In this episode, Isis talks about the real currency of the Universe, various hidden forms of enslavement technologies being employed to take this currency away from you, what it means to be human, what is a master, where real wisdom comes from and the two major types of wisdom circulated in the human akashic field currently being promoted today. Isis also explains the different forms of relationship interaction that takes place in this version of reality and what the highest form of relationship interaction we can engage within together.

The currency of the Universe is not that of money, gold, platinum, or diamonds. It is not coal, diesel, or petrol, or oil. The only real currency of the Universe is Energy.

When you are constricted in your life by a drain of your energy, you become a black hole, in need of being filled up over and over again. Your vital life force is being consumed and you feel endlessly empty.

You’ve become separated from your own Infinite Source of DeLight. Having forgotten how to fill yourself up from this Source, you desperately seek to tap the energy of those living around you.

Learn more about the enslavement technologies being employed to drain you of this energy, learn about the two types of texts that most people learn “wisdom” from and where wisdom comes from, and finally, learn what it means to be human and how to break free of your limitations once and for all.


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