Isis Jade shares her remarkable life story and what she has come to learn. From a near-death drowning that awakened her psychic gifts, to abduction, slavery and nearly dying, Isis documents what she has transcended to become an awakened teacher that shares wisdom, love and light with all her followers and students.

First of all, I want to invite you into my life. We all have stories, dear one. We have all experienced trauma to some extent over the course of our lives. It is what we as humans, have in common.

One night, I was finishing up with a client when my car wouldn’t start. A co-worker who was at my client’s event with me offered to drive me home. I agreed, but I felt very uncertain about it. I brushed it aside, because by then I had learned to stuff all my intuition and “higher function” down and ignore it. I followed him but the next thing I remember is waking up in a dirty, soiled bed, in a room I did not recognize, naked and in excruciating pain…

I spent the next six months as a slave. Sometimes it would be hours before I was let out, sometimes days. I had been chained, drugged, raped, beaten, strangled and many times I left my body.

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