de·light - dəˈlīt/


  1. please (someone) greatly. take great pleasure in.
    “Delight yourself fully in life to receive all your heart’s desires.”


  1. great pleasure. a cause or source of inexplicable joy, ecstasy, bliss.
    “The Law of Delight guarantees the life of your dreams.”

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Isis Jade is a speaker, leader and transformational expert in mentoring, and coaching people in using The Law of Delight as the shortcut to rapid manifesting to create and enjoy the life you desire, rather than letting life happen to you. Using The Law of Delight, you no longer have to worry about your frequency so you can engage at a much more powerful level with the unlimited creative forces of the Universe.

The Law of Delight requires only one thing: your full out joy in whatever delights you most. You’ll automatically tune into high frequency thought, emotions and energy in every day life once you let go of the resistance and embrace Delight as the way in all actions, routines, experiences, relationships, challenges and opportunities. Delight is effortless, once you remember your own child-like wonder & delight.  you can discover a way of ease and grace.

We invite you to explore all of the resources awaiting you on these pages and discover how you can make your life flourish and receive ALL your hearts desires.