The Wealthy Goddess Podcast 007 ~ How to Become A Goddess Part 2 The Path of Self Love


Hello Gorgeous Goddesses! It’s Isis here. and today we are back from a two week hiatus. My son had been sick and I have been out taking some trainings on developing a social platform to give even more value and wisdom to my followers.

I hope you lovely spirits are doing wonderful out there. I’m so incredibly stoked about so many responses and listens to last week’s episode – How to become a Goddess Part 1 We’ve had over 2600 listeners tune in for our last episode alone!

As a thank you to all my listeners, I wanted to do something extra special this week. So I am putting together a huge treasure chest of goodies I’m making available on my website,, absolutely free to you. Keep checking back at and look for the tab at the top that says FREE GOODIES – click on that, and you’ll be taken to a bevy of brilliant tools, audio trainings, seminars and downloads that you can have, absolutely free as my thank you for continuing to tune in and listen to The Goddess Show.

This week I wanted to talk to you more about the path to becoming a Goddess. A couple of weeks ago we talked about which type of woman you are, a Goddess or a Doormat. We talked about a secret super-power Goddesses have access to that you can employ to super-charge your life with unbelievable results.

This week I want to move beyond that light-hearted question and challenge you this week to go deeper. We take a turn along this path now, to embark upon the journey of self-love through the process of healing toxic thoughts

As we talked about in the beginning of my podcast series, and if you haven’t tuned in before this episode, I really want to urge you to go back to the beginning and listen to all the episodes through. There’s a lot of wisdom I’m giving.

You see, becoming a goddess is all about discovering your feminine power and experiencing it in all its glorious essences.

In my wild and wacky universe, we are all goddesses.

However, not every woman realizes that she was borne already a goddess. Most of us are consumed with negative self-doubts, toxic thoughts about ourselves and others, and feeling victimized or violated.

The path to embracing your sacred goddesshood, I believe, requires a willingness to delve into your whole self, and really get to know all aspects of yourself. Basically examining your light and shadows from all angles. It is this kind of deep inner soul journeying that enables you to peel back all that no longer serves you and allow you to reveal your light for all to see.

It requires a willingness to see yourself in the most divine light. It also requires you to look at yourself and all of yourself without critique, but to look upon yourself with unconditional love – the pure self-less kind of self-love.

This journey into laying claim to your divine, sacred Goddesshood requires a great amount of courage to be willing to shine your own divine light on the shadowy areas of your life. By meeting your shadow and lovingly accepting her, stepping into her and embracing her – well, this the only way I know to reclaim those lost, shattered or fractured pieces of your pure divine feminine nature.

There are some great practices that can empower you to embark upon this journey. Some included are yoga, meditation, time in nature, women’s circles, and reading goddess and/or other spiritual books. regardless of your religion or spiritual affinity, the quest to reclaiming our psyche in her full glory is the ultimate quest of every woman.

Ultimately, your journey to reclaiming your innate Goddess nature is all about self-respect and doing whatever you need to do to lovingly honor, nurture and care for your sacred self so you start feeling her and emanating your true, authentic spirit from the inside out.

I believe that in order for a woman to truly look into a mirror see herself as a beautiful, divine and glorious goddess, she must be willing to release all the chains, all the binds, all the from the paradigm of seeing herself through masculine eyes. She must look at herself through her own feminine eyes.

With this said, my advice is to start looking at goddess imagery and symbology and reading goddess mythology. I really think this has a powerful effect on women. There is a deep resonance and a remembering that happens. You can look up images on the Internet, use Goddess Oracle cards (my favorite ones are from Doreen Virtue), or go to a museum like the MET that has sculptures of goddesses from around the world. Start to connect with the goddess imagery and ask yourself what you feel drawn to. Is it her inner strength? Her confident sensuality? Her laser focus? Her peaceful disposition? Start to identify what goddesses you feel most drawn to, and then claim those qualities as your own qualities (because there are). Looking at goddess imagery will help you remember that you are already a goddess.

