Happy Samhain to all my beautiful wonderful listeners and students!

Today in honor of Samhain (my favorite day of the year) and to celebrate the one week anniversary of my book being published on AMAZON.COM…

… I have two very special surprises for you…

One: I just recorded a VERY special One Hour mini retreat today – just for you to teach you how to manifest massive miracles in your life, starting right now!

and Two – I’m about to give away a signed copy of DELIGHT to one of my readers or listeners. In order to enter this giveaway, there’s two things you need to do… details will be forthcoming. So get ready to get excited!

My giveaway will run for one full week – and I’ll announce the delightful winner on my Facebook page. Just make sure you are a fan of my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/isisjade.official.

Now… without further ado – I’m so excited to share this mini-motivational retreat one on one with you!


Do you want to learn how to make your own massive miracles happen in your life?

I’m about to show you how in today’s episode of DELIGHT: The Soul’s Journey to Divine Light.

Now first and foremost I’m one of those people who believes I can create absolutely anything I desire for myself. I believe in this ability so strongly, that at the age of twenty, with almost no money I swept my daughter and myself away to Las Vegas where I promptly decided I was going to create a miraculous new life for ourselves after her father and I split up.

It was inside a month, however, that i ended up homeless, penniless, lost and completely alone, living out of my car, with barely enough food to feed us. I had moved in with a school mate, only to find out she wasn’t trustworthy. She stole all my money, while I was out looking for work, and when I came home, I found some of my stuff on the patio, my baby crying all alone and the locks changed. I was devastated. I had never been in a situation like this and I didn’t know what to do.

I ended up living out of my car for a month.

I truly believe we have to hit rock bottom before we create the catalyst in our lives that shoot us onwards and upwards out of the gravitational pull of our old life into something miraculous.

Well, that miraculous thing happened to me one day when I was sitting in a laundromat with my daughter, barely able to keep the tears from welling up in my eyes while we were waiting for our only clothes to dry. I looked down next to me, and I found a worn out little pocket book that had handwriting all through it. I picked it up and opened the page, thinking someone had left it there by accident. Inside the first page was a bunch of symbols and in the center was written,”Your Wishes, Fulfilled”.

I took it up to the owner of the laundromat, but they shook their head. It wasn’t theirs and they didn’t want it. They insisted that I take it.

I sat down that day and I read through that little pocket book and by the time I was through with it, my eyes had been opened up to a world filled with unlimited possibilities if we only change the way we look at it.

I spent the nest three days in awe of life all around me. I felt an amazing sense of gratidue and joy just for being a live and being able to be there for my daughter. Inside a week, I landed the job that would change my destiny. both for good and for ill. I began managing projects along the Las Vegas strip. I have always had a “nothing’s impossible” can-do attitude about life. I truly believed if I could conceive it I could build it. That was twenty years ago.

Consequently, today I am sitting here recording my podcast today in my gorgeous home overlooking a beautiful winery just across the valley. I am contemplating at how far I’ve come in my life in just a few years. I love writing and podcasting and I just so love the fact that I get to share all my wisdom and knowledge with you. writing, teaching and sharing is my full-time job and it takes care of my whole family and I feel so blessed to be here now. I’m a stay at home momma goddess to my son and my two daughters and I get to meditate, play, create, invent and have such an amazing time in my life now.

I’ve consulted for fortune five hundred and one hundred companies and I’ve consulted with startups and first round companies… I’ve launched products, lines of businesses, and I’ve led software development teams. Yet, it took me time to discover I wasn’t cut out for the corporate world. I just didn’t fit. I now teach universal spirituality and tapping into your higher self to develop abundance, joy and create the life of your dreams.

Yes, I have normal, human stuff happening in my life all the time. Just like you, I feel angry, sad, and I react to them. I get frustrated when things don’t go the way I envision them, I get down in the dumps, and I have a lot of special health needs that requires me to take off more time in solitude and meditation than the average person… but you know what, that is why I am even more grateful to be able to share myself fully and wholly with you dear one when I am here.

Pretty much, I’ve learned that when I get good, clear and focused, make a declaration and follow it through, I can make my dreams come true. My next big dream is to launch the Sacred Living Center online and in-person retreat programs just for you, dear heart!

What is it that YOU want to create in your life, dear one? What is it that so delights you? Tickles your fancy? what is it that gets you so damned excited to be alive you leap out of bed in the morning, overjoyed to be alive? Are you saying, “oh, gosh I wish I had more friends. or I wish I had more money, or “I wish I had more opportunities to share what I know. or I wish I had a different job or I really wish I could be more creative or had more talents… or a nicer house or a better car? Or are you wishing, “Oh gosh, I wish so badly that I could make a difference in this world, to change it somehow.” What is it that is your most burning desire?

I am going to call you on this right now. Go out and get out there and Create it! You are a weaver of your destiny! A weaver of light, love and potentiality. You have everything you need right there inside of you to get out there and create whatever it is YOU desire for your life!

