Last night’s telegathering was a wonderful conference, in spite of our new technology and a couple of hiccups. I am so delighted to see all my friends gathered together to support one another. šŸ™‚ It was most delightful.

The transcript for last nights call is now available, and you may read it below…

Just so you know, not all telegathering recordings will be made available except to Sacred Living Center students. This is a wonderful benefit of being part of a global community of like-hearted spirits who are seeking to deliberately create their reality.

Ā Transcript for Call

Hello and welcome to tonight’s delight tele gathering to setting new intentions for manifesting a wonderful 2014. I am so delighted you could be here with us this evening. I’ll be placing everyone on mute for the duration of the call, and I’ll open up the call at the end for questions and answers.

my bimonthly tele gatherings happen every first and third Tuesday evening of the month.

What you can expect with our tele gatherings –Ā  to learn new strategies to manifest or create delightfully in your life, I teach on various subjects pertaining to using the creative power of delight in every aspect of our life. and I teach people how to partner with the Infinite universe and allow that partnership to unfold in wonderful ways to manifest your goals and dreams on your behalf.

I don’t use tele gatherings to sell, but to teach. I do refer you to other resources during our tele gatherings if I feel called to do so.

you can learn more about me by visiting my website, without further ado, let’s begin

Before we begin please make sure you have a few sheets of paper and pencil or pen.

you can also use a computer to take notes.

Setting our intentions for the new year, we want to focus on what we are giving ourselves, getting clear in our vision of ourselves and what we desire to manifest on our behalf.

I used to focus on resolutions – as in resolving or committing to new action, however, the past two years, I have chosen to focus instead on manifesting outcomes based on intentions I’ve set. So I am excited to share with you my approaches for doing this.

the differences between resolutions and Intentions

we tend to set resolutions with rigidity and determination. And we tend to set our resolutions focusing on what we want to fix or improve on, and we focus on losing something as opposed to giving ourselves the gifts.

I see resolutions energetically as something that’s rigid, solid, and creates some weight in our field.

intentions, are more ethereal, they flow with the course of life are more fluid and open with how they manifest themselves and come to pass, whereas resolutions we have to create goals, milestones and lots of pushing rocks up hillsā€¦ there’s generally some resistance and some force that has to take place to get momentum with resolutions.

I consider settingĀ  an intention a very deep act of self-love, and honoring your heart’s desires.

Resolutions are acts of resolve, focused on moving stagnation, fixing, striving.

so tonight we are focused on intention setting, not resolutions.

Before we go any further with setting intentions, we do need some closure on 2013

if you aren’t willing to shift your perspective and close the doors of the past, you aren’t going to be able to create the change you desire for yourself in the new year.

So tonight, as part of our closing ceremony, let’s take stock on what didn’t work, and we are going to make a commitment to let go of those things that don’t work for us so we can make room for creating new wonderful things that can manifest in our lives.

Life can only hold so much and if you are filling your mind and your behaviors with things that are self-limiting and aren’t serving you, you don’t have the space or energy to intentionally co create things with the universeĀ  that will serve you, nourish you or inspire you.

if life right now is still full of things you need to let go of, then tonight, give yourself the gift of making the commitment to let go once and for all.

Tonight, we’re going to make a closure and release list, and it begins now.

We are going to create a list of three things and its going to include habits and behaviors that we choose to let go of for 2014.

take out a sheet of paper and draw a big circle. inside that circle, draw a triangle where each point connects to the circle in the middle of that triangle, write your name and 2013.

At the top write personal/home life just above the point of the triangle
to the left, write career/business life, and finally to the right, write inner life.

I want you to think about your life in these three key areas. the first one is your career business life

Close your eyes and observe all you’ve accomplished this year and celebrate those wins. those are good things and they are to be honored and celebrated.

Take a deep breath and thing about the one or two major things you really wanted to achieve, but didn’t. It’s time to take some accountability of those things that did not come to pass. A lot of times we blame external circumstances and we don’t do the deep inner work to understand what blocked us from achieving or manifesting all desire for ourselves.

what habits or behaviors prevented you from moving forward in your business or career?

perhaps it was laziness or procrastination? or perhaps you got distracted too much? or maybe you have a fear of risk, or a fear of failure, or for me a fear of being in the public eye, or fear of rejection.

write that one thing down.

