In Today’s Telegathering Isis would like to introduce you to a Life of DeLight.


I started with a vision, that life is meant to be filled with delight, joy and prosperity. And that if we follow our soul’s delight, we would never be led astray. With that vision, that dream, I began the research for my book, DELIGHT.

What I stumbled upon in my research, was perhaps, the single most astounding shocking discovery. I felt as if I had been given the keys to the Universe. Suddenly everything became crystal clear, bright as day. I realized that this was my life’s message, this idea of DELIGHT is the message I am to deliver to this world.

I began writing my book, DeLight in 2013, but I was struggling to find a way that would inspire people, that would make this make the most sense. I felt as if I had been given the equation that solves every problem, that eliminates every issue, that transform any life, but the language to explain it, simply hadn’t been invented yet.

delight-promoHow can I describe the absolute, greatest, most powerful force in the universe – that is hidden in such a deceptively, simple, even cutsey little word, such as delight.

And yet, there it was, staring at me… My life’s mission, is to bring DeLight to your life. to explain it, to teach it, to share it, to show you how to incorporate it into every facet of your life.

I went down a path I never anticipated and I did not expect the treasure that I discovered. You never know where the path will lead you, and you can never fully anticipate what will happen when you embark on an adventure. Dreams can come true. You have to begin any journey with the first few tentative steps into an unknown land. You never know what you’ll discover, you’ll never know what jewels are lying there plain as day out in the open, waiting for someone to chance upon them. Everything I do is purely from my heart.

I want to ask you to close your eyes and take a couple of deep breaths with me. hold your hands over your hearts and ask yourselves “what would a Life of DeLight look like for me?” Think about it… feel it out… and maybe make a mental list of all that would mean to you? What does DeLight really look like, and feel like for you? DeLight is an amazing experience… 🙂 but could you imagine waking up every single day and being delighted with life?

Does it mean more money? A better car? More peace? Better health? Does it mean having the time to do what you really enjoy? Your hobbies?

Most of my students up until recently have been private clients, teachers, healers, counselors, executives, and a few public figures. I’ve also previously been involved in a variety of industries as a Fortune 500 consultant, teaching business intuition, rapid business acceleration and strategic planning to executives, teams and lines of business.

I have been communing with the realms of light and downloading a wealth of higher wisdom and guidance in order to now bring new light and principles to a broader audience. These teachings will become the foundation for The Sacred Living Center.

Today, I am most honored and humbled to be able to offer the teachings from the realms of light that have personally transformed my life and the lives of my students on a very deep and powerful level. These concepts up until now have remained closely protected secrets, revealed only to those mystics who have been deemed worthy to enter the realms of light.

The first of several of these secrets were revealed to me about fifteen years ago during a series of several near-death experiences I had while in the hands of a drug trafficker who had held me captive. I endured inexplicable torture, left secluded in a tiny dark room for days on end and was raped. yet, through the Grace of Divine Light I was able to come to a place of true unconditional compassion and empathy for the man who enslaved me. Miraculously, he wept in my chest, begging my forgiveness and I walked out, a free person. To say that I am very much blessed to not only have walked out freely, but to be here alive today, talking with you, would be an understatement.

It wasn’t until many years later that I was made aware of the profound significance of this transcendent experience during my time in this place.  Once you become more aware and conscious of your acts of co-creation that you you manifest for your own personal life journey, will you begin to understand why you trigger certain events in your life. All are there in order to accelerate your own expanding awareness, and the expansion of awareness in the world around you. Over time, as you advance in the teachings of Sacred Divine Light, many levels of awakenings and openings will be encountered.

Namaste my friends, and now, without further ado, let us begin. For these sessions are never about me, but it is indeed, all for you to teach you how to encounter A Sacred Life of DeLight.

Delight is as much a sacred experience as it is  mental, physical, and emotional. It is a spontaneous celebration of the newly discovered, partnered with the inevitable, dumbfounded realization that we do not know quite how it is that we are so delighted by the thing we have just encountered.

Delight secretly guides us along our path and influences our decisions as our spirit leads us to selecting experiences that will most delight us and tickle our fancy.

I am sure those of you brave and intrepid explorers who have ventured on this call with me tonight, are curious about what I mean when say we can live as Enlightened DeLight Makers and Creators, and how this whole idea of Sacred, Effortless Living and DeLightFULL Being fit in together.

