I am thrilled to announce that Your Mission I’mPossible is coming out this month. It’s one of my more ambitious projects that is in partnership with my comprehensive Your Mission I’mPossible Soul Purpose Activation Coaching Program.

How did Your Mission I’mPossible come about?

I was taking my daughter shopping in Palo Alto one day and I found a quote by Audrey Hepburn on the wall. I bought it for my daughter on the spot. You see, she is an aspiring actress, and I want to keep her focused when everyone else around her tells her, “Be realistic, it’s impossible to break into acting.”

I keep telling her “Nothing’s impossible. Look at Vegas. At the age of 20, I went from being a homeless single mother to managing building projects like the Stratosphere, New York, NY, the Bellagio, the Monte Carlo. My teams changed the skyline. See? Nothing’s impossible.” We need to remember the things we succeeded at that seemed impossible at the time whenever we have a setback. It’s that core belief inside you that says you can do this.

And on the way home, I realized, this quote was the linchpin for my signature coaching program. My catalyst. Audrey Hepburn once said:

“Nothing’s impossible. The word itself says, ‘I’m Possible’.”

I love word play, taking one word and layering it with a deeper transformational meaning that wakes you right up. And that’s why this program became known as “YOUR MISSION I’MPOSSIBLE”

I believe in your mission. I see you as a miracle. Just you being here, breathing, with consciousness and a soul – YOU are a gift to the Universe. You are a priceless jewel. There is no one quite like you anywhere else. YOU ARE POSSIBLE. And so too, is your soul’s Mission in Life.

We all have a mission. A Sole and SOUL Purpose.

  • A chief, definite aim.
  • Your reason for BEING.
  • Your reason for getting up every morning.
  • Every one of us needs a huge WHY.

Our mission may at one point in time or another seem virtually impossible to accomplish. And, yet, we somehow manage to discover an elusive way to overcome all the odds stacked against us and succeed.

This book is about your Soul Purpose. Everyone on Earth as a Soul Purpose. A Reason for BEING. The purpose of Your Mission Impossible is to give you a comprehensive tool for self-discovery to guide you into discovering your Soul Purpose and use it to create the Divine Life (and perhaps business or non-profit) you’ve always dreamed of.

I firmly believe that no life on Earth is a wasted life. We all have a natural reason for being here, now. Even when it doesn’t feel like it, and depression saps the strength right out of you or a major life crisis or transition seems to overwhelm you to the point you don’t know where to turn or what to do. You can always make a new choice.

The Mission Impossible your soul chose for you, is embedded in you. Deep inside. No matter how many times you fail, you have to keep getting back up and pressing forward.

From our birth until our death and the cycle of life that returns us back here in reincarnated states over and over – the reason for all of this – is so we can find our Soul Purpose – Our Mission Impossible that we have been sent here to undertake and manifest it into our lives. This is the greatest quest you will ever undertake.

Our world feels incomplete without our Soul’s Mission Impossible to fuel us and drive us forward.

Purpose is more than just a choice. Purpose is ingrained into us at the deepest DNA level. It is a part of our central core, the essence of our soul, the harmonic resonance that we send out to the universe. It gives us a profound sense of clarity, certainty and trust that the road we are undertaking has a definite purpose, a definite outcome.

Why does it feel like a Mission Impossible?

Well, what I have learned is that our Soul’s Purpose often leads us through the fires of our deepest fears and self-doubt monsters forcing us to confront and tame each one, so that we come out the other side whole, healed and complete. It takes courage to face the unknown, courage to face our deepest fears, and courage to continue pressing forward when nothing feels like it’s going to work.

Purpose is our infinite source of energy – and when we delight and find deep joy and passion in our purpose, it becomes part of a powerful catalyst that launches a vortex of synchronistic events, people and circumstances that guide us along our quest. It becomes a magical journey, and takes us places we never dreamed of going.

If this is calling to you, I urge you to stay tuned for my next announcements. I’ll also be hosting a webinar that will give you some additional coaching around this entire critical piece to your path. Then, if you are being led to dig deeper into your Soul Purpose than the book and webinar provides, no worries, my coaching program or my self-paced program I’ll be launching later this month may be the perfect next step for you.


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