Cultivate preeminence, become a wealthy goddess & communicate high value feminine leadership & presence for lasting success.

How we magnetize ourselves is how the Universe rewards us with like energy. How you are first perceived determines the quality of opportunities, connections and relationships you are able to cultivate. To become a wealthy goddess & serve at your highest level, you must be able to ensure your unique magnetic presence is expressed through the energetic essence of who and what you are at your core. It is part strategy, part authenticity, part skills mastery.

The Renaissance woman is an entrepreneur, creative visionary, expert or executive who desires to create a life, career or business of high value service that allows them to live their mission in life. They desire to be perceived as preeminent.

Serve out of fiercely courageous love, by being uniquely you at your highest level.

There is a fine line between cultivating a wealthy goddess aura of authenticity, sincerity, class, status, & charm while communicating clearly that ensures you are highly valued. Prosperity & abundance is an ever-flowing undercurrent of energy that surrounds us all. By tapping into your own inner wealthy goddess, you become naturally more affluent.

No matter where you are at in life, you can learn to radically transform yourself through understanding one key truth. You are Divine. As Divine you can use your presence and self-value to cultivate a higher quality life rich in opportunity and relationships that enable you to serve at your highest level.

I serve executives, entrepreneurs, and experts in empowering them to develop a deeper sense of self awareness about the energy they are cultivating and emanating to the Universe around them. The Universal Laws of Success are always in operation. Learning to master and utilize these laws enables you to establish a powerful presence to become magnetically prosperous and abundantly delighted with life.

Personal and Professional Coaching

Breakthrough coaching and business strategies – from passion to profit – designing and claiming your Mission in life, cultivating your own unique wealthy goddess energy, transforming personal and professional relationships, enhancing brand strategy, communication eloquence and intuitive leadership excellence will positively transform your relationships, business and life.

Our comprehensive consulting services are offered in person, online and by telephone. We welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can serve you and your business at the highest level.

Half Day or Full Day Individual Consultation The investment for coaching is based on whether or not coaching takes place in your office, in a suitable retreat or resort, or by phone. You may wish to have our meetings take place in your office or city. Your investment will be as quoted plus travel and accommodations. Coaching sessions are also available by Skype or by phone.

In the first thirty seconds people make judgments about us on a subconscious level, based on what they see, hear and sense. Likewise, the Universe responds to the unique signature energy we send out. If you are struggling or stuck in scarcity, it’s time to learn to Project Preeminence, Authority, Confidence and Credibility through the Laws of Success: Power, Presence, Communication, Magnetism, Charisma and Delight.

High Intuitive Self-Value: A Wealthy Goddess Understands that Preeminence Serves Your Highest Value @ The Highest Level You are Your Message: Transform your Trauma into Your Triumph and Live Your Mission.

The Six P’s of a Powerfully Magnetic Personal Presence that Attracts Prosperity:

The Nine Rules of the Wealthy Goddess:
Define & Live Your Mission in Life
Exude Clarity, Certainty, Passion and Confidence
Cultivate a Preeminent, Magnetic Aura
Employ The Laws of Success
Own the Room – While Encouraging Collaboration
Utilize a Powerful, Memorable Introduction
Whosoever Asks the Best Questions in the Room, Wins
Master the Art of Intuitive Leadership (Lead from Within)
Develop a Generous Heart & a Prosperity Consciousness

Inner Reality is Reflected in Your Outer Reality: Make Your Intentions Known & Manifest The Right Result Every Time 
Develop Your Unique Personal Essence.
Unlocking Your Wealthy Goddess Code
Stand Out – Don’t Blend In.
Be Undeniably Unforgettable in a Field of Lemmings.
When Others Follow the Crowd, Go the Opposite Direction.
Fully Embody What Delights You to Successfully Cultivate & Magnetize Wealth & Success.

Click here to book a Coaching Session or inquire directly with Isis Jade by calling 408-550-6457 (international callers 001-408-550-6457)  or by email isis at for a rapid response.

Clients often book Isis Jade for a full day VIP session and then follow up as needed.

Consultations include:
Clearing Money & Wealth Blocks
Transform Your Trauma into Your Triumph
Cultivating Unlimited Prosperity Mindset
Preeminence Strategy
Presence & Image
Communications Strategy
Develop Your Mission & Message
Wealthy Goddess Coaching
Intuition Mastery & Intuitive Leadership
Executive & Entrepreneur Coaching
Success Strategies
Brand Strategy
Authentic Marketing & Positioning

Just need a few minutes of my time for advice or guidance? Email me isis at to schedule your session.

Private Coaching Packages run from 6-8 weeks,
VIP Half Day or Full Day Intensives are available.
VIP Coaching Programs run for 12 weeks to 6 months.

Become A Wealthy Goddess. Position Yourself for Success in any Situation 
Transform yourself into a magnetic, alluring, sophisticated high value goddess to succeed in any business and social scene with impeccable style, charisma and finesse.

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