Sacred Living is a profound, yet simple philosophy that we all share in the deepest core of our being. When we encounter our daily lives as though living itself is a sacred experience, then all experiences, past, present and future are opened up to us to be experienced as delightful gifts that we pass between one another, rather than heavy lessons that we have to endure and learn or karma we are forever indebted to pay back. It is not as if we are enrolled in some kind of spiritual school that we have to endeavor to graduate from, or some kind of spiritual financial institution where we are indebted to pay back for lifetimes on end.

Most religions and spiritual teachings have two paths that are well-known to most people. One for the laymen, and one for the teachers.  What’s taught to the laymen, the flock, is not what is taught to the shepards.

And then, there is a third path in every spiritual teaching, it’s known as the mystery or the esoteric path. Some call this the pathless path This is the path that mystics, system busters, intrepid explorers, or people who call themselves light workers are called to. they are not satisfied with the status quo. This is the path that follows our direct connection to the Divine Light Within…

By walking through our daily lives in partnership with the Infinite (rather than surrendering to it) as it is expressed in everything we encounter around us, we can co-create a life of delight, filled with peace, love, and unlimited abundance for one and all.

I believe that enlightenment is nothing more than experimenting with DeLight while we unravel and unlearn ourselves until we come to the center of what we are left with, a natural, perpetual state of enthusiastic delightfulness that being one with all that is around us brings to us.

It is our most natural state of being, to be delighted with everything around us. From our physical senses to our emotional senses and up into our highest spiritual ecstatic states.

To be delighted in life is to immerse yourself so deeply in a moment that you and the moment merge together until everything becomes formless and you dissipate, expanding and transcending beyond your local physical body until the infinite itself merges within you and you within it in a state of pure ecstatic bliss. This is the most profound experience a person can have. It is permanently life changing, permanently awakening. For once you return back into your body, you see everything around you with a clarity, a crispness a newness you never knew you could have. you are present, without judgement, without preconceptions, completely letting go.

Pure DeLight gives you a rebirthing. An awakening like no other.

What is this DeLight I speak of? I mean none of us really give a whole lot of weight or even all that much focus on the word delight. And some of you may scoff saying that there’s no way delight is the most powerful creative force in the universe… because we’ve all been taught that it is love.

If that is the case, i submit to you asking yourself why someone like Plato would call DeLight the stairway to heaven? Why did Aristotle call it the only true and authentic movement of the soul when it discovers itself in another form… how could delight be an operation of utter mathematic perfection as pythagoras declared it to be? How is it that the Bagavad Gita insists that the Infinite created all the universe out of a desire to experience delight. Why does the bible insist that if you delight yourself in the lord, your heart’s desires will be made manifest?

Every wise teacher, sage, philosopher and mystic have encountered the raw, unadulterated power of DeLight. and when it hit, it swept them up in such a way, that they were forever transformed in its vortex and they realized this was the most powerful force in the universe. So powerful that we will do anything, anything at all, to experience it. Even to our own ultimate demise if we are not careful.

Mystics throughout the ages have hinted around the idea of delight. Mentioning it in passing, but deliberately leaving out specific details.

Unfortunately, delight has long been indicted as the path to damnation and certain death.
Delight too much and you are certain to be guilty of something.

And yet, there remains a few beautiful passages that hint at spiritual, pure essence of delight as being the fastest most potent form of spontaneous enlightenment in all of the universe. The realms of light in fact don’t call it enlightenment – for enlightenment is singularly uni-dimensional, referring strictly only to illumination of knowledge. The Realms of Light call what I am speaking of the path of DeLight – meaning the mergence of self into the non-self at the moment of the direct experience catalyzing the very act of creation

Thus, we can now look at english word, DeLight with new eyes. For it contains within it a secret message for all of humanity. Whenever we say DeLight or incant Delight in our lives, we are in fact, activating and referring to being so filled up with the experience of encountering ourselves in the Infintie that we have catalyzed the creation of two of the most powerful forces in the universe: Divine Love and Divine Light and it is spilling out of us in every facet of our being. – In other words, we are DeLighted!

In fact this is what Buddha spoke of when he conveyed his final and most important Sutra, the Heart Sutra, to his disciples. Many Buddhist philosophers misunderstanding this single most vital sutra, have called it the Heart Attack Sutra. For within this sutra contains the unveiling of non duality and oneness. When one completely experiences this expression of total mergence and oneness with all, one’s heart very well could quite literally explode in the midst of this wondrous experience if one were not properly prepared and elevated for it.