My other advice is to start hanging around women who already see you as a divine light, a highly capable goddess in her own right. This will stimulate your courage, self-confidence and capacity to take on your dreams. This will also wake that inner goddess power within you and empower you see yourself in the same goddess light when you look at yourself every morning.

I feel goddess energy really has to do with a paradigm shift where our feminine characteristics are honored, respected and valued. For so long, women have been measuring themselves through the eyes of a patriarchal, masculine oriented paradigm.

Coming from a perspective where men and the masculine are the dominating power, and women and the feminine are the under-class, its no wonder that so many women feel terrible about who they are innately. As women we feel we will never measure up to the impossible standards set by a patriarchal system, because we are not men and we are not meant to thrive in such a system. In other words, in a patriarchal system, feminine characteristics are given secondary value, by both men AND women. So, the system is set up for us to look down on ourselves and other women, to be toxic to ourselves and other women and incredibly hard on ourselves. We find ourselves feeling needy and desperate, because in a patriarchal system we are taught that feminine values and strengths are really weaknesses and impoverished.

We have to turn our thoughts and feelings inside out and examine how we are raised to believe and what we believe about ourselves and about one another. In a world where over 70% of the world’s impoverished are women and children, and over 80% of the world’s 27 million slaves are women and children, with over 50% of them being sold into sexual servitude and trafficked, we have to take a stand and make change happen in this world. – and that begins when we make changes within ourselves.

The way we can change our dynamic is by honoring, respecting, and valuing our innate feminine nature. That begins by healing our toxic thoughts. By choosing thoughts and feelings that honor ourselves and other women. By choosing to release our programs and beliefs that do not serve us as women.

When we reclaim ourselves as goddesses, we will find a natural softening to the hard edges of our masculine nature that is trained into us. We will be able to reside more within the softer sides of ourselves, while still being fully connected to our deep strength and wisdom. We are on our way to balancing our feminine and masculine energies within ourselves and within the world.

negative body image among women and girls has gotten worse.

I believe with all the plastic surgeries going on for women and girls at a young age, our body image must be getting worse.
However, I think at the same time it is getting worse for some women, it is improving for other women as they learn how claim themselves as goddesses. Goddesses come in all shapes and sizes with unique strengths, gifts and aptitudes. real goddesses know this. Note that goddesses are not the same thing as divas. We are leaving behind the diva paradigm and stepping into a new age where the softening that comes with being naturally and mysteriously feminine is being honored and celebrated.

I have discovered along my own personal journey that the more we look for our feminine gifts on the inside, the better things will get in terms of our body image and in terms of our entire lives. When we feel better about our physical experience and that includes our body, we feel better about the world around us.

Again, there is judgment as far as women’s body types that comes through womens’ tv shows, women’s magazines, women’s beauty experts that are all derived from a thoroughly masculine perspective (even if it comes from a woman). As women, we need to continually celebrate each other from a sacred, divine feminine perspective. That means loving every woman’s body – including our bumps our curves our natural appeal.

Our bodies contain within them the mystery of creation combined with eons of deep wisdom. if we are rejecting our body because we believe we do not fit some ridiculous inane stereotypical anorexic super model body type that some designer or some magazine editor decided to hold up as some standard to sell more clothes or more ad space or more makeup, we are disconnecting from our eternal, ethereal natures.

IF we do this – if we try to find happiness by fitting into someone else’s ideals and views of the world, we don’t even stand the chance of balancing out the masculine and feminine energies in our society, much less make an impact and a difference in the lives of those who are suffering in captivity, in poverty, or in sexual exploitation.

It is going to take a huge- global movement of women stepping up and reclaiming their sexuality and sensuality from the inside out and reclaiming their personal power and not through some masculine-oriented standards.

It’s going to come partly from the awakening of the Goddess and partly from women simply supporting and loving each other.

Our societies will become more enlightened and we will leave behind this belief that women are in some way less than men or just smaller versions of men. women will tire of trying to contort themselves to fit some strange, bizarre physical anomaly and we will come out into the world, shining all of ourselves wholly and beautifully as the unique magical, miraculous lights we are. It will get much better after a few generations of loving ourselves and each other as goddesses.

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