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Questions (And Answers) About Your Spirit Guides

Questions (And Answers) About Your Spirit Guides

Spirit guides are everywhere. In the Dawning of the New Age and the End of the Salvationist mythology, many people are opening themselves up to this wonderful resource that has long been available to them. It is my wish that this lesson enables you to connect with your ethereal team.

Does Everyone Have a Spirit Guide?

In a recent post, I addressed a reader’s question about whether or not everyone has a spirit guide. The short answer, is Yes, everyone has one. Most people have more than one, and many times, we cycle through our guides as we evolve and ascend in our personal paths and rites of passage. We outgrow one spirit guide and evolve ourselves to communing with higher vibrating mentors and guides.

Your Spirit Guides Are On YOUR Team.

Remember, as far as the Ethereal Realms go, you are an etherealized being in FORM.

You should be aware that you have more than one spirit guide. In fact, most people have access to as many as 10,000 different guides, angels, and guardians at any one time, depending on their vibrational level, resonance, and aptitude for connection – the best news of this, is that they are all on TEAM YOU. That’s right, all of these guides and workers conspire to your highest and greatest purpose that you chose to fulfill before you ever incarnated. Now, you have the right and free will to change that course at any time, and they do abide by those choices, after all, nothing is set in stone and this is all one great, grand experiment in the works!

You have access to an inner circle of spirit guides who agreed to work with you one-on-one and who are with you all the time. Each one of these come in and out of focus as your level of growth progresses throughout your life path. However, many of us choose to cooperate with just a handful of these guides throughout our entire life path. They were there when we incarnated into physical form, and they will be there to greet us as we pass to the light.

Next, you have outer circle spirit guide (your defensive team), each member on your defensive team have a specific function, such as your astral guides who guides you through the astrals while you sleep, your guardians, your benevolent gatekeepers.  Beyond this, there are the offensive strikers, they are the ones who often provide you with your greatest and hardest lessons. They are your teachers, masters, angels and mentors.

For the record, when we talk about your actual “spirit guides”, I’m referring to your inner circle team of spirit guides who are there for your communion and discussion. You want to focus on communicating with them because they know you most intimately and they work very closely with you and have done so for many eons. They are each accessible as you achieve the next level of your progress.  If there are jobs or wisdom-keeping that are beyond their realms, they can assist you in working with higher guides and work as mediators until you can connect with them.

Most important to note is this: they are not your task-keepers or your slaves. They are advisors and may assist you with messages or provide guidance and empowerment, and the occasional rescuing from a scrape, but they are not there to be enslaved for your doing. Meaning, they are not there to be your assignment runners. There are others who do that for you. You may call on task runners to undertake the tasks on the behalf of the greater good for all. Just remember do unto others (as above, so below), as you would have done unto you.

Depending upon your level and your purpose, you may be one of those who also have one or more assignment guides within your inner circle.  These are temporary spirit guides (by temporary, I mean for a few weeks or for the rest of your life) with a specific assignment for you.

Who are spirit guides?

Your spirit guides are NOT your ancestors nor your deceased family members.  At least, I have rarely seen such cases.  However, you may have shared physical lifetimes with them in your past life.  Or you may not have.

You asked your spirit guides to join you at some point when you planned your life path.  Typically, people are born with a couple of spirit guide (one called a birth guide the other called the trans-guide). Later as you evolve on your path, more spirit guides reveal themselves to you or arrive as you call for them.  These guides continue on within or outside your circle as you continue on. Some only have four to seven spirit guides, others have as many as 12-15.  Some people claim you hire these guides. No, they agree to step into your field at the time in life when you have asked them to. Much of the etheral planning of your life path happened before you ever stepped foot into your physical form.

Your spirit guides have agreed to serve in this capacity so as to advise the higher course of your life. Don’t be afraid to access them and connect with them.  They want to provide you with counsel and wisdom. They often leave messages in the mundane world for you.  Remember, their further development in the ethers is accomplished by supporting you in your life path.  They are often several steps ahead of you in their spiritual evolution, so they may have a higher perspective and deeper insights.

Insights Into Your Spirit Guides

1. “Why do I have more than one spirit guide?”