Can you imagine what that might feel like? Being so filled with such an intensity of ecstasy that you are at the same time emptied completely and filled to overflowing that you feel you could explode? This is the gift that Profound DeLight Gives Us, an overwhelming intensity of illumination, vibrancy and elevation.

When was the last time you had been truly fully delighted with something? Delighted throughout every fiber of your mind, body and spirit? it is the most powerful experience in all the history and future of mankind. There is nothing like it to be found anywhere in the universe. You my friends, are on the leading edge of this quintessential experience.

The true secret is that you are already filled with Divine Light & Divine Love. and you have the ability to transmute and combine these two energies to manifest and create new realities for yourself at light speed.

You are A Being that manifested itself out of the radiance of delight to experience the radiance of delight. You are a love and light maker. That is your purpose. Not to work with just a little or to limit yourself in the shadows to loving just a small fraction of what you can, but to catalyze Divine Love & Divine Light and manifest acts of creation.

You are… every one of you Divine Light and Divine Love Makers. DeLight Makers And, my friends, that is the what DeLight stands for – the Catalyzing & Creation of Divine Light & Divine Love. With every step you take, every action, every word, you are either creating light and love, or darkness and fear.

I feel too many people take life far too seriously. I know I do. I know I have. I know I am quick to react, I am sensitive to rejection, I know my limitations and I know my weaknesses. I don’t believe enlightenment means suddenly all these things just disappear. It just means you are aware of them and you take a step each and every day to acknowledge them and make the choice to let them go and be in your DeLightFULL state of being, anyways.

Over the years, I’ve researched every spiritual path I have come across. I’ve engaged in all kinds of practices and experiments. One of the most memorable have been tantric and also the practices of the Koshara, the DeLight Makers, who lived here on earth long before man… they are known only in stories around the world as the Sky People. Some say they are aliens, this is likely so. Others say they are an ancient race that had technological advancements that destroyed them… according to the Hindu texts, this may have been what happened to them.

But there’s always been something particularly intriguing to me, about the ancient Hopi legends regarding the DeLight Makers. These were very enlightened guides, The Great DeLight Makers coming down from the heavens above and creating humans early on, then imbuing them with the power of making delight wherever they went. These sky people we called Koshare, the Original DeLight Makers taught the shamans, the wisdom keepers, the great dancers, the music makers, the sacred protectors, the story-tellers, the peace keepers. They were the ones who bridged the different realms and viewed the world with eyes uncorrupted by the harshness of physical life. They made light, love and laughter wherever they walked. They taught through comedy, lightness of being, laughter, entertainment and joy.

Today, the hopi are renowned for being the world’s most peaceful, enlightened people. Not a lot has been written about them in depth, because their views at a quick cursory overview seem simplistic and uninteresting, but what strikes researchers the most is this deep sense of reverence and sacredness the Hopi have for all life, and the deep connection to the hidden realms they share.

I grew up with stories from the Hopis, my neighbor, a researcher and amateur anthropologist spent a great deal of time with them in her early life and had accumulated huge collection of dolls that were hand made by Hopi elders. Dolls I knew as the Divine Clowns, the Koshare, The DeLight Makers. I talk a little bit about them in my book, DeLight…

Tantric and buddhist teachings both mention this path of delight as being the fastest path to spontaneous enlightenment. but only for those perceptive enough to see it. Buddists mask this path in the story of Ho-Tei or as Chinese buddhists know him – Pu-Tei, the laughing Buddha – the Buddha of DeLight. Most people mistakenly believe he is the Buddha of Good Fortune, however, it is said by the wise sages that Pu-Tei – was Maiatreya, the Buddha of the future to show humanity what our lives can be like. Maiatreya enlightened many thousands more spontaneously during a single visit to a city than Siddartha Buddha did during his entire lifetime.

Hinduism is often secretly referred to as the Religion of DeLight. Its teachings are as vast and varied as the people who practice it, yet the core teachings that many Westerners miss altogether is that the Infinite is a dreamer who dreamed into creation the whole of the Universe out of a deep cosmic desire to delight itself. In this we discover an intriguing notion… something I call the Law of DeLight. The most powerful force in the universe. It must be if it motivates all of the universe to manifest itself into physical form.

