In this secretly released, student-only lesson Isis Jade teaches her students the secrets behind why mind training and mind control programs don’t work, and why they will never work fully to release you into the path of true ascension and life mastery.

She explains the futility of ego destruction and mind control and why this is a very masculine-oriented, very yang philosophy that has pervaded throughout religion and personal development over the past two thousand years.

This is a powerful, life-changing lesson about what your mind is really ideally used for, and how you can align with your highest self with honor and integrity.  This is the first foundation that begins to describe why Isis Jade’s trainings and lessons are very different.


You must empty your glass.
You must lose yourself before you can find yourself.


You have to journey deeper.


Deeper than you’ve ever journeyed before.

It as at the heart of this journey that you will meet your true, infinite nature.


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