In today’s episode we introduce the idea of a Life of Delight.

I started with a vision, that life is meant to be filled with delight, joy and prosperity. And that if we follow our soul’s delight, we would never be led astray. With that vision, that dream, I began the research for my book, DELIGHT.

What I stumbled upon in my research, was perhaps, the single most astounding shocking discovery. I felt as if I had been given the keys to the Universe. Suddenly everything became crystal clear, bright as day. I realized that this was my life’s message, this idea of DELIGHT is the message I am to deliver to this world.

delight-promoHow can I describe the absolute, greatest, most powerful force in the universe – that is hidden in such a deceptively, simple, even cutsey little word, such as delight.

And yet, there it was, staring at me… My life’s mission, is to bring DeLight to your life. to explain it, to teach it, to share it, to show you how to incorporate it into every facet of your life.

I went down a path I never anticipated and I did not expect the treasure that I discovered. You never know where the path will lead you, and you can never fully anticipate what will happen when you embark on an adventure. Dreams can come true.

You have to begin any journey with the first few tentative steps into an unknown land. You never know what you’ll discover, you’ll never know what jewels are lying there plain as day out in the open, waiting for someone to chance upon them. Everything I do is purely from my heart.


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