“A Sacred Space that you have dedicated for yourself as a place to connect with your Inner Divine Nature can be as small as the breath taken in during prayer, as humble as a corner of your room or your closet, as large as a cathedral or as expansive as an ocean view.”  ~ Isis Jade

Do you have a special peaceful place established for your inner work that separates you from the chaos of rest of the world? If not, then it is time to create a peaceful, restful “sacred space” somewhere within your world. It can be outside or indoors, in a forest or by a lake. However, it is preferably a place where you can retreat regularly to contemplate, study, meditate and connect with your inner wise Goddess nature.

You may be fortunate enough to have an extra room you can use to retreat to when you need some time to yourself.  However, even this is not necessary. You can also consider opening up any corner in your house and creating your sacred space there. Or do as I have done and empty a closet of its clutter, arrange a couple of pillows upon the floor for your sacred space.

After Choosing Your Space

Once you have chosen the space, clear the entire room where your sacred space will exist (even if only a corner is being used). A fresh coat of paint on the walls might be nice. Smudge the space with white sage or diffuse some Essential Oils in the room to clear the energy in preparation of it’s new use.

Incorporate a few household rules as to who is and who is not allowed into your sacred space. Is this to be your space alone or can other family members use it when you aren’t using it?

Finally, choose some pleasing visuals, kinesthetics, sounds, and scents for your personal Sacred Space surroundings.

Filling Your Space with Personal Sacred Art Pieces

I fill my Sacred Space with personal items I have been gifted from loving friends and family members. I have a Goddess statue given to me by my husband, and flanked on either side are two sentinels given to me by my children. Clay hand impressions my daughters made in kindergarten are standing behind. I have a contemplation piece made of spun glass I hold. The weight and size make it perfect to hold, and   as the intricate designs help lead me into a meditative or trance state where I can then elevate into my Oasis Within – my sacred garden.

Several rocks and gems we gathered on our various hikes and journeys, others were given to me throughout my life by my teachers and mentors. These are carefully arranged around my central pieces. An abalone  shell given to me by my mother and my smudging fan are off to one side. In front I have my wooden journal and a special pen.  Smaller items have found their way into a bowl kept just for such treasures.

Sacred Space Rituals

Once your space is in place you will want to honor it by conducting a blessing ritual, be it Wiccan, Native American, casting a spell, giving a prayer of gratitude, or blessing it in whatever way best aligns with your personal beliefs or practices. You will soon find yourself drawn to this sacred space more and more as you seek the solace and restfulness it provides. You begin to wonder how you ever lived without your Sacred Space that offers so much healing, comfort, warmth and connection to your Infinite Divine nature.


The Goddess Isis