Girl ~ There Are Profound, Life-Changing Experiences Awaiting You. All YOU Have to Do Is Embrace & USE Your Goddess Power

There are tremendous benefits when you embrace your Goddess Power, what many self-help experts call Personal Power. Being a spiritualist, I prefer to acknowledge my higher power as being derived from my Higher Self, what I call my Inner Goddess or my Authentic Goddess Nature.

A lot of women can be a little concerned or a little put off by my usage of the word “power”. We are often taught to live as the ideal woman, we should be submissive, sexy, thin, raise perfect kids, be the perfect volunteer, be supportive, kind, gentle, never speak a word out of turn. Be seen and not heard.

We are also taught that women who are in power must be domineering, controlling, abrasive, critical, judgmental,  that we are hungry, bitchy, demanding, hyper-driven, they are materialistic, manipulative, unkind, mean, underhanded, backstabbing, catty….

Actually, what you are going to find out is that a woman who embraces her true Goddess Nature are none of those things, and people who demonstrate any of the behavior above, are individuals who have given their power away to others and are in the midst of a power struggle.

A woman who steps into her Goddess Power becomes infinitely more compassionate, kind, and concerned for all those around her – and equally for herself. She demonstrates an equal amount of compassion, respect and loving gratitude for herself as well as for others.

A woman who steps into her Goddess Power and embraces her Authentic Goddess Nature becomes infinitely more capable of achieving so much more for herself and her loved ones, and with far less effort than someone who is fighting against her higher self.

The journey into accepting and falling in love with yourself is the greatest journey you could embark  upon. It’s the deepest most profound journey you can take.

So many people live their lives on the surface. I know I did for many years. I only sought out material pleasures, I only looked at beauty as skin deep, I only judged a person’s quality by their appearance and the things they accomplished and attracted to themselves. And so, I only attracted people who lived surface lives. That happened for many years.

We only skim through life, across the top. We never deeply invested ourselves any more than we needed into one another to get what we believed we needed out of that relationship or interaction.
Maybe it was because I didn’t feel like I had the time, or I was too pushed for time or I just never felt like I’d get anything out of a deeper exchange with another person. I also believe it was due to a fear of being rejected or hurt or punished in some way – which is why I avoided deeper interactions with others.

If your relationships, your interactions, your gut tells you that you’ve always been involved in what felt like an empty “what’s in it for me” sort of exchange and you want to learn how to change that so you can bring all kinds of magic and miracles into your life, this podcast will explain some of the shifts when you make the changes you need to make.

Over the next 60 minutes, I’m going to talk about the profound life changing experiences that await you. You’ll hear stories of my clients as they met their Goddess for the very first time. Many of my clients have experienced severe trauma, as have I and embarked with me upon a journey into themselves. We’ll discuss what they found on the other side and the monumental impacts and changes they experienced.

This podcast contains a wealth of information for those of you who are looking to gain a more empowered experience in your lives.

Thank you for listening. Namaste.

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