Now, for your personal life: close your eyes and think of all that you’ve accomplished for yourself, those little wins and good thingsā€¦

Take a deep breath and thing about the one or two things you really wanted to achieve personally for yourself, but didn’t. this is about self-responsibility. this is a two part question.

what are you going to stop doing to ensure you live a happier home and personal life?
What’s taking up too much space in your personal life for you to manifest something else?

A lot of people make solid health commitments, or maybe you wanted to take up a musical instrument or start a new language, but you just couldn’t find the time to stick with it?

again it could distraction, it could time management, lack of focus, lack of commitment…

write that one thing down.

Now, part two of this question refers to aĀ  personality trait. we all have parts of us that we don’t like, that we’d really like to shift about ourselves. Often, however, we don’t’ make the effort to change an aspect of ourselves, maybe because we don’t believe we can change it.

Well, dear one, we are all infinite, we can all of us adapt or shift different aspects of ourselves by modeling new behaviors that uplift us, that energize us that celebrates.

So the next part of this question, still at the top ask yourself is what will you shift about yourself to become a better version of yourself?

It might be a habit or behavior of yours that’ you’ve done for the past ten twenty years, and you need to shift this year to make 2014 your best year.

Perhaps you could make a conscious effort to listen more and talk less, before jumping in and giving your opinions. or maybe it’s practicing more selflessness and just giving more of yourself to others. Maybe its about sharing your knowledge in ways that benefit others.

So point number two, commit to shifting this one thing.

Lastly, I want to ask you to think about those goals that you really desired for yourself at the beginning of the year and you didn’t quite get there. there’s always a reason why we didn’t achieve the one big thing we really wanted, but we are often far too quick to blame external things and situations for not achieving, oh I didn’t have the money, or wasn’t enough time, i lost interest. whatever it is.

So ask yourself, this: How did I contribute towards not achieving my goals or being where I wanted to be this year from my inner self-talk?Ā  This is the time to get deep and honest with yourself. Your relationship with yourself is so important. I want you to push all the external symptoms aside for a second and get deeper with this. Close your eyes, and ask yourself honestly, and find that nugget, that little thing you kept saying to yourself that prevented you from achieving your goals.

Where was the resistance? What were the blockages that you felt didn’t allow you to move forward?
maybe it was a lack of self-belief, a lack of self-worth, maybe you told yourself no one’s going to like it, or it was a lack of courage to really step up or speak out (this is a challenge for me). This is a little black wormy thing you tell yourself secretly that’s been lingering inside of you for a long time and you haven’t dealt with it so it’s left a pattern of nasty little worm trails throughout your life that may lead to a bit of self-sabotage. or energy kinks or emotional drains.

Write that one thing down.

So, now that you’ve thought about those things, I’ll let you in on a secret. These aren’t bad things per sayā€¦ behind each one of these answers are messages for us. It may be a fear of love, a fear of success, a fear of change, a fear of not being heard. or a fear of not being good enough. Fears are often linked to our deeper, base needs that may not have been met in our past. And fear gets in the way of our reaching and stretching into our true potential. it blocks us.

So as we look into what we are committing to releasing or letting go of, or closing down in our lives, I ask you to think about it in this way. Giving yourself the gift that all these fears, or of needs you believed are not being filled as messages to you.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath and remind yourself, all you need, all you require is already here. You no longer have to struggle or work hard to achieve it. You are ready to let go of this old baggage and spread your wings and fly.

Now for closing ceremony placing you hand on the center of your triangle, over your name and year and holding another hand over your heart, and close your eyes, and say, even though this fear or this habit or behavior this self-talk transpired in the past, I love and accept myself completely, I trust that I experienced this because it was for bringing me here to this perfect point in my life where I am preparing for shift.Ā  and I am choosing to give myself the gift of freedom by letting this go and not bring it forward with me this year. I lovingly accept this gift I lovingly accept 2013’s experiences and I now have a powerful foundation to grow from now. I thank you.

With that closing ceremony you are ready to begin creating a new year for a new you.

Now, next to each point, you are going to write the new behavior and new habit, or new growth-based commitment or inner talk you are going to replace this old pattern of behavior with. These are the gifts you are giving yourself for 2014.

So, if you’ve had procrastination written down for the first one, you are now going to give yourself the gift of – taking consistent, inspired action towards your goal every day.

If you’ve had distraction written down, you are going to give yourself the gift of – a distraction-free createspace. And this was the gift I gave myself in December of last year. I cleaned out my studio and rebuilt it into a createspace that is clean and distraction free.

