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Isis Jade’s Story

Isis Jade is an author, master energy healer and a leading authority on intuition, delight, and overcoming adversity. Through her media appearances, audio programs, speaking engagements, and books, she has shown people how to use their own power and energy to heal deep emotional trauma and transform their lives.

A successful account manager in her 20s, Isis Jade’s life was radically altered when she was abducted late one night. Held prisoner by a human trafficker for nearly six months, Isis Jade’s story of captivity, torture & near-death before finally escaping was just the beginning of a transformational journey.

After being told by medical doctors, therapists, psychiatrists and neurologists that she would simply have to “cope” with chronic trauma and pain for the rest of her life, Isis began a journey that took her halfway around the world to discover  a way to heal herself. She met powerful healers, sages, & teachers along her travels.

Through her transformational journey, Isis overcame the trauma of emotional and sexual abuse, mastered ancient energy healing secrets, and discovered a secret, universal power to transform her life.

As a writer & student of ancient philosophy, Isis weaves together her unique abilities to see energy and explore the unknown with clear strategies and ideas any reader can immediately apply to change their lives. She takes you behind the scenes of the nature of reality to show you the universal power that connects us all – and a secret philosophy shared by history’s greatest teachers, sages and enlightened masters.