I’ve been in partial seclusion and contemplation for the past month now over  The Goddess Show and my own internal conflicts I’ve been struggling with for the past few years.

The question I put to the Infinite within was whether or not to continue this path or to move onwards and upwards.

I started this show out of a desire to create a change and manifest it.

I am seeing, however, phenomenal shifts in the world, taking place, without this work.  Men and women together are stepping up and calling an end to the violence against women, and One Billion and more are rising to meet this challenge. There are many wonderful people who are taking action to empower women in a vast number of powerful ways. While there is still much work to be accomplished in this arena, there are many more people who are far more potent than I in that realm to bring about change.

The messages and emails I’ve received from people have reaffirmed that while this show is a good beginning, it’s not enough. Men email me and message me asking when I’m going to develop a program for them. They ask me why they are excluded. Women message me begging for more, more insight more growth, more spiritual wisdom, more personal empowerment strategies. More. more. more. That is exciting. Truly.

However, something troubled me greatly. You see, it was never my intention to exclude anyone from receiving growth, guidance or empowerment lessons. I was taking cues outside myself that I needed to focus on one tiny niche and grow my platform that way, that I might be published this year.

I find the path of singularly focusing on women alone is a reflection of an imbalance in myself and again yet another compromise I was making to try to keep myself from having to face my own privately held fears. However, I know in the midst of those fears, contains my dream, realized.

When I look back over who has supported this program over the past three months, I was surprised by what I found. It has been men who have retweeted and shared this show with their female friends – almost a 3 for one over my women listeners.  We are now up to well over 3500 listeners per show on Blog Talk Radio and more than a thousand downloads since three months previous!

It is truly amazing how fast it has grown in so a short time, with almost zero effort from me. I am deeply and quietly puzzled over who has stepped up and offered to uplift this work for women and share it with others.

It was indeed surprising and also deeply revelational to me. My friends, I thank you for these timely messages.

Between you and I, I’ve deliberately been limiting my own impact to create, by not writing or developing what has truly been resting in my heart. In a way, I haven’t been completely wholely authentic with you.

Why? Honestly, it’s been largely out of fear. Fear of being labeled/viewed as a cult leader or some kind of false prophet. Having seen the damage done to followers in cults of personalities and the costly damage done to people in the world by self-proclaimed personality spiritual leaders, it was not my desire to join their ranks.

I’ve also been trained up in the world of internetese and marketing. It’s not the way I enjoy working, and I think I’ve largely used it to build a barrier around myself, keeping myself small and ineffectual, so as to avoid facing my many fears. It is that faux cultofpersonality that people want to follow. It’s not intrinsic of my nature to cultivate. I seek ever to put you in charge of you.

I realize however, no matter how hard you work to develop integrity, there will always be naysayers and people who are  afraid of the work you create. I cannot control any other person, but my own self. To my own self, I must be true.

As I read over my past year’s worth of writing, I also see a similar thread. It feels as if I spend too much time working to convince myself that I can be less afraid and trying desperately to silence that tiny, silly mind inside, and far less time providing actual, real, tangible value to you, my listeners and readers. I know that when I am working face to face, one on one or in a group, none of that is revealed. None of my fears, none of my tiny mind. Because I have left that behind and entered a higher space to provide greater wisdom and service to others.

I deeply desire to provide wisdom and guidance that can make an immediate, positive impact in the lives of others. I’ve been studying and practicing advanced esoterica for over 20 years. I have come to understand what works to create immediate shift in a life, and I know what creates a lot of needless, wasteful cycling over and over forcing you to work harder and harder for something that doesn’t exist and cling desperately to a false set of ideals.

My work is focused on effortlessly coming to a state of pure being, so you can manifest effortlessly in the nonmaterial realms and bring to light that which you desire to experience most in your material realms. Its not up to me to determine for you what that should be.

However, I’ve not manifested in this material realm what I deeply desire to experience most, because of my own fears. What other people will think/say about me, how others will judge me or hold me to as being less than some ideal they may hold about me.

I don’t profess to be perfection, far from it. I don’t profess to be perfectly enlightened, far from that. I am but a spiritual being with some unique physical and immaterial experiences and wisdom to share with others.   I’d like to be able to share that understanding with as many people as possible, especially if it means guiding them into a life filled with effortless grace, joy and delight!

That is after all, my natural state of being. Effortless, Graceful, Joyful, spontaneous, creative and impetuous. 🙂

I’ve been ordained as a professional interfaith practitioner since 2005, when I embarked upon a course of study in philosophical spirituality. I have spent twenty years studying esoterica, energetic psychology and spirituality.  However, I have long felt uncomfortable with the idea of leading a community of seekers.

