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Meet Isis Jade


ISIS JADE, former CEO, Fortune 500 consultant, women’s leadership coach, executive and entrepreneurial presence, personal and professional image, and communications authority, is the global expert on image, class, presence and women’s power and has conducted training programs and seminars world-wide.

Out of Life-Threatening Trauma Comes Unlimited Triumph.

In January of 1997, what was supposed to be a relaxing evening celebrating a new multi-million dollar contract signed with her client at an exclusive club in Las Vegas, quickly turned into a nightmare…

Isis Jade was drugged and abducted by a drug & human trafficker that night leading to a six month nightmare of captivity, torture, rape, near death and starvation that almost destroyed her body & soul.

When she finally escaped, she walked nearly twenty miles in 110 degree desert heat with barely any clothes, no ID, no shoes, her feet blistering on the pavement. She was found passed out in bushes, unconscious, bleeding from two knife wounds, 42 contusions, poisoned and suffering traumatic brain damage. No one expected her to survive her injuries.

What happened instead is that Isis Jade, awakened to the inner power within herself and fought to survive. She made a decision to escape, save herself and her children from certain death, reclaim her power and begin the journey responsible for changing her entire life, and the lives of thousands of others.

What most people do not realize was this journey to reclaim her own life was fraught with danger. She was stalked and found multiple times by her captors, at one point in time she was shot at. She ended up in the hospital with severe internal hemorrhaging that nearly killed her. She had several near death experiences.

Isis Jade knows how to empower you achieve anything dream your heart truly desires – no matter the trauma or background you’re starting from.

After her six months in captivity and a long, arduous battle to heal her brain and body, Isis Jade began to study how to empower herself to heal from her psychological and soul-level trauma. Less than 1% of human trafficking victims escape, of that number, fewer survive the devastating effects of complex post traumatic stress of long-term captivity and torture.

During the time following her escape  ~ despite being unable to walk for more than four months and frequently bedridden with severe chronic pain ~ she doubled her own income four times over!

By December of 2001, Isis Jade had expanded herself to become an executive consultant, start-up business strategist, one of the early architects of the early Open Source SAAS movement, and co-founder of a software company. From there, she went on to becoming a CEO of a privately held laser company as well as a highly sought after Fortune 500 consultant, executive and entrepreneurship coach and business visionary.


Serving Out of Fierce, Bold, Ingenious Love.

Prior to becoming a top transformational leader, Isis Jade worked in the corporate world as a business strategist and consultant. She was the vice president of marketing & CEO for the 3rd largest Lasik company in the United States. It was during her tenure that the company conducted a turnaround strategy under her direction to double bottom line profits in less than one year.

Isis Jade has consulted with Fortune 100 & 500 companies such as AT&T, Microsoft, EBay & Paypal, building profitable business models and transformational training programs for executives and leaders alike. Isis Jade is a renowned business start-up strategist, guiding her clients through mastering the art of cultivating leadership presence and presentation skills to achieve investment goals through strategic positioning.

Isis Jade is recognized by the United States of America as a person of extraordinary talent and ability and ranked in the top 10% of coaches & consultants world-wide. She is ranked in the Top 100 Gurus in the World as an illuminary.

Her company is one of the first to focus on leadership, presence, image, class, charm, elegance, leadership and communication needs of women, executives, entrepreneurs, and high profile individuals. She has given seminars to audiences in Canada, United States, Southeast Asia, and Mexico.

She consults as an executive presence, personal and professional image, social graces, class, elegance, communication and leadership business coach and advisor for senior management, leaders and entrepreneurs for over 20 years.

Isis Jade has been featured in countless newspapers, magazines, radio shows and has been quoted as a go-to expert for the field of women’s leadership, power, professional image, presence, transforming trauma into triumph, adversity into advantage and an authority on The Universal Laws of Success. As a speaker, entrepreneurial and executive coach, Ms. Jade’s inspirational and motivational messages are highly regarded & often quoted. She is consistently rated “excellent” as seminar participants learn to maximize their inner potential to achieve their presence, presentation, performance, productivity and profitability.

Specializing in men and women who struggle in certain social situations or who suffer with social anxiety, introversion, and fear of speaking/presenting – Isis guides her clients to serve their mission out of bold, courageous love at their highest levels.

Her ongoing humanitarian work and activism focuses on liberating women and children from human traffickers, providing safe havens, and supporting the work of lawmakers and investigators by speaking on human trafficking, offering key insights into reversing recivitation rates and healing victims of the complex trauma experienced through slavery and trafficking.

Today she is known as a world-renowned transformational coach, intuitive business strategist and prosperity mindset authority. Isis Jade is the global expert on radical personal transformation.

Known to her fans & clients as The Wealthy Goddess & The Goddess of Delight, she invested many years learning the Universal Laws of Success & rapid personal transformation. While the significant trauma & abuse she suffered from threatened to shatter her life, she healed herself to become a voice of triumph and inspiration to women around the world.

Her signature programs include the Wildly Wealthy Goddess Mentorship Program, Unlocking Your Goddess Code for Unlimited Success, Women’s Power & Presence Academy, The Leadership Power & Presence Academy, The Elite Inner-to-Outer Finishing Academy have all become in-demand programs throughout the world.

Known as a remarkable intuitive, breakthrough coach, luminary and expert on transforming trauma into triumph, serving @ your highest level, and living your mission, Isis has empowered startling breakthroughs and powerful changes in the lives & businesses of thousands. From trauma and adversity, to triumph and success, Isis Jade’s remarkable story is a testament to the indomitable power & will of the feminine spirit.

Ms. Jade is a certified Master Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner, Certified Master Hypnotherapist, Certified Executive Coach, Certified Leadership Coach, Certified Business Consultant, Certified Master Bioenergist, Certified Master Etiquette & Image Trainer, & Certified Communications Trainer, & Certified Image Consultant.


Her story, energy, passion and exuberance for life traverses boundaries and transforms lives through a variety of mediums, be it speaking events, interviews, television appearances, charity events, or through her various programs. Her core mission is to bring radical transformation, passion, presence, grace, elegance, expanded awareness & higher potential to as many people as possible, and to inspire women to step into their true value so they can serve @ their highest level.

Learn to Master the Universal Laws of Success, Unlock your Goddess Code, Transform your Trauma into Your Triumph, Lead with Fierce, Bold Feminine Love, & Serve Your Mission and Message to the Greatest Number of People Possible. 

Contact Ms. Isis Jade today at 408-550-6457 (international callers 001-408-550-6457) or by email at [email protected] to create a highly personalized program ideally suited to your personal and professional needs and most desired outcome.

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