There is no such thing as IMPOSSIBLE! The word itself says “I’m Possible”! That means anything YOU dream up, if you are committed to it, you can manifest it! You are good enough, you are worthy and by golly YOU HAVE ALL THE PERMISSION IN THE WORLD TO CLAIM IT AS YOURS!

For example, when I decided I wanted to do something radically different with my life after leaving my husband, I moved down to California with less than $300 in my pocket, just enough things to take care of my two daughters and myself. I moved a thousand miles away from my friends, my support network, from everything I knew.

I am pretty unattached to physical possessions… I know I can recreate anything I desire. What I desired most that time was freedom from an abusive relationship, so I left. I packed up and I left. Inside a week, I landed a job, inside two weeks I was promoted, making exactly the money I needed to rent a townhouse and put my children into school and a great after school program as well as put myself back into school as well! There is nothing you cannot manifest of yourself. Inside the next four years… I doubled my income FOUR TIMES! I did it without formal education, without any special skills, without any special genius. I simply saw a need and I filled it and I was deeply and richly rewarded for it.

If I can do it, darling, you can too! You are worthy! Just by being alive and breathing which is the most amazing gift you’ve been given… don’t waste it. Use everything you’ve been given to create the life of your dreams! Create it any way you desire it!

When I needed to build friendships to support me, I just went out and met as many people as I could. I didn’t care about their history or their background. I just talked to people. Eventually, people would tell me they felt so warm and open with me, and safe with me, and they’d introduce me to more people, and more people, and before I knew it I had a huge circle of amazing people who always seemed to be able to offer me opportunities that I didn’t even know was possible or available. I have been always so blessed to receive the gift of others hearts. I cherish each and every one. I’m a very introverted person, so this doesn’t come naturally to me, but when you operate pure from your heart, people naturally operate purely from theirs as well!

I went through my early childhood believing I wasn’t capable of making friends. I spent most of my early childhood being bullied or ignored. I really didn’t know how to interact with people. I shut down most of my early life. I still spend a great deal of my time in solitude, but I love being with like-hearted spirited people. I really adore eclectic, creative people! But one day, I realized that everyone else is just as shy as I am, and everyone else is just as scared to reach out as I am. So I began to offer smiles and say hi to everyone I met, and eventually, people started smiling and saying hi back.

I love having fun with people. I love being able to laugh my ass off and cuss and have a riotous good time with others. 🙂 Just because I’m spiritual and higher functioning, doesn’t mean I’m going to put on airs and not be real with people. I love giving and receiving hugs and kisses. I love being close to people. And I’ve always wanted to have a tribe of people that just loves being in my presence and being with me, if for no other reason than just to be with me.

I love leaving people in a happier, brighter space than I find them. I love doing silly things like riding carousels, riding silly rides, sailing, sipping tea in big floppy hats. I love to dance and to sing off key and be silly. Too many people worry too much about what other people think of them and not enough about what truly delights and celebrates their childlike wise spirit that knows we are here to experiment to play to have a good time and laugh out loud!

But you see, without you showing up and being who you are, boldly, colorfully, without judgement, none of those wonderful happy, joyful and yes, sometimes scary adventures can happen to you. You can wait your whole life for something to happen, or you can get off your duff, jump up hug yourself, tell yourself you love yourself and tell yourself its ok to feel silly to be your whole, colorful vibrant crazy self and jump off the bandwagon of society and be your own brand of special!

People need permission to feel delight! People need permission to have a laugh-out-loud make a spectacle of yourself good time! People need permission to be gloriously silly and really lose themselves in the moment knowing everyone around them is doing the same. So many times we take ourselves way too seriously in life. I know I do. I get serious, because my entire family was uber serious and not particularly happy.

You deserve to dress up, wear big goofy hats or pins, wear something that delights you and makes heads turn and people gasp! Its ok! You have permission. give yourself permission to wear your favorite clothes.

You know when I worked at MSN as consultant, there was a wonderfully delightful woman there who always dressed up everyday in full victorian regalia. Her outfits must have cost a fortune. She was always so beautiful. I was in awe of her and I would always make it a point to tell her I loved her outfits. Come to find out, she made them all herself. She said to me one day, “i dress like this because it makes me happy. I find I am more productive, more joyful more easy to be around when I dress how I want to and not how others expect me to. If they have a problem with the way I decorate my body, its their problem, not mine.

What an amazing outlook on life. I held her in high respect. She was a courageous creative goddess!

People need permission to be their childlike wise happy delightful infinite self. The way you give it to them, is by being that YOURSELF! Being silly, being childlike. I have an endless childlike enthusiasm for life! It keeps me young at heart. I love life. I love to laugh, to have fun to make jokes (never at the expense of someone else), to play with life. My spiritual nature isn’t a very serious one. It’s a pretty impetuous adventurous spirit! Its my small self that takes everything so damn serious and gets so worried and worked up about life.

Celebrate the child in you and celebrate the child in others. Just try it on. Creating miracles means believing in impossible things, seeing possibilities where everyone else sees only obstacles. SEEING a way through, around or over where others only see blockades. Being an intrepid explorer of the limitless possibility that is YOU.

