You’re Here Because You Want IN on the Best-Kept Secrets on How to Manifest Unlimited Love, Abundance, Joy, Mind-Blowing Sex and be “FULLY EMBODIED” in the World!

So let me guess:

Maybe you…

  • are doing “ok” in some areas of life… but you keep stalling out and you’re not sure why.
  • find yourself facing crisis after crisis or repeating the same cycles and can’t seem to get unstuck.
  • are ready for life to be UTTERLY, MIND-BLOWINGLY MAGICAL.
  • want to find out how to FLOW through life with EASE, GRACE, PASSION AND ECSTASY.
  • aren’t living full out and you’re tired of faking it till you make it.
  • want to ride the waves of ecstatic bliss, allowing what’s already within you to carry you forward.
  • want to know how the ancient secrets of Tantra & The Law of Delight will help you UNLEASH YOUR FULL POTENTIAL.
  • are ready to EXPERIENCE the DIVINE in every facet of life.
  • need to RELEASE TRAUMA from your past so you can be free to trust, enjoy intimacy and form deeper connections with others…

Beautiful Soul ~ I am the Goddess of DELIGHT known as Isis Jade. 

I’m here to help you with that.


Whether you want to work (we call it play) with me one-on-one, come to one of my live events, retreats or workshops or you prefer to explore your divine essence in the privacy of your own home with my online courses, books and free resources: I’m eternally devoted to you.

Our life as souls on this plane is a never-ending adventure full of wonder, discovery and delightful transcendence. My greatest revelation I wrote about in my book, DELIGHT is this: “there is no end point” and all of us are wired to delight ourselves and one another.

Discover the Divine Unlimited Essence of You that exists between the lines of day to day existence.

Why Would I Offer That, You Wonder?

Coming from a disempowered, fractured and shut-down place, struggling with my self-worth, sexuality, power & divinity to where I am now, it’s been quite the journey. You see, growing up, I learned it wasn’t safe to show delight in life. Much less be a fully embodied light of feminine grace, presence or power.

I endured years of childhood trauma until my early twenties when I was abducted by a trafficker. I suffered through months of isolation in a pitch black room, sexual trauma, torture and nearly died before crawling out of the abyss of hell and escaping. No, you don’t escape unscathed. I’ll never forget the first time I saw sunlight that day.

As a result, my power and my voice had been repressed for years. This suppression triggered in me a cycle of self-sabotage and downward spiraling back into the abyss. I’d have to work hard to climb out only to find myself repeating the same cycle a few weeks or months later. I truly believed I was broken.

It got so bad that I was living in near constant physical and psychic pain. I could barely walk. I couldn’t breathe. I was suffering from daily panic attacks, vomiting sometimes as much as a dozen times a day. My entire body was shutting down and I was checking out. I had no drive or energy to do anything valuable with my life…

Doctors believed I was going to die. I knew if I didn’t find a way to reclaim my power they were right. I became completely isolated in the dark night of my soul.

Then, I experienced an epiphany.

DELIGHT is the Only Way to Catapult You Out of the Downward Spiral and Into the NEXT LEVEL of DIVINE LIVING.

The Downward Spiral becomes a negative energy addiction. At first it’s a way for the subconscious mind to keep you safe and out of harm’s way. Over time, it becomes a broken record – something gets stuck.

I personally went through years of therapy, meeting psychiatrists, healers, self-help gurus and none of them were able to break the cycle.

The 3 am experience I had of being in such a state of pure ecstasy and rapture, I write about in my book, DELIGHT.  I since discovered I have a gift in being able to trigger this ecstatic state in any person in my presence so long as they are open to receiving the gift. DELIGHT has since become a radical form of inversion therapy – healing the rift – liberating you from the cycle – permanently.

Throughout my years of research and travels, I was blessed several times by many enlightened ones and given my name, ISIS JADE. ISIS is an acronym for my full name: Idam Shakti Isvara Svarupa – which loosely translates into “This is Goddess Divine Energy, The Supreme Soul Fully Embodied in True Form”.

And so, I became the Goddess of Delight. 🙂


THE LAW OF DELIGHT STATES: The entire Universe is wired to resonate most optimally at the frequency of DELIGHT. When we delight ourselves fully in life, we automatically receive all the desires of our heart.

That is the Divine Promise. Divine LAW.

You have full capacity to choose to delight in any experience you have. The power of CHOICE is yours. It is the greatest super power you wield. YOU get to choose.

After years of searching, I found my answer. I know it is THE ANSWER.

I am The Goddess of DELIGHT here to liberate you to experience Life Fully. Completely.

You are a powerful, vibrant, sovereign, divine being of grace, love and light. And if you are here, now, on this page, you are meant to activate this message now at a much higher frequency than you ever have before.  

Today, I’m Blessed to be a Highly Sought After Expert Who Specializes in Forward Thinking Ideas About Divine Living, Delight, Liberation and Empowerment.

The reason I’m doing all of this is because I know one thing for certain:

Your Life Can BE A Most Fulfilling, Delightful, Sacred and Enriching Adventure.

You Can Have It All. All the Pleasure, the Ecstasy, the Happiness, the Success, the Abundance, the Healing, the Mind-Blowing Sex, the Love, the Eternal Romance and All the DEEPLY POWERFUL Connections You Can Possibly Handle.

All you need? Just a little divine help from a friend who loves you.


I found DELIGHT described in the most ancient scrolls of Tantra and in Ancient Egyptian texts. I found countless ancient sages and philosophers all describing Delight as being “the only true secret short cut – a stairway straight to heaven”.  I even found Delight referenced in the most esoteric works that focused on sex magic and other strategies to trigger immediate enlightenment, while embodying true sovereignty and power.

By delighting yourself fully, you are finally able drop all the baggage and get out of your own way. Releasing soul contracts, chords that bind you, and end the downward spiral of negative thinking or self-sabotage.

Imagine no longer having to force yourself to work hard, climbing slowly back out through the never-ending maze of healing and fixing yourself. It’s all being done for your highest and most optimal outcome.

It’s Effortless Ease and Grace.

The other amazing thing?

Well, DELIGHT is Manifesting Energy on Steroids. Once you “get” this… you really “get” it.

So, what are you waiting for?

Start now and discover how to live your divine life and learn how to activate The Law of Delight by signing up below. I’ll send you my most popular 7-part video training series including exercises, mediations, visualizations and some of my best-kept secrets – for free.

May all beings be liberated to CREATE AND DELIGHT themselves fully in a DIVINE LIFE. So mote it be. NAMASTE.