Empowering, celebrating and supporting others can transform your life, give it meaning and joy beyond measure, even fulfilling your deepest desires.


Take time today to do one small activity that gives you pleasure and one small activity that truly benefits someone else, then take time tonight write about both. A small pleasurable activity could be blowing bubbles, enjoying a coffee, dancing to music or taking a walk.

A small activity that truly benefits others could be the five minute gift of service. Something that takes you five minutes to do as a gift for someone else with no thought of a return for yourself, but could reap wonderful potential for the person you support or empower through it. Those five minutes could be used to listen to someone’s challenge, brainstorming with them on solutions, or it could be introducing two people who could really benefit from knowing one another.

The tingly afterglow of a five minute pleasurable activity will always pale in comparison with the lasting, enlightening, deeply blissful effects of the compassionate action you do for someone else as a gift.

Feeling like you’ve supported someone else along their life path or to achieve something that is important to them provides for you a sense that you are vital to the process that moves through the universe.

You see, you are because someone else is. We cannot be if we are not perceived in some way. We all of us want to be perceived as meaningful, important and needed or wanted by others. It is a natural human response, a natural universal response. Everything that has been given the gift of life has a purpose to fulfill. The universe is exceedingly efficient in ensuring every thing has a purpose and every purpose is ultimately fulfilled.

Caring about and pursuing things on behalf of other people brings about a deep sense of lasting happiness, purpose and passion as an afterglow. Opportunities for gifting someone else with your time, energy or action are plentiful.

Your DeLightFULL Task today:

Gather your friends and acquaintances together to start a Your Wishes Fulfilled Reciprocity Ring. Some people set this up through meetup groups, others through Facebook, and still others do it in their local community. Freecycle is one such reciprocity ring.

Get your group together informally for coffee or a snack once a week and have each person make a single personal or professional request. Then everyone pitches in to use their knowledge, expertise and connections to work together to fulfill it.

You will discover the most meaningful contribution you can give in your life isn’t money. It’s yourself, your time, your energy, your caring enough to take action that would provide assistance or empower a person in need.