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Meet Isis Jade

Isis Jade Official Bio.

World-renowned intuitive, transformational spiritual teacher, luminary and expert on intuition, success, passion, and overcoming all obstacles to manifesting your deepest desires. With her powerful messages of inspiration, strategy, and intuition mastery, Isis has empowered startling breakthroughs and powerful changes in the lives of thousands. From trauma and adversity, to triumph and success, Isis Jade’s remarkable story is a testament to the indomitable human spirit.


Her story, energy, passion and exuberance for life traverses boundaries and touches lives through a variety of mediums, be it speaking events, interviews, television appearances, charity events, and through her various programs.  She trains individuals and teams in intuition and the powerful universal laws that transform a person into the master of their destiny.  More…

Professional Bio

Prior to becoming a top transformational leader, Isis Jade worked in the corporate world as a business strategist and consultant. She was the vice president of marketing & CEO for the 3rd largest Lasik company in the United States. It was during her tenure that the company conducted a turnaround strategy under her direction to double bottom line profits in less than one year.

Isis Jade has consulted with Fortune 100 & 500 companies such as AT&T, Microsoft, EBay & Paypal, building profitable business models and transformational training programs. Prior to this, Isis Jade was a renowned business start-up strategist in the tech sector, guiding her clients into first round funding for a variety of ventures through strategic positioning and marketing.

Her ongoing humanitarian work and activism focuses on liberating women and children from human traffickers, providing safe havens, and supporting the work of lawmakers and investigators by speaking on human trafficking, offering key insights into reversing recivitation rates and healing victims of the complex trauma experienced through slavery and trafficking.

Become an Intuitive Manifesting Rock Star.