“Compassion can exist on many levels. But until you begin with self-compassion, you will find it challenging to demonstrate compassion for anything or anyone else.” ~ The Goddess, Isis

Hello my Beautiful Starshine!

Today, I’ve been thinking a great deal on the subject of compassion. Especially where it concerns ourselves first and how we honor and nourish our temples (our bodies).

Transitioning to a Compassionate Diet

Food is a big topic in my house. Everyone here loves to eat.

Now, I made a commitment to transitioning to a more compassionate diet years ago, but I’ve slipped back into old habits and patterns that have not honored my personal commitment. After much thought and concern I’ve decided to become more compassionate to myself and my own process of walking a moderate life path, rather than beat myself up about the fact I had not fully transitioned, yet.

There are definite changes in my dietary lifestyle that have been more in honor with my compassionate nature. I eat very little dairy. I eat very little red meat (about 6-8 times a year now), almost no pork (2-3 times a year), and very little poultry (a couple times a week). I do still eat fish and shellfish, but my transition plan for this year will begin with removing those items out of my diet at about 70% of the time now. I don’t limit myself to a 100% plant based diet, yet, mainly because I have a carnivore for a husband and a son. ;-).

We cannot lecture our loved ones until we are blue in the face. They are entitled to make their own choices, just as we are entitled to ours. When I eat meals alone, I largely stay away from meats. When I enjoy a meal with my husband, sometimes it’s plant-based and sometimes it includes fish or shellfish.

Our compassion must extend out to those family members who are not ready to switch to a 100% plant-based diet as well as ourselves. Since eating out is a favorite pastime for the both of us and a good meal is a way we share our love for one another, I do not judge him for his choices. He tries to honor me by suggesting places he knows I can also find plant-based meals. I recognize that and I love him for it.

Every day is a journey. A new beginning. 🙂

With great joy I say that.

Transitioning dietary lifestyles are difficult. It is no simple challenge when you have a whole family to care for. I extend my compassionate nature to my loved ones, as well as to the animals that nourish us. We send energy and gratitude to those beings who gave us life and nourishment. We do this even for the plants.

That plants don’t suffer or perish to give us life is a misnomer and something to take into consideration.  Our life is sustained by many other cycles of life. That is the path. We can be compassionate and kind and caring and take life with gratitude and blessings, honoring the life force of that life cycle which nourishes us, be it plant or animal… or we can be cruel. It is our choice.

And that brings me to another topic…

Goddesses as leaders of social change are courageous individuals who are concerned with honor, justice, honesty, integrity, peace, love and compassion. Such goddesses aren’t necessarily concerned with how they appear to others. They do not judge others based on their food choices alone.

They are concerned with righting wrongs, balancing the equation, offering education and awareness without lecturing or judgement, while offering love, peace and kindness to all living beings.

Compassion is one of our most powerful attributes as a Goddess. Without it, we become inhumane. For many thousands of years, leaders of change have pioneered ways for us to think differently and feel differently.

Ahimsa – the term for harmlessness in Hindu culture, is also a cornerstone for a Compassionate Goddess and one we all should seek to aspire to, each in our own way.

Compassion Begins Within

It begins with being considerate of ourselves first, then allowing that energy to radiate outwards into other aspects and areas of our lives. It also means participating in beneficial actions and practices that enliven us – rather than injuring ourselves or another.

For until we can demonstrate true self-compassion with our own body, our heart and our spirit, there is no path made available towards demonstrating true compassion to any other being in our path.

Ahimsa is an acronym for you, my Compassionate Goddess, to use as a guide along her daily journey as she embraces more and more of her Compassionate Nature.

A – Abstinence from harming or injuring another (including herself).

H – Harmlessness with reverence for all life (including her own).

I – Integrity of thought, word and action (remaining in self-integrity between our actions, our words and thoughts).

M – Mastery of herself and her life path (coming into self-awareness, self-guidance and self-wisdom).

S – Selfless love and compassion offered towards self, nature and humanity.

A – Acceptance of self and others as unique expressions of our shared Infinite nature.

I’m not going to lecture you nor am I going to tell you how to choose to honor yourself and others who also have a right to live. Simply make one small choice every day to demonstrate self-compassion and offer compassion to another.

(I’ll give you a Compassionate Goddess Poster to download and print for yourself later this week to assist you on this journey!)

Much love,


The Goddess Isis.