All that we desire and dream of will eventually manifest into reality. The infinite universe dreams of us as we dream of it, delighting in us as we delights in it. We are each, in fact dreamers, dreaming one another into being out of a deep desire to delight ourselves and one another with our acts of creations.

The Infinite Universe creates just as we do, and delights fully in every experience, without judgement, without detriment, without karma.

A truly enlightened person understands this and endeavors to practice delightful acts of creation in their every day life.

This power is considered so tremendous in fact, that it was considered too much for anyone person to learn, so it was shrouded in mystery, in lore and story, and locked away, waiting for a time when we would be as a people, divinely guided from within.

You see,  not even the wisest sages throughout history have done more than point to the awe-inspiring power of delight, and only if you take the time to decode the secrets hidden in countless sacred texts, will you discover what they have to say about this powerful all-consuming vortex of creative energy.

Many teachers have tried to codify and teach this elusive thing called enlightenment. I honestly believe you cannot teach someone something they are born being. We all of us are born enlightened, it is our gift, our birthright. We forget though, to see the world through the eyes of a delighted child in wonder. We forget we are here to discover anew those beautiful wondrous things that have been put here for us to enjoy exploring and discovering.

Delight is the most powerful, liberating creative force there is in the Universe. But if we are not divinely guided to seek out life-affirming life-giving experiences that delight us to no end, it can lead to our destruction. If we seek delight out of fear, out of lack, out of need, or out of craving, it’s force can become destructive.

What plagues humanity most today? I ask you to think of this from a broad perspective and then, from a personal one. What plagues you the most today. I think you’ll surprised by the answer, because I came across it so often in my healing practice over the years.

I see the energetic threads and energy realms woven together as a tapestry. I see it as clearly as I see our physical world. It’s sometimes over whelming when the symbols, guides, ancestors are so prevalent in the field of a person. When I go into group setting or a big city, its very draining. because when the hidden ones know there’s one who can sense them and more importantly talk to them… they all converge excitedly as if they had stumbled upon an oasis in the desert after years of searching.

So, what I saw transpiring throughout my all clients’ energy fields was this pervasive craving, this darkness, this apathy, this resignation… I started giving it a name. I called it diminished light effect. 99 out of a hundred clients that came to me… they all suffered from this diminished light at some level or another.

We are each born with an inextinguishable light inside of us to guide us along our journey through life. This light is a divine light, and it automatically guides us to life-affiming, life transforming experiences. When I follow this inner light, I feel renewed, rejuvenated, and invigorated, as if I am being bathed by the new morning sun. Like the flowers that bloom when touched by the morning light, I feel my light within unfold and blossom, spreading across my chest and lightening up my life. Life flows effortlessly.

When I forget to follow it, however, I begin to feel diminished, stressed, anxious, fearful. I start to doubt myself and my abilities. I feel less than deserving and I begin to feel depressed. This is Diminished Light Effect

Diminished Light Effect is a very real disease, a plague that has struck our world. It is a silent killer; destroying its victim, its victim’s family, his friends, and his community. It is a modern epidemic perpetuated by a lack of joy, a general malaise, and a despondency towards life.

We all know people who suffer from Diminished Light Effect (DLE). The person himself over time becomes a black hole of apathy, frustration, bitterness, anger, cynicism, sarcasm, and resentment. He turns into an energy vampire, sucking the life force out of all others around him.

Every time a person comes near him or connects with him in some way, they leave exhausted, uncertain of what just transpired in their casual encounter with this person. Everything seems full of effort. It’s all hard work, heavy lifting, and harsh suffering with little to show for it. He points to something or someone else as perpetuating this life-negating, cancerous growth throughout his life.

The worst part is, he doesn’t know what it is or what can be done about it. He is polluted and has lost himself. He uses the pleasures of the body to stoke his memory of what it might have felt, once, to be light and full of life.

He knows no light, no joy from within himself. He even appears to suck the light from all others around him, taking their energy to power and fuel his own.

He is a black hole, running amok in his own holographic reality.

Chronic fatigue, tension, depression, feelings of stress or anxiety, hyper-reactivity, a fear of having too little time, plagued by desperately seeking any quick fix to get back in the game, engaged in constant conflict, feeling cornered or defensive, having a need to control things, people or outcomes, feeling constantly challenged or triggered, becoming careless, rushing to react without thinking things through, cynicism towards self or others as expressed in sarcasm, an unwillingness to trust, keeping distant from other people, avoiding certain activities because they seem frivolous or distracting, avoiding situations where one might be viewed as foolish – these are all symptoms of Diminished Light Effect.

