In this week’s episode, Isis shares an update on The Sacred Living Center – on our new membership system that is going live very soon. (Now Divine Life U)

Isis then shares wisdom from The Realms of Light regarding how to sooth our tiny child mind. From how to understand the place of fear, worry and guilt to how to let those things go and come back into our eternal space. She shares with us insights on how to understand the space of the timeless now and how to return to Source whenever we feel lost in frantic thought.

All potentialities exist as potentials and possibilities until we select one and move towards it. So when we are expressing ourselves out of fear, or worry or our tiny mind is wrapped up in thoughts of worry, fear or anxiety, we may be deliberately creating that which we do not desire for ourselves.

When our mind is filled with guilt, and we emote about feelings of guilt, pity, or regret, we are creating out of an attachment to the past, which is also an illusion.

Time is a man’s construct. Timelines are man’s construct. So when we attach ourselves to either the past or the future, we are enslaving ourselves to those illusions. When we drop the illusion of time, we drop the enslavement paradigm.


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