I don’t like to use the word minister or religious pastor. I’m not a priestess. While i am ordained to provide ceremony and ritual, and yes, I can legally establish a “church” or “temple”, I have had a difficult time coming to terms with how to bridge the old paradigm of spiritual practice with what I’ve come to know as a path of sacred living and being in a state of presence and awareness with all that is around me.

I am a guide  (one of many) who can provide some wisdom and understanding along your path, certainly I can give  light to a challenge.  My work is not to help you or disempower you. I exist far from that paradigm. I do not seek to help others. Only to empower them to help themselves. Help in my opinion is a dirty, four letter word.

My work is to ever and only guide you always back to your own great source of infinite wisdom and teach you how to develop this within yourself. I have access to this infinite wisdom as well and this is what I use to teach and share from.

All that being said, the insight that I’ve been given is that it is time to step beyond this first initial Goddess Show and blossom upwards and onwards.

It’s time to co-create a new manifestation for people who want to end the needless seeking, the endless pursuit of processing and healing or fixing of issues. It’s time to create a place for those individuals who consider themselves spiritual-but-not-religious. For people who dislike the God Paradigm altogether. For people who seek to tap into their true potential as co-creators and co-manifestors and leave behind the never-ending processing and improvement paradigm.

I’ve been very hesitant to move in this direction, because as of yet, I have not felt I was certain I could successfully bring this vision into being. And yet, I’ve already seen what I’m capable of co-creating with others. I’m still very much learning about and experimenting with this new paradigm myself.

I now realize I need to build the foundation in order to not have to create it into being alone. The time for introspection has ended and the time for creation has begun.

It is time to lead the charge for personal, effortless transformation, so to speak, until I create enough of a movement that others care to join me.

I long believed I needed first a foundation, a  platform, and get published the “old fashioned” way to make the impact I forsee feasible. I also felt some need to be validated in order to feel certainty that I could create value and service to others.

I no longer believe either the case to be true in my new place of being over the past month of my introspection and contemplation.

I had long felt this vision was my true calling, but I’ve balked from the responsbility of it, out of my tiny mind of fear. I’ve interpreted that calling since the early nineties in a vast many forms and permutations.

An infinitely wise, sage Buddhist monk once told me a few years back, “you cannot run away from yourself or your own self-created destiny. No matter how far away you travel, Isis, there you are, face to face, with you and the essence of who and what you are. Only when you decide to get out of your own way, will the dream I see before manifested before you create itself on your behalf. It will never be the other way around.” I got scared by what he saw as my future, for it was the same as I saw it, and I ran away again.

Well, it’s high time I got out of my way and stop running, isn’t it? It’s time I stop resisting and let it flow through me and beyond me. For great things may be allowed to prosper and grow if I but get out of the way, stop this needless cycling and allow the way to be created as it desires.

So, today I am sharing with you the dream I’ve been subtly visioning in the immaterial realm since 2005. It is called  The Sacred Living Center. I do not know what the future holds, but the work I am currently developing will be a foundation for this community.

I am putting an end to my cycling and running around, and all the crazy seeking. It is time for me, and for you to stop striving and stop seeking outside ourselves… and just breathe and be. It feels freeing, it feels exciting, and it feels fantastic.

Why? Because I will no longer be the centerpiece, or the name from which it will spring. It will no longer be about Isis, but about you. It will be about your potential, your gifts and all about giving you every tool and strategy I know of that will enable and empower you to create and manifest the life you choose, effortlessly and in harmonious partnership with all that is around you.

I will be but a facilitator for The Sacred Living Center. I am not sure how yet it will manifest and unfold, but if you are interested in learning more or have ideas or wish to participate in its founding, please email me at [email protected], friend me on Facebook and message me there, and I’ll be sure to get in touch with you to share more.

When the foundation work comes out, it will be in the form of a book. This book will be the first of many courses works and programs, but this is where I’ll be spending the next few months. Working silently in harmonious partnership with the creative forces that exist. It will be a blend of the old with the new and will be a bridge for people to effortlessly experience release and grace in their own lives.

As of today, I will not be producing any further podcasts or radio shows as The Goddess Guide of The Goddess Show. All work related to the Goddess show will be left up and it will serve to remind me and others to grow exponentially beyond our own interpretations of what we desire for ourselves. Eventually it will be taken down over the next few months.

Namaste my friends and listeners.

Be Peace. Be Bliss. Be Joy. Be Love.

Be as One. Isis

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