Did I Really Just Meet My Twin Flame?

Did It Really Happen? Or Is It My Imagination?

The same thing that ignites you appears to have ignited her. The same things that interest you interest him. He sends you fascinating tidbits of information. You can pick up on her feelings and thoughts, even those she doesn’t want to share. In fact, you might make a startling and unusual realization about her that she herself was shocked you discovered. She seems suddenly shy, he seems very intent on every word.

You are amazed by his grasp of knowledge about your field – even though he’s never been involved with it  himself. You are amazed to find you have deep knowledge about her work, even though you’ve never really delved into it. It’s as if you each tapped into the other and channel that information back – in a way that reflects old information to you in a new way to help you make new leaps of manifestation happen for one another. You are curious about how she thinks, how she perceives the world around her. Or you are stunned by his insight and know for a fact you can learn much from him.

You wonder how you can help her overcome her shyness and reserve. You wonder how you can help him manifest his fascinating dreams. And, strangely enough it seems like your common paths, common desires, and common needs suddenly seem in perfect alignment as if you have each been waiting for the other to appear.

You find some startling differences as well. As if the other person is more evolved than you somehow in some way, a way that seems would be vital to you to master. Or that you feel you have a sudden and very stirring and very deep sense of wanting to protect this other half of yourself.  It seems strange that you feel so suddenly protective or giving or caring for anyone like this. Much less find yourself thinking of the other person as the missing half of you that you’ve spent all your life searching for.

In that singular moment of time you realize that you’ve known this person not just for centuries – but for an eternity.

If you are aggressive, you’ll seek it out, and you won’t stop until you have your answers. But more than likely, you’ll probably just test the waters here and there, and see what the response is. Perhaps the response is cool, or even disconnected. And you find yourself in want of more. Or perhaps frustrated by being blocked.

And you scratch your head, confused by it all. After all, don’t you already have it all figured out?  Aren’t you just fantasizing and yearning for something that isn’t yours to be had?

Do you even have time to fantasize? Really?

You shake your head in disbelief and finally decide to move on with your life.



  1. Letty - A lot of of what you mention is exactly what I've been going through with this guy in my life…

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