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Getting delightfully in sync with the Universe is the key to tapping into attracting endless magic and miracles to your life. When we are in sync with the DeLightFULL flow of the Universe, we can attract anything we desire to ourselves with little to no effort at all.

When you are in sync, the Universe will ask you to throw caution to the wind and dance to your own delightful heart-song in the glistening light of a full moon. The best part is, you’ll have no trouble doing so. You’ll be skipping along and enjoying the wild ride on the flow of Universal Force!

So how does one get in sync? It all starts with Waking up your Inner DeLightFull Nature.

Awakening Your Inner DeLightFull Nature.

delight-promoYour heart softens and opens up to endless possibilities when the Your Inner DeLightFull Nature awakens;  as a beautiful flower blooming might be caressed and teased into opening its blossoms by the morning rays and mists.

This creates a yearning within your very essence to bloom and stretch to your fullest potential – enabling to attract others that are in that same pattern and expansion of growth. Your DeLightFull Being whispers to you of possibilities. It teases your soul, gently reminding you of a Universe filled with infinite magic and synchronicity that awaits only your discovery.

When we learn to breathe consciously, we can take a moment to wake up our Inner DeLight, to listen to its wisdom, its guidance, its direction. We can learn to tap into the ebb and flow of Universal Force and use that force to direct and transform every part of our lives. It is this universal force that our DeLightFull Nature is connected to.

The Universe calls out to the child in us all to follow its voice and its playfulness in the early light of the dawn. It plays the song upon your heart, a pied piper calling to your infinite being to come out and play on bare feet – traipsing through the dewy meadows of bliss.

Happiness is the experience of the Bliss of Being in the Infinite wealth of oneness; to realize in wonder at the billions of twinkling diamonds of the night sky and how we both own and manifest each through our oneness of being. And to realize that only giants and masters know to tread lightly through the forest floor of the earth, careful not to disrespect that of our own creation and stewardship.  For when we live in honor and bliss with all life, are we called to dance the wild dance of the rich abundance found in the autumn leaves frolicking with us in the breeze.

The Breath of the Infinite Divine reaches through the heart of a physical entity and stirs up the creativity, stimulating inspiration, and manifests the building blocks of our life, to animate form and to whisper of an unimaginable reality beyond our comprehension that reveals its full tonality and luminosity only to an opened heart.

The journey of man has been steeped with care as he has staggered under the weight of his imagined dream, a dream in which the twin weights of responsibility and duty were shackled to his feet.  To the one who awakens from his dream of duty comes instead the revelation that life is beauty, that the never-ending adventure of discovery of the DeLightfull Self through our environment is a tantalizing and exciting journey into the very heart of the Infinite.

How Do We Begin To Awaken Our Infinite DeLightFull Nature?

It begins by taking a longer view about your entire life. Awakening your DeLightFull Nature begins by choosing to delight in the mundane, the mediocre and the troublesome. It extends to expecting the sublime and the miraculous in the littlest nuances throughout life.

Just for today…

….”I am in sync with my delightful nature and my beautiful creations are all around me.”

Wherever you go, act as if this place was created just for you to delight in.

Wherever you live, act as if your home was created just for you to live.

Wherever you work, act as if your workplace and all your co-workers are there for you to delight endlessly in.

Take a larger view beyond the ills of the day that bother you.

Step beyond your limited view, take a breath and ask yourself, “What would my DeLightFull Buddha Self do?”


The Laughing, Buddha, Pu Tai, (secretly known as the Buddha of the Future, or Maiatreya) was known for throwing his head back and laughing in the midst of the most traumatic of circumstances. He always knew how to find the light and the delight in any place. He could turn any troubles or problems miraculously into gifts, because he separated circumstances and problems from himself and maintained their separateness as nothing more than reflections of a moment in time.

Maiatreya reminds us to embrace delight and laughter as our daily choices, making them as automatic as our morning routine. Indeed, DeLight remains to this day the fastest path to pure enlightenment.


Be Bliss. Be Joy. Be Love. Be DeLight.


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