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You Want Something More Out of Life: Something Divine, Joyous, Delightful, Maybe Even Effortless. More time, energy, money & the freedom for yourself, your joys, & manifesting your dreams.

Isn’t it time you let go of everything that’s weighing you down and holding you back from creating what you truly long for in your life? Isn’t it time to stop wasting your energy, spinning your wheels, and start embracing your bliss? Isn’t it time to fall heads over heels in love and delight with yourself?

There is one Universal Law —the Law of DELIGHT— that guarantees you a lifestyle of joy, passion, ease & grace. It is the most powerful force in the Universe and it will pave your way  towards unlimited abundance, passion, love, happiness and harmony in every area of life.

The Law of DELIGHT is Manifestation on Steroids. It is the foundation upon which our entire Universe operates. In fact, our entire Universe is wired to automatically resonate in harmony with the vibrational resonance of DELIGHT, effortlessly.  Utilizing a truly unique framework based on ancient tantric principles and backed by over two decades of research, empowerment coach & author, Isis Jade teaches you how to activate the Law of DELIGHT to create a divine life truly in alignment with your heart’s deepest desires.

“AFTER THE FIRST MONTH WORKING WITH ISIS I LEARNED TO LISTEN AND FOLLOW MY HEART, FIND TRUE LOVE AND DOUBLE MY INCOME! Learning to let go of a painful history with an eating disorder was incredibly difficult for me. I struggled for years in therapy and beat myself up over the struggles I faced. Working with Isis enabled me to stop punishing myself for the first time in my life. I learned to focus on myself and what delights me to create. I learned to stop judging myself, and somewhere along the way, I fell in love with myself and my body!

Working with Isis is more like playing in a safe space which gave me the freedom to discover who I’ve always been, whole, happy and complete! I learned how to give myself permission to follow my heart and stop feeling guilty about not living up to another person’s standards or ideals. By learning how to use my power to effortlessly manifest my desires and employing the Law of Delight in my life, I met the man of my dreams in less than a month and after two years of struggling to get clients to fill my practice, I doubled my sales and manifested a waiting list of people wanting to work with me with far less effort than I believed possible. Thank you, Isis!”

Gena Ceranza, Health & Wellness Coach

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