And these all are symptoms of someone leading an empty shell life. I teach more about Diminshed light effect in my book, I explain the symptoms that are pervasive throughout our society and around our globe.

DeLight is a powerful catalyst that extinguishes diminished light effect in a moment. It is such a vortex of light, love, passion, epiphany after epiphany… and I could see how easy it was to just guide people back to their essence… and when they came into my field, or my center, or just being around be, because I was connected to this power of DeLight, I always have been… they felt transported, transformed… healed, elevated.

When we seek delight out of a divinely guided desire to affirm life for ourselves and others, Delight automatically liberates your Infinite Power within and unleashes your unlimited creativity, talents, abilities, capacities, and gifts. It breaks all forms of bondage, and sets loose the muses of inspiration, passion and desire to playfully dance throughout your life leading you on a journey of self-discovery.

I have come to understand that DeLight resonates on a far higher spectrum than anything else in the universe. And this is what makes it both very alluring and very dangerous.  It can pave the way for unconditional love, acceptance and the deepest sense of gratitude there is. Or it can pave the way to addiction, greed, apathy, and eventual self-destruction.

They would come in drooping, depressed, anxious, stressed out, empty, filled with mysterious ailments that puzzled their doctors, no clear diagnosis in sight… they were in essence, all suffering from this diminished light effect.

it’s so easy… let go stand up, remember to go back to core, go back to you… your’ beautiful light nature and release all that stuff you are carrying around with you. every client I took through the same guided approach,  while I gently restored their delightfulness of being through a process I have developed while I taught breath work and physical adjustments they could make, I restore them to their infinite source of light and life, and it worked like clockwork. in moments people would forget their pain, let go of the ailments… and that was before they sat in my chair to have the “real” work done so they could sustain this new vibration I had elevated them to.  All I did was open the door, they only needed the opportunity to walk through.

healing, releasing, letting go of struggle, stepping into the effortlessness of being, it was really that easy.

Simply delighting in a few activities that nourish your mind, body, and spirit can have immediate, positive benefits on your health. From a simple walk with a loved one on the beach enjoying a sunset together, to blowing bubbles with your child…the very experience of DeLight itself can strengthen the immune system faster than any immunostimulant. Yes, delight can immediately reduce stress and regulate your blood pressure simply by releasing endorphins faster than any medication can … and with zero side effects.

If you think of energy as your life force and your spirit as the center and connection to source of your light and life, you can begin to see another definition to DeLight than simply just experiencing joy or extreme happiness in the moment.

Learning to slow down and listen to the messages found throughout your life, you discover what truly delights your spirit and makes your heart sing.

DeLight is a radical technology wired into our very DNA that rapidly transforms lives, impacts people young and old, infirm or well, rich or poor, woman or man. It is blind to what we believe separates us from one another. Through DeLight’s intensity, we see the entire world with new eyes, through its experience we feel elevated, enlivened, thrilled, and exuberant, through its laser-like action, it cuts through any problem, any discord, any dysfunction and propels people through years of struggling and hard work into new awareness, in a split second.

Delight gives you a head to toes, nose to soul tingle. Your senses become highly sensitive and joy seems to flow like oxygen throughout your body. It’s been proven that this state of being can dramatically improve your health, making your body stronger, more relaxed, feel younger, and more flexible. Pain alleviates itself in the momentary experience of profound delight, high blood pressure normalizes, breathing becomes deeper, more regulated and fuller, vitality soars, and your passion for life takes you to a whole new level of living.

We find that the experience of profound, ecstatic, ineffable delight is remarkable in how it transforms people in the blink of an eye. Some of the things I’ve noted over the years in teaching people to restore delight to their lives, include the following reports.

In my estimation after my own awakening experience, I have come to understand that enlightenment really just means being DeLighted with the great cosmic joke. I’m not going to tell you the joke. You’ll have to discover it yourself.

Plato was certainly correct in his statement that DeLight is the stairway to heaven. for no other energy, no other feeling we can encounter resonates or vibrates as highly on the scale as DeLight does.

DeLight is the path, it is the journey, the practice and the power, the compass and the map all rolled into one.  By delighting in the experience of life itself in each moment, by giving yourself over to its delightfulness, by immersing yourself in the bliss of a single moment and allowing every aspect of you to become one with the experience of delight, as opposed to trying to force yourself or others, or trying to overcoming the experiences in your life, you find yourself transforming and your very life unfolds itself into a spectacular fireworks display that brings with it an unlimited flowering of gifts, of opportunities, of potentials and abundance like you’ve never experienced before.