Well, think of it like this.  No man is an island unto himself. Each spirit guide has a personality, an ethos and pathos to their personality.  Some lead the team with grand big visions, but don’t pay much attention to the details. They’ll remind you of your purpose.  Some are jovial, maintain a positive outlook and support the dynamics of your path. Some will point out the limits of your capacity so you can make adjustments and call to you the much needed physical support.   Some are good at technical analytical thinking.  Some are nurturing, healing and comforting.  You have access to all these different guides and together, they make a great team.

If you can only recognize one spirit guide, you may be communicating with your first (birth) guide.  He or she can work as the representative of the whole team, but also remember as you advance along your path, you may have outgrown your birth guide and she or he will take a back seat to allow a more evolved member of the team to come forward. She hasn’t left you, however.

It’s also important to understand the number of spirit guides on the inner circle doesn’t mean better or worse.  A team of four is just as successful and potent as a team of six.  Personally, when I had over a dozen guides, I found myself communicating with just three or four of them most of the time. I also had a Guardian that stood outside my circle protecting us. However, I recognized in him a great power of untapped wisdom, so I called him to join my circle because he had become such a powerful force of nature for me. You can adjust your circle at any time, The other guides will accept your choice, even if it is uncomfortable for them to do so, if it ultimately means your greatest growth potential possible.

2. “Isn’t it better to simply communicate with higher beings, like angels?”

It’s essential to leave your ego behind here. I hate to break it to you, but most angels do not concern themselves with the day-to-day workings of your life. They maintain a higher space of ethereal light and have other work. You may believe you are calling on Gabriel, for example to rend judgement on some person, but chances are, unless you have incanted his secret name and bound yourself to him, you aren’t summoning the angel that is believed to sit on the left hand of God. It’s not that you aren’t important enough, its that you’ve already been given everything within you to achieve all you are here to achieve.

Your inner circle spirit guides are just a few steps ahead of you and surrounding you with wisdom and insights galore. An etherealized being who has transcended humanic realms and the realms of lower vibrating entities are working on more important projects than assisting you with attracting abundance to your life or healing you of a malady which is already within you to release. Your spirit guides are just slightly above you vibrationally, and only recently ascended to that level, which means they can relate to you and empathize with you.  Don’t underestimate them just because they are not lofty pinnacles of heightened wisdom and light years ahead of you.

Honestly, you don’t want an advanced guide before you are ready. That would be like asking Einstein to teach elementary school science or asking da Vinci to teach a kindergarten art class.  The students won’t learn what they need from an evolutionary when what they need a teacher who can assist them with experiences they need to ascend to their next position.

This doesn’t mean higher level beings like angels are not powerful and involved with us at some level – of course, they are.  It’s just you need to remember, Earth Angels have specific duties, and those duties do not include you on a daily basis. That’s where your spirit guides become your most trusted resource for advice, guidance and judicious allies.

3. “What’s the name of my spirit guide?”

Every being in all ethereal planes have two names. They have a mundane name, and a sacred or secret name. The mundane name is used to call for assistance and guidance, the sacred or secret name is only used between a spirit and a higher or etherealized being in secret rites, divinations and summonings. Mundane names change constantly. The Secret or Sacred name is the name that stays with your essence for all eternity.

Most spirit guides will come to you and provide you only with a mundane name that you and they have agreed to use, something you can easily pronounce or easily associate with. This is where things get confusing, for when people believe they are summoning angels to do their work for them, they are only calling on the mundane name that a guide may have already previously agreed upon. Only those in the highest orders know the sacred and secret names of these entities and chances are, your spirit guides will not reveal their sacred or secret names to you until you’ve reached a level of maturity and enlightenment

Information such as the name, appearance or history of each of your spirit guides can provide you with tremendous insight as to their wealth of value and wisdom they have to offer you.

I do provide Spirit Guide Readings if you prefer to do one. Just order of my private one-on-one consults and we will conduct a field reading to connect with and give you the name, appearance and a story behind your chosen spirit guides.  I may also be commissioned to do a spirit guide painting for you. I also offer Spiritual Guidance Coaching which is a six session long program to teach you how to communicate with your spirit guides one-on-one.  It’s been a great success and I recommend it to anyone who is serious about utilizing this amazing resource.

4. “Do I need to get help from a psychic or medium to communicate with my spirit guide?”

Well, most psychics and mediums will probably be upset with me when I reveal this to you. No. You don’t NEED us to help you with anything.

