggles of being a prosperous, successful female entrepreneur in a lower value relationship paradigm.
  • How to practice the art of receiving and allowing your gifts to flow freely and receive high value freely without resistance.
  • Why creating immense value and experiences that delight your divine right people is the fastest path. 
  • How to rise out of the beggar’s consciousness of strife, struggle and pennilessness and into a high-value, high net-worth relationship with yourself and others.
  • Why you need to invest heavily in creating a higher functioning relationship with yourself and your Divine Nature, first before anything else will shift for you financially.
  • How to say “yes” to you and stop putting everyone’s needs before your own so you can manifest thriving financial prosperity that you can be proud of.
  • The questions you need to ask yourself to create massive value using your gifts and talents, now. 
  • How to become the programmer and creator of your reality, rather than reacting to financial limitation and feeling enslaved to your circumstance.


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