Sacred, DeLightFLL Living, means living this delightful path that honors and holds sacred all expressions of life.

It means to walk in light, walk in love. walk in peace, may every step that you take be taken in awareness of the gift of life. It acknowledges that we are all here, experimenting, playing and evolving. Sacred Living takes very much a delightful approach to life, because we come to see things as they unfold on perhaps a much broader scale.

In DeLight you immediately stop cycling and railing around your life in fear and negativity. For a fearful, negative mind cannot coexist with a heart and spirit filled with the Soul’s DeLight.

My philosophy for Sacred Living isn’t a new one, but it’s reinterpreted in such a way that you can create a life of DeLight for yourself. You can let go of all that ails you, and heal anything…

DeLight… is the Divine Light and Divine Love woven together to create a catalyst that instantly elevates us beyond suffering, beyond hard work.  this thing… this elusive thing we talk about. Everyone can remember what it was like to experience something that tickled them to no end, that simply delighted them… Well, delight is very much according to the Tantric texts and my own direct experience with the Realms of Light… is the creative force that motivates and drives all of the universe. it’s why we create, why we seek, why we yearn, why we are motivated to do, to find, to explore. to learn.  We are wired and created for that pinnacle direct experience of DeLight. When we experience it… oh we light up like a thousand watt lightbulb… and that is the energy the universe in turn uses to draw to us our heart’s desires. And when we encounter a delightful being, why, we just want to be around them… all day long. We enjoy their company so much. We love it. Because they radiate out joy, effortlessness, happiness, and they give us the opportunity to step away from the “real world” and enter their world for a time.

You stop being afraid of your emotions, your thoughts, your issues, your problems, your past, present or future, Instead of running away, you find yourself diving headlong into the wave of each experience and immersing yourself wholly in love with the process of experiencing, creating and expanding.

My book DeLight contains my personal philosophy for living a Sacred Life as a DeLightFull Being and drawing to you the unlimited, unshakable inner peace, love, acceptance, joy, bliss, inspiration, abundance and creativity you’ve longed for. It offers insights into a whole new way of life. My courses that I’ll be offering over the coming months at The Sacred Living Center, brings practical application to the concept of DeLight and Sacred Living as we learn how to co-create new realities together.

Laughter and joyful dialogue becomes your primary mode of communication. Tears are expressed readily and wholeheartedly as tears of joy, gratitude, healing, light and love.

Physical healing becomes effortless, as your emotional and energetic aspects reintegrate themselves effortlessly. Things begin to go smoothly, beautifully, elegantly. Things heal without your focus, on their own. Issues resolve themselves, problems invariably turn themselves into miraculous gifts. Everywhere around you you experience magic, miracles and synchronicity. This is a natural daily experience of a DeLightFull being encountering the Infinite in every step, in every breath. it is the most natural way. delight is our natural expression, our natural reaction to things as they transpire around us. We’ve just been separated from this natural path, because it’s been long believed we were too trapped by our own created darkness to see it.

But it’s always been there. When people encounter the pure essence of delight for the first time, they want to celebrate it as a miracle and that is completely natural to do so! We should celebrate everything that seems to us to be beautiful, sacred and glorious about our world. Celebrating life is affirming life as the great gift we have given ourselves and one another!

We call the experience of enlightenment a miracle, only because humanity has lost touch with its purest essence. Our tiny mind falls out of the natural flow of DeLight and stagnates in the sea of the material, being tossed about, reacting chaotically to this stimuli or that.

Most of humanity is trapped in muddy waters, trying to hide their light with their shell identity held up and over themselves. They are burdened by their beliefs, paradigms and these heavy shells they carry around. They struggle to carry this shell like a defensive fortress, a barrier or a shield to protect themselves as they trudge upstream fighting the flow of the DeLightFull universe every step of the way.

they wonder why am I struggling so hard in my life?? Why is this so difficult?

However a DeLightFull Being – a Being of Divine Light & Divine Love simply unlearns these habits, and flips their shell over to use it as a boat instead of a heavy fortress. On down the river of Eternal DelIghts they float, laughing and sharing the ride with other DeLight Makers, while directing the current of reality with their DeLightFull Energy! they do this co-creatively, effortlessly drawing to them those optimal life experiences they so deeply desire.