You are fully capable of communicating with your own spirit guides yourself. You can do this through dreams, visualizations, vision quests and meditations. There is a learning curve, however, and you have to be certain you aren’t attracting lower vibrating entities to you when you are seeking connection with your true guides. Once you’ve made a golden thread of connection to them, nothing can clip that chord between you and them.

That being said, you may find it incredibly supportive, far easier with far less frustration to get some training on communicating with your spirit guides.

Communicating with your guide’s is a lot like learning to use a cell phone. You don’t need to know how it works to know it does. Its just that most of us our internal mechanisms for connecting and listening to the unseen is pretty atrophied and needs some exercise.  Let me ask you this, did you find it incredibly valuable to have someone more experienced sitting next to you when you were first learning how to drive?  What about when you first learned to use a computer? Or learned to ride a bike?  What about learning to talk? You watched and practiced regularly to make sounds using your mouth and listening to mimic the sounds you heard.

Telepathic communication with your guides isn’t much different.  This why I offer Spirit Guides Coaching.  Learn it by doing it with me.  You’ll get my special report, too, so you can practice more at home by yourself.

5. “But do I really have spirit guides?”

Yes. You really do. That being said, some souls lose connection with their spirit guides through a traumatic experience where they lose a part of their essence.  Some people dismiss their spirit guides and dissociate from them completely. However, they don’t leave you. They don’t disconnect from you, because the chord must be severed ON BOTH SIDES. This is the vital part of the spirit guide communion. You and your guides take a communion and a vow together. Neither can be separated from the other without a mutually agreed upon chord cutting. You may choose to clip your cord and shut yourself  down due to your programming, but the guides remain in your field, just beyond your wall.

Some mediums claim they read akashic fields and say some souls don’t have spiritual guides. The only time I’ve found this to be the case, is when the being I am working with has a very vital, critical mission that they alone must take upon themselves. They have chosen to work this mission alone for the benefit of all. These are usually very high functioning spirits engaged in a particularly difficult life path to create the rifts and ripples necessary for great change and transformation.

This is a very rare being indeed. Beings who have chosen to embark upon a very critical mission who do not have spirit guides usually know this at a deep level. However, they have access to another level of guidance that transcends the inner circle. They are usually surrounded by a flame and they have partnered with a very powerful dark guardian, often misidentified as a deamon.  They often feel very lonely and helpless, quite literally.  They may have given up on a spiritual because they were disappointed with the results of their previous attempts.

When a psychic claims they have found out there are no spirit guides and claim they can restore the spirit guides to you, be very watchful and careful. This person is hailing herself as an interventionist and it is not an oracle’s duty to intervene on a personal life path. Typically the psychic has seen the chords to the spirit guides but also noticed you erected a wall between yourself and them. They may try to charge you additional money to “restore” your spirit guides for you, but all they will be able to do is assist you in clearing your field, if you so choose.

If you truly don’t have a spirit guide (and I have only seen this one time in my 30+ years of oracle work), it was your choice and you made that choice very carefully for the very sacred and critical mission you have embarked upon.

Sometimes psychics misidentify spirit guides.

Many psychics lay claim that you might be involved a very harmful situation with an entity or that you have negative spirit guides who misguide you.  They will then claim that for $XX of extra dollars, they can clip this chord for you.

This is extremely confusing because you can’t tell if an advice coming from the psychic is valid or not. I will disagree with what they are saying, because again this insinuates that the psychic has some magical ability over you and can intervene upon your life path. No reputable psychic or medium can or will ethically directly intervene in your life path, disconnect or create a connection or an attachment to an entity between you and them.

A true and ethical oracle knows the difference between dark and light and will advise you, guide you, and teach you how to clip chords that no longer serve you. However, an oracle’s purpose is not to intervene in your life, lest this inadvertently leads you to repeat lessons unnecessarily due to the outside intervention.

I have seen low vibrational attachments and entity attachments and people who are drained from these attachments, but usually, at some level the person is aware of them and yes, even acquiesced to be a part of this symbiotic relationship. Part of your ability to discern for yourself is in developing a strong moral compass that allows you to trust your inner wisdom and your guidance. The inner circle of your guides cannot be overwhelmed by negative entity unless you have agreed to allow it into your own field.

If you have more questions about spirit guides, please leave them in the comments below and I’ll answer them for you.  Thank you.

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