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September-2015 Soul-Driven Money Mastery Calendar

Soul-Driven Money Mastery – Your Money Mastery Calendar for September (PDF Download)

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Every month, I provide my community with a soul-driven money mastery calendar that you can use to help you master your  money for long-term growth from a soul-driven perspective. Each…

Success Secrets

5 Ways to Rebuild Your Confidence

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Do you battle with self-doubt? Maybe you frequently think about whether you’ve settled on the right choice or have just a weak trust that your next book, venture, or even…

Success Secrets

10 Easy Ways to Build Self-Confidence

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You most likely know somebody who just oozes self-confidence. You may have wondered, “What’s his secret? How can he be so certain about himself?” The great news is that you,…


2 Simple Strategies to Eliminate Your Insecurities, Now.

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If you’re looking to lead a more fulfilled, successful life, eliminating your insecurities is an absolute necessity. You must be willing to take a chance and believe in yourself. If…

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  • Why Being “realistic” is costing you your dreams and goals (and what to do about it).
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About Isis Jade

Visionary Intuitive Business Strategist, Mystic + Soul Alchemist

isis-jade2015Isis Jade is an expert in the fields of Soul-Level Intuitive Business Strategy, Advanced Mysticism and Conscious Entrepreneurship.

She has over 20 years of experience as a Start-up and Fortune 500 Business Consultant, Soul Alchemist and Spiritual Guide, Assisting Higher Functioning Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Healers, Visionaries and Executives in Business Planning and Innovative Product Development in over nine industries.

At the peak of her former career, she was a highly sought after product and business strategist who sat as an interim CEO and VP of Marketing. Her former clients included AT&T, Microsoft & Cingular, as well as countless private firms.

In her work today as a mystic, author, Intuitive Business Strategist and Soul Guide for visionaries and entrepreneurs, she combines her wisdom, expertise with her intuitive genius to guide her clients into developing lives, relationships and businesses that utterly delight and excite them while and rewarding them with more money, success, purpose and passion.

Isis’ unique blend of deep compassion, mentorship, intuition, and branding savvy gives her a unique insight into her clients from a Soul Level perspective. She is able to see her client’s Soul’s Work and their Legacy and guide them into translating that vision into Practical Reality.

What Do People Say About Isis?

“Isis offers very deep insights into all areas of your life and business. She is not from this world, I can tell you that. An intensive VIP day with her is like having a deep, riveting soul-healing retreat with an ancient guru combined with fascinating life insights and clarity about branding and business strategy.

I am blown away by her softness and her insights, but at the same time, there was such an incredible power and strength behind her. When she tells you you to do something, you better believe it’s good for you. The intuitive tools she taught me has helped me make much better decisions in my life. She empowers you to create a business and life that truly matters to you.

I have been so impressed with my work with Isis that I’ve sent several people over the years to listen to her, work with her and follow her advice. Everyone I know have had veritable miracles happen as a result of her extraordinary guidance.

~ Shawn B.

“Isis gives your soul access to unlimited possibilities, while providing grounded, practical wisdom for business and life that really helped me understand where I wanted to go.

“All her material is truly unique. She is a very different style of coach and guide. She delivers her guidance and material with a sense of clarity, depth, sweetness and play that just draws you in. She challenges you to want to learn more about yourself, grow and achieve more.

“Her wisdom and sense of ‘how-to-do-things’ far surpasses her years. She is a profound and delightful mentor if you are seeking real personal, life and business transformation.”

~ Suzanne Fensin

Author, Communications & Process Strategist

“Don’t let Isis fool you for one moment. This is a woman with deep insight and wisdom. She’s one of the most accomplished and unique individuals I have had the honor and pleasure to work with and learn from.

Isis is a teacher to leaders. I am awed by the depth and clarity she brings to any topic. There is no problem too big, no issue she cannot guide you through.

Listen to her. Think about what she tells you. Do what she says. She will change your life and your business. She provides simple, clear and direct guidance.

I’ve learned more from her about myself in one hour with her than I have in three day intensive retreats. You will not be disappointed.”

– Brent F.
VC & Board Member