Try it on, try smiling and try being really happy and really fun and really effortless to be around others. Stop the tiny judgmental mind and just be your whole, radiant shimmering delightful self! See what happens when you shine outwards… everyone else will shine right back at you!

Compliment people on something special they are wearing. Ask them about it. Say how wonderful today is and why its a beautiful radiant day. Every day is a beautiful day! Talk about how 3oclock downer time can be cured by a miracle drug called a power nap or invite people to take a brisk walk around the block with you to smile at the world! carry something with you that reminds you to laugh out loud. My laugh out loud joke is cat ass. I don’t know why but whenever someone says cat ass to me, I end up just in an endless giggaloop. It makes me laugh! 🙂

Why? I don’t know…find something that seems so insanely silly to you and remind yourself of it whenever you find yourself taking life too seriously. You cannot create awesome miracles in your life if you are too busy feeling sorry for yourself, or feeling like a victim or feeling empty. So fill yourself up with light, laughter and happiness so you can draw more of that too you!

Become a walking talking glitter infused joy-catalyst for others. Make their day a little brighter for having you there. Smile and say hi to everyone. especially those that most people tend to forget about. You’ll be amazed at what the universe sends you when you send out authentic delight, love, joy, gratitude and happiness.

You can make any miracle come true that you desire for yourself. You are a walking talking miracle yourself, you know that? You are a miracle worker!

If you want something in your life, create it! I wanted a group of spiritual like-hearted people so badly that I decided to find a space where I could manifest that group of people. I have had wonderful friends start empowering businesses because they so deeply desired to create change in their lives and in their communities. They thought to themselves, “Why not me?” “Why not here?” “Why not now?”

Why not? That’s the first question to ask yourself. But don’t answer it in a way that disempowers you, answer it in a powerful way that uplifts you! Why NOT you? The universe is waiting to give you the desires of your heart, all you have to do is take the first step.

So how to create miracles? Listen to yourself.

Whenever you find yourself saying, I really wish I had X or I really wish I had a better relationship or I really want to have Y in my life… or I really wish there was someone who… or wouldn’t it be amazing if…. these are your messages to yourself. Stop yourself and ask yourself, “Why not me?” Feel it out. does it excite you, generate a buzz in your soul? If so…

Then, Make a declaration. declare for yourself: “I’ll do it! I’ll fill that need!”

I promise you, when you make such a declaration in your life, your life will change, things will start to happen happen, you become clearer and clearer in your vision and more overjoyed from it.

The next step is to get committed. Get good and committed. A lot of times this is when fear creeps up. Feel the fear, and listen to it. Fear is a message. Are you stretching out of your comfort zone? good! or are you afraid you aren’t good enough, you aren’t worthy? Those feels are life-negating and disempowering, inverse those immediately. I am good enough, I am worthy. I am committed to seeing this experiment through, wherever it leads.

YOu will find things just start falling into place as soon as you begin visioning these things for yourself.

What is it that is important to you? What is it that you need in your life? What is it that is missing in your life? go out and create it.

When you get fearful of your vision, that’s a good thing! That means the vision is big enough to challenge you! Challenge is GREAT it means GROWTH! It means Expansion! It means Transformation!

When you feel fear, get yourself really motivated… tell yourself, “I’m going to lead the charge. I’m going to create the space in my life and allow it to flow so I can be within what it is that I am needing out of this!” You are in need of it, so create it!

getting commitment over yourself is one of the most important things you can do. get good and strongly emotionally invested and committed to your vision. “what if it doesn’t work?” Who cares? “What if I look like a fool?” So what? brush off stand back up and try again, experiment with different things until you get it right!

Doing these things for yourself will empower you, uplift you and allow you to create magic and miracles in your life. Where you are today is a culmination of all those times that you asked yourself, “why not?” And all those times where you just stood by and let life pass you by.

So from this day on, stand up and tell yourself, “I won’t let life pass me by, I’m jumping into the flow and I’m going to get all good and soaking wet. I don’t care what I look like. I don’t care what the other tiny little minds think. I don’t have to know every little detail of how things are going to work out. I’m going to get bloody committed to manifesting X and I’m going to take some massive action to get me there and it is going to be a rocking success because I’m investing my heart, my soul and my spirit to make it great! I’m going to nurture it and feed it and water it and tend to my vision every day and it will become a miracle in the making!

And remember there are no such thing as failures or mistakes… they are all just experiments… experiments happen. Some experiments are oopsie daisies… and others end up being massive miracles in disguise! You never know until you start moving forward!

I am sending you all the love, light and support for you to create your own massive miracles in your life and watch how they unfold into magical experiences for you! All you have to do is take the first few steps and allow the universe to guide you along. And don’t forget to head on over to IsisJade.com and buy DELIGHT – An Enlightened Path to Transforming Your Life Spontaneously, or subscribe to my free thirty day only retreat where I guide you to bringing the power of DeLight back into your life.

It only takes a few minutes to remember you are a DELIGHT to the universe. a DIVINE LIGHT in physical form… you are a miracle in the making. Everything you touch blooms everything you inspire manifests. everything you give is richly rewarded a thousand fold back to you!

Namaste dear one.

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