Write the opposite behavior or gift down for yourself. now write all your new commitments down for 2014 and print it out in vibrant colors and keep that in your workspace or your bathroom mirror somewhere where you will read it every single day and recommit to it daily.

Setting our intentions for the new year, we want to focus on what we are giving ourselves, out of the vibration of delight and we are going to get clear in our vision of our 2014 selves.

Create an Intention Jar
What I want to achieve for the 2014
Put your intentions in the jar
and let them go. at the end of 2014 you’ll be able to see what you manifested on your behalf.

some key points on setting intentions.

Set your intentions from your heart’s desires.

When we delight ourselves in life we will be given the desires of our hearts. This is called the Law of DeLight. The most powerful creative and manifestation force of the universe

Setting intentions out of love and delight not fear, desperation or need.
this isn’t about Taking control of my future but about partnering with the universe to co-create a new reality for myself.

intention is Not a need but a desire
anytime you want or need something out of fear, out of scarcity, out of lack – it’s really a message that you need to change your mindset or relationship to the thing you hold in such desperation.

Money is a source of desperation for many people, so if you are creating an intention to manifest money out of desperation, you may instead focus on an intention to transform your relationship with money, completely. and give yourself a figure to work with that you know if you achieved this figure, you are certain that your money relationship has changed.

Do intention setting for you out of love for yourself, and for others.

Come from a place of excitement and inspiration and delight. If the intention manifesting in your life does not thoroughly delight you, don’t do it.

Anytime you say I should do this, I must do this or I need to do this, or I have to do this – this comes from a place of lack or scarcity and fear. These energies create what I call kinks in your energy field of flow and you cannot flow it yourself.

an intention set form your heart’s desires creates a fire in your belly, a passion and an inner motivation or a delight to see it come true, when you feel this then you are setting a powerful intention.

Anytime it’s coming out of fear or negativity, or coming out of shoulds, coulds, needs or have tos, then be mindful of those. this could be someone else’s stuff and not yours.

For an intention to flow to you, You have to believe at some level you can co-create with the universe and manifest this to happen.

You don’t have to have any idea how you are going to make it happen, in fact the less idea you have of the how, the easier it will beā€¦ all you need to do is feel you can manifest it.

In fact the less you concern yourself around the hows, the more you will open yourself up to new opportunities that present themselves throughout the year.Ā  keep this in mind.

go to what utterly delights you the most, and give yourself that gift for 2014. Intentions are gifts.

If it feels to you that it cannot come true in this year, be mindful that you may be writing down someone else’s expectations or desires for you.

It’s really important that you feel that seed of intention and inspiration come alive inside of you, that part of you that says, I really, really desire this and i really believe i can manifest it.

Put your intentions into your jar using positive words that say what you are giving yourself. Instead of for example, I want to lose weight, give yourself the gift of greater physical endurance, strength and a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle. You’ll be writing these intentions over the course of January.

You don’t have to come up with them all at once.
Keep it to no more than eleven or twelve.

Do some desire mapping, goal setting, planning and reading in order to allow your creativity to flow
feel the feelings that leave you inspired

now, when you have an inspired intention, imagine your intention coming true, in all of its glorious details and invoking the feelings that you are going to feel when it does come true.

notice the colors, the sounds, the lights, the smells, the people,

Take a deep breath in and bring in all those glorious feelings, especially the delight you’ll feel as if it has already come true, and hold it there for a moment.

Then write down your intention, pop it in the jar, open your eyes and smile then say thank you, it is done.

Feel with every core of your being that it is already done. believe with every core of your being it has already manifested in your field on your behalf and it is on its way to you.

then shut the jar and put it away.

This process is powerful and it will work for you.

Your desires and your intentions don’t have to be big and powerful or extravagant, they can be simple or small. just remember that big is relative only to your beliefs to the infinite universe, there is nothing too big or too impossible.

with that in mind, for the rest of January, contemplate what you’d love to manifest for 2014 and what delights you the most to create and share with others. Its very important to focus of that feeling that wellspring of delight, joy and happiness you’ll receive when your heart’s desires manifest on your behalf. and don’t forget to let them go to your partner, the Infinite universe while you go about the work of fully delighting yourself in life this year.

With that i’ll open up the call and take any questions you may have. I’ll be unmuting you now.

I hope you have a most wonderful, joy filled, delightful 2014. Namaste my friends.

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