When others are struggling because they carry their shells like fortresses up over their heads  see you in your boat floating effortlessly through life with the DeLightFull flow of the universe, they think, how on earth is that person so lucky, or so blessed or so charmed and they want to know “How on earth did you do that???”

Sometimes the bliss, happiness and delight you are experiencing along your flowing through A Life of DeLight is not even in the realm of possibility for some of the people around you.  However, a DeLightFull being never sees anyone around them as sick, empty or broken. We view everyone as sacred, whole and magnificent facets of the Infinite. We try to speak to every person as they already are awakened and enlightened. We try to view each individual with their best facets and give the gift of that energy into their field.

A Delightfull Being has restored herself to the natural flow and state of Divine light and love and allows it to carry her onwards and upwards. That is the great gift of A Life of Sacred DeLight.

This is what you are borne to be! This is what you are borne to experience!

I was like most people, struggling to carry my shell like a fortress and trudging in the mud and muck, sticking myself in and lodging myself deep, getting stuck and feeling exposed. I’d build bigger barriers around me to keep me safe… then wonder why nothing good every happened for me. Many periods of my life I experienced this whenever I forgot that not only did I need to go with the flow, but I needed to guide and direct it collaboratively with Source and the Field of Pure Potential.

The wonderful experience about DeLight is that it reminds you that you can go to any part of the flow you desire, a slower stream or a higher energy stream. It’s all up to you.

Remember, this is a free will universe. We each choose our destiny, our experiences and our connections in life. The more we push or force a path, the more resistance we encounter. The reason this happens is because the field creates a magnetic energetic boundary around everything that is currently in reality. when we push against this reality, the field must counter that resistance with pressure of its own in order to maintain stability and equilibrium. Wherever someone pushes against the Field to try to force a bend in the fabric of our physical sandbox, that energy ripples throughout the field, and has to be countered elsewhere by another force of pressure. The less we force, the less we resist, the more we accept, the less stress we encounter in navigating the field of our reality.

Your pushing, forcing or attempting to control any situation, person or relationship often creates greater resistance to you and your desired outcome. Often, when we simply express love, caring and compassion towards any situation or person that energy itself often disintegrates the resistance and opens the door to allow these things to blossom fully into amazing gifts in our lives.

When we become very clear on what we want to experience, what we want to feel, and where we are headed, it becomes the most powerful influence on ourselves and on others. We do not place expectations on anyone else providing any of this to us, we find it – all of it – within ourselves. When we hold a vibration and an intention within ourselves of what could be, and carry the flame of that vision within us, we can manifest it out into our lives. When we hold this vision purely, everyone around us rises to meet that powerful vision, that vibration.

My vision is a world filled with DeLightFull People Speaking and Manifesting Joy, Light, Love, Prosperity, Possibilities and Peace everywhere they go. My vision includes a virtual and physical where these people can come to meet and collaborate and manifest new realities together. This is a vision I have held my entire life.

DeLight is the ultimate desire of the universe and it is through this energy that all reality can be co-created in partnership with The Infinite. It is the most powerful universal law. In fact, The Law of DeLight… is the law that activates all other laws. It is the law that supersedes all other laws. I’ll give you an example. In the bible it says quite plainly…. “DeLight Yourself in the Lord, and He will Give you the Desires of Your heart.” in the Bagavad gita, it says and I’m paraphrasing here… DeLight in all that I have given you, that you may receive all that your heart desires. This law is repeated everywhere in every sacred text I have ever read. And delight is repeated over 8,700 times in sacred texts all over the world. More frequently than that of even love.  And yet… the law is stated in just one simple  line… yet in this one simple statement… everything you’ve ever dreamed of is already yours.

This is the Path of DeLight. Of living a Sacred Life. Allowing things to unfold of their own accord without fighting, pushing or forcing will inevitably bring more joy to your life. Fighting and forcing creates stress. Stress creates drama and chaos as our minds become cycling tornadoes and whirlwinds of thoughts under stress and drama, reacting to everything and anything.

Know that All flowers bloom in their own perfect time. All fruits ripen in their own perfect time and own perfect way. We cannot force the way of things, but we can influence our own direction and flow. Even you have your own perfect time and your own perfect way. Everyone does. Fight less, accept more. push less, be more flexible. Resist less